Stone Golem Guards

The battle between the allied forces of the three countries and the imperial army was coming to a conclusion.

Each other’s soldiers clashed head-on but it seems that the high morale decided the battle.

Though their equipments are inferior, they are overwhelming the imperial army and are clearing their humiRiation when they were occupied by the empire.

It was also great the Takeru’s party had defeated the magic corps.

Although there are just a few of them, the magic corps was responsible for stirring enemies with their high attack power and mobility.

They are defeated this time. Takeru’s party tears up the imperial army.

The enemy becomes confused and the equilibrium collapses at a dash.

The entire imperial army collapsed and tried to withdraw to Ulros.

「Pursue! Don’t let them escape to Ulros!」

A pursuit battle began with the instructions of Dalman.

The allied forces of the three countries marched to chase the empire troops who escape and also to invade the city. Suddenly, huge stone statues located in the left and right of the gate of the fort begun to move.

10 meter giants that makes the earth  tremor just by walking, swings their arms against the allied army.

People dances in the air like leaves.

The allied forces falls into panic.

「Those are the gatekeepers? That’s troublesome.」

Unlike the golem that I put in the Tower of Babel, these are made of stone.

These has greater attack and defence power.

「The heck we should face. Takeru, take care of the other one.」

Gina headed for the golem on the right, Takeru head to the one on  the other side.

The golem slams its fist towards Takeru.

(That blow can even take out a sumo wrestler in one shot.)

He’ll be sorry if that rock fall like attack hits him.

It doesn’t moves fast so Takeru can afford to dodge.

He tried to cut it with his steel sword but it was repelled.

(Wow, this is as hard as it looks.)

「Takeru, dodge.」

Eclair unleashed her Air hurricane.

The big tornado slowly advances and swallows the golem.

The golem stopped moving in the midst of the raging wind but it moves again when the wind stops.

It hardly deals damage.

「No, the enemy is too hard and heavy.」

「My turn. Aqua Serpent」

Leiria hits the golem with a water snake concentrated with magical power.

The powerful water magic hits it directly but the golem endures it.

「Not effective at all…..」

「Feene’s turn nanodesu」

Feene runs around the golem as she pours it with fire magic.

But they are all flipped on the surface of the stone.

「Not good nanodesu. I can’t burn stones.」

A Golem, produced by Magic, has a high magic resistance.

It seems that the only way to damage it is with a sword.

(The first step is to seal its movement.)

Takeru decided to target the golem’s leg.

「Takeru-dono, I’ll take its attention. It’ll give you a chance.」

Ordega use war cry and took the golem’s attention.

「Rock drop」

Takeru drives his sword to the golem’s knee.* Buwaaaa*(sfx) Takeru’s whole body got numbed because of a tremendous shock.

(This is too hard.)

「Three Slash Snow Flower」

All three sword attacks are concentrated on the golem’s knee.

For the first time, the gigantic stone figure wobble.

Golem turns towards Takeru. It makes a fist by putting both of its hand together and smash him.

Takeru rolls to the side to dodge it and use three slash snow flower again.

Cracks runs through its knee cap.

「Eat this, fiery sword」

A flaming sword swung down and destroys the golem’s knee.

The gigantic figure made a roaring sound as it crumbled.

「Eight Slash of Gale!」

The one legged golem who fell down got its head crushed by an 8 hit sword technique.

「Well, we managed to do it somehow but… this is now unusable.」

The steel sword of Takeru was tattered because it kept cutting the hard golem.

He’s thinking about fighting stronger monsters in the future. He will need to acquire a stronger and more durable weapon than a steel one.

The golem that faced Iron Fist is already in a form of a mountain of stone fragments.

「Well done. To destroy a stone golem, Princess Sheila should watch that. I was planning to support you if things gets dangerous.」

Gina is calm.

There is no scratch on her adamantite gloves.

(A platinum class is not just for show.)

The kingdom’s highest level adventurer seems to be stronger than what Takeru thinks.

The battle was settled by losing the two stone golems which are the empire’s trump card.

Seeing the battle of Babel and Iron Fist, the soldiers in the fort have surrendered easily.

It is impossible for them to resist because the stone golems who they cannot beat were destroyed.

Thus, the liberation army occupied Ulros and it can be called their victory in a way.

It is a huge blow to the empire to lost their key to Istria district.

This victory will have a major impact on the overall strategy of the Empire.



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