Chapter 52 – S-Rank Adventurer, Brunhilde

Laurel, who always have an easy-going atmosphere, reveals his anger.

To be honest, he’s scary even if he doesn’t point his sword.

I forced myself to smile and looked at Laurel.

「Hey, don’t be so angry. The way she said it, I guess she’s probably giving you an advise. Right, Brunhilde?」

I said so and looked at Brunhilde. She nodded a little.

Laurel sees it. He lowers his sword and exhales a short sigh.

「Hmm, if master says so, I’ll endure it. Please be careful next time, nee-chan.」

Laurel said so and went back behind me. Brunhilde finally breathed out.

「…I, I was wrong. I didn’t know that it’s such an important sword… However, even though you caught me off guard, to be able to repel my mithril sword…I supposed you’re someone with a famous name.」

Brunhilde said that and looked at Laurel but Laurel just shrugged his shoulders and said his name.

「Laurel… No, I don’t know what your expectations are but I’m not someone renowned…」

Brunhilde tilted her neck,  put her hand on her chin and thinks.

Hey, your mithril sword is stuck in the village chief’s house.

I was looking at Brunhilde while thinking of such a thing.

「Ano, if you’re done with your business with Laurel, we will take our leave. Okay?」

Lagreat, who had so much spare time on his hand, says so. Brunhilde was startled and looked at me.

「Is that so? I heard about Ren. A B-rank adventurer who works in Ramblas. He just registered a few days ago and is called a wonder rookie…」

「Did you ask in the adventurer’s guild? Well, I’ll resume my adventurer activity as soon as I become a little free.」

「I heard that you founded a country. You can’t do an adventurer’s activity because of that, right?」

When I showed affirmation to Brunhilde’s words, she gave me a suspicious look.

「I have a lot of excellent subordinates.」

When I answer, Brunhilde crosses her arms and puts her eyes on me.

「Is that so? If the rumor of the dragon knight is true, there must be a hero in that country. I’m interested in it.」

「Ah, I see. So you want to find out how strong the hero is in a battle?」

When I pointed out what Brunhilde wanted to say, she smiled fearlessly.

「First of all, I want to fight the Dragon Knight himself.」

「Don’t wanna, it’s troublesome.」


I unintentionally replied to Brunhilde’s muscle brain line.

Brunhilde shook her shoulders in anger and looked at me.

「Coward! Retreating when someone wants to verify your power… You were just a fool, weren’t you?」

Brunhild made an obvious provocation while she distorted her face to where I am.

No, no, don’t provoke someone like that.

I was looking at Brunhilde while thinking such a thing and sighed. However, there was someone who was provoked by Brunhilde in the sidelines.


「Stop, Sunny! Don’t shoot!」

When I panicked at the sign of a high tier magic, Sunny gave out an angry voice as she turns her flaming palm at Brunhilde.


When Brunhilde looked at Sunny with an astonished expression, she took her shield which is tied on her back.

「However, not shooting immediately exhausted your luck. This shield is packed with the lost technology of magic carve seal! Your speed oriented magic that canceled chanting will not even inflict a scratch on this!」

When the Brunhilde said so, I felt that another flame magic was springing from Sunny.

「Ablation Laser」

When Sunny said those words, a red line was momentarily seen in her eyes.

At the same time, Brunhilde’s shield was cut in half and falls to the ground.

The cut surface looked like burnt and melted.

Brunhilde who was unable to understand what had just happened in her head was solidified. Sunny turned at Brunhilde and ridiculed her.

「Low level magic carve seal…weak」

Sunny muttered those words but she was startled when she looked up at me.

I express my anger in my face and keep looking down at Sunny in silence.

Eventually, Sunny droops sadly and quietly returned to the back, behind Lagreat.

「…  Give up. You are still not capable enough. What is your specialty? A sword, right? How can you say those words if you didn’t even have your sword…」

When I was preaching her, Brunhild shook her shoulder and lifted her face.

「I, I am a magic swordsman! Sword is not my only means of attack!」

「… What?」

I sharpened my eyes unintentionally because of the words of Brunhilde.

Magic Swordsman is relatively the highest ranking job.

However, its first condition is to maximize your proficiency as a swordsman and as a mage.

No way, did we just caught her off guard? I wonder if she had enough power to fight with my guild members.

「…You caught my interest. Let’s fight.」

When I said that, Brunhilde clenched her teeth.

「Okay, wait a minute!」

As soon as she said that to me with powerful eyes, Brunhilde went to the village chief’s house.


She fixes her stance while holding her mithril sword.

The place is in front of Grado village.

I also took out my beloved coupon sword.

「Let’s go.」

「Oh, come at me anytime.」

I answer Brunhilde and lay out a barrier chantlessly.

Is it safe enough it I put three layers?

I put multiple barrier around myself while thinking such a thing.

「First of all, this! Come flames of hell and burn the earth…」

Brunhilde chants flame-based magic while moving quickly.

However, the magic she shootout were beginner level fireballs.

Those won’t even tear one barrier.

「No, it’s too early to judge her…」

There is a possibility that the power is different even if it is the same magic.

I thought so and turned the tip of the sword to Brunhilde who ran with all her power.

「Brazing Flame!」

Almost at the same time as I moved the tip of my sword, Brunhilde’s magic was activated.

Two fireballs of approximately 50 cm in diameter are approaching me while burning brightly.

However, they disappeared instantly as soon as they touched my first barrier.


At the same time Brunhilde’s magic disappeared, I immediately ran behind her.

Then, with one hand, I grasped the wrist of her hand that’s holding her sword and twisted it up.

「When did you…!?」

Brunhilde who was taken by me from behind dropped her sword to the ground.

「… I’m overwhelmed. It’s my complete defeat.」

Eh, she’s this weak?



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