Chapter 55 – Evening of the 10th Day, Ren Ren’s Dissatisfaction

The newly built Val Valhalla Castle.

I had one complaint besides its name.

Throne room, VIP room, dining room, guest room, conference room, office room, bedroom, guard’s room; every single one of them is elegant and luxurious.

However, a problem was discovered.

It’s the bath.

There is only one public bath that can accommodate up to 20 people at once at the back of the first floor.

What do you mean, Dignity!

I got angry.

I was angry to the maximum this century.

Is this the degree of anger that can be called punpun maru?

TN: punpun maru is a gyaru term for being very angry.

Dignity rarely kneels but he’s prostrating on the floor right now.

It’s natural. Because I’m punpun maru.

Why didn’t you make an open-air bath? Do you not understand the goodness of the bath when the outside air touches you? If that is the case, I’m disappointed. I seem to have mis-educate you.

When I said that, Dignity looked up at me with a face like it’s the end of the world. He opened his mouth while being confused.

I-it’s because I have considered several things if I built one in the rooftop… it is possible for those who are guarding at the observatory deck to peep at the outdoor bath… with that in mind, I thought of not making one in order to not expose boss’ naked body…

Dignity answered my question with an unacceptable content so I shook my head.

It would have been okay if you raised the observatory deck and installed a roof diagonally right below it. Even if you build the bath a little lower in altitude, even if it’s wide, you can just increase the height of the wall so it won’t appear like an outdoor bath on the ground. Depending on the distance of the roof and the wall, it should be possible enough.

…! S-such a method…!

Dignity was shocked and hardened with my idea of the open air bath.

If it’s not possible, then can’t you just build an open air bath at the observatory deck?

I sigh while I’m sitting on the throne.

It’s a pretty flashy throne.

Except for the seat and the elbow rest, everything is made of mithril and orichalcum. By the way, the seat and the elbow rest are made up of dragon skin.

Sitting in comfort is a bit hard.

M-may I ask a question?

While I’m stroking the elbow rest, Brunhilde, who’s standing straight at the bottom of the staircase, gave a voice.


Although I somewhat suppressed my moody aura before turning to Brunhilde, she opens her mouth while being tense.

Isn’t the bath before already a splendid one? I don’t think I have seen such a wonderful bath before…

That’s an indoor bath. Open-air bath is an outdoor bath. If there one is missing of the two, I’ll destroy this castle.


Brunhilde gave out a sharp scream and shook her shoulder to my dangerous joke.

Well then, let’s bring the city plan to a conclusion. The open-air bath will be installed tomorrow.


Dignity deeply lowered his head and returned an answer to my instructions.

The castle will be like this.

Well, unlike the game era, there is no magical tank that automatically generates hot water in this castle, so I am dissatisfied with the part boiling hot water with the use of human power.

However, there is no choice.

I have no technical knowledge.

Toilet flush will be just flushing water from a the tank but an automatic water heater is difficult.

I know something like a boiler, but if you can’t design it, you won’t be able to make it.

Of course, I completely don’t know how to produce electricity.

After all, I won’t be able to escape medieval european life except if I use magic or I return to G.I.Jou.

I guess it’s better to use magic.

If I’ll make a huge ice, I’ll have a refrigerator.

Water can be boiled in an instant and it is easier to have light too.

「… No, wait. 」

There are various ways of using magic carve seal.

If we’ll research it, it is possible to produce electricity.

「Okay, we’re going to plan the city and return home immediately today. Now, call Cartas and Rosa. Ah, and the production type members who’ll live in this castle.」

I said so and stood up from the throne.


「… Tentatively, the outline is like this.」

Dignity told me, I looked at the completed projection of the city on paper.

From the direction of the forest of abyss, first is the Val Valhalla castle.

After that, the waterway which was pulled from the river.

Then, the main street that goes straight from the main gate of the castle, to a waterway again, and to the highway.

In other words, the waterway surrounds the city.

The drainage system will be divided and some will be considerably deeper than the waterway so the water drifting on the waterway will stabilize.

I do not want to compromise on the hygiene side.

The roads of the city will be set up in a lattice like in Kyoto and we plan on making a rampart around the city. If I’m not mistaken, Paris is like that too.

By the way, the rampart will be made outside the waterway. I don’t want something like poisoning the waterways.

The inside of the city will be decided later. We have decided that the central part of the main street will be for shops, inns, restaurants, adventurers guild, and guard stations.

Oh, after that, it might be good to have some recreational facilities.

I personally want a live concert hall.

Although the performance will probably be classical or jazz.

「Is there a problem?」

Dignity has been listening to me and has been checking my reaction with his eyes.

There is a strange force because he’s a tall okama.

「If there will be a problem, just make adjustments at the time you’re making it. Ah, tone the color the buildings to have a sense of unity.」

「Yes, I understand.」

After hearing Dignity’s reply. I looked at the demonkin Cartas out of the guild members that gathered.

「Cartas, you are the lord of the castle from today. Cooperate with Rosa to maintain the castle and the Grado village.」

「Ah! My liege, entrusted it to me! If someone will come, I’ll defend this castle to death!」

Cartas received the role of Lord of the castle and extraordinarily yelled.

Looking next to him, the same demonkin Rosa gave a solemn nod.

「Leave it to me, boss. Cartas might be lacking but I’ll perfectly assist him.」

Rosa said so and laughed as she tapped Cartas’ shoulder.

「I don’t mind being motivated, but the castle is built in three days. If there are opponents who you believe is dangerous, immediately discard the castle and return to the base.」

When I told the two, Cartas and Rosa smiled and nodded.

「I don’t think a castle can be built in 3 days…」

Brunhilde muttered in a small voice but I pretended  not to hear it.

Because it was built.


I asked Brunhilde to stay at Val Valhalla Castle saying that I had a little favor for her tomorrow.

Coincidentally, the first guest who came to the castle of Einherjar was the highest ranked adventurer.

I’m eating with Eleanor and other guild members at the dining room while thinking of such a thing.

By the way, the Dan family were eating in the corner of the dining room.

「S rank adventurer…. Though according to master’s story, her ability is not enough to win against our production guild members.」

「Certainly… However, Brunhilde might not be the strongest adventurer. Though it seems that having a mithril sword is pretty incredible for them.」

When Eleanor and I were in such a conversation, Sherry, who was eating a little bit away, burst out her pasta.

What a waste. It’s the peperoncino which head maid Proudia tried her hardest to reproduce.

I was drinking white wine while thinking that. Sherry, who got yelled at by Dan, came towards me.

「Re-Ren-sama? I heard the name Brunhilde just now….」

Sherry stopped in a position about a meter away from my table and asked me that.

In the back, Dan stands with a grim face.

「Ah, an S-rank adventurer called Brunhilde came to Grado village today. She had a mithril sword.」

When I said that, Sherry rounded her eyes in surprised.

「The real thing! Mithril sword is a legendary weapon so only Brunhilde has one! She is the leader of the Silver Wind who is the top adventurer party in Rembrandt Kingdom!」

Silver Wind.

Umu, mithril is loved.

「Is that so? I only met Brunhilde this time but it is possible to meet her party tomorrow.」

When I say so, Sherry came out one step ahead with shining eyes.

「C-can I accompany you!? Silver Wind has a member called “golden demon eye”, Meldia-sama. Meldia-sama is a former number 1 in the magic academy I’ve went to!」

「Golden Demon Eye…?」

When I said those words with an incomprehensible feeling, Sherry strongly nodded.

「Yes! Originally, those who were in the top 50 of the academy will be employed by the kingdom but Meldia-sama dropped out saying that she wanted to see the world. Everyone regretted losing a genius like her at first but after a couple of years, she was able to reach the honor of being an S-rank adventurer! 」

「I-is that so? Okay, you can come with me. I’ll take you as someone who learns magic like her. 」

I answered Sherry and drank the white wine again.

I thought of the S rank adventurers again while looking at the still excited Sherry.



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