Returning to the Tower

「What will Leiria do from now on?」

After occupying the fortress city of Ulros, Takeru asked Leiria.

Originally, the second corps, including Ordega and Leiria, became resident of the tower in order to store power to liberate their country.

Since they already achieved their objectives, Takeru thought that there is no reason for Leiria to stay in the tower.

「Of course, I will return to the tower with Takeru.」

Leiria answered his question like it was the natural thing to do.

「But you have regained your homeland. Aren’t the second princess needed for rebuilding your country?」

「I’m not good with internal affairs. Haha-sama and anee-sama are here so it’s okay. Besides, I still want to live in the tower…Or do you not want me to stay with you?」

Leiria gazes at him with a puppy eye as if she’s appealing to her trainer.

「No, that’s not the case. I’m glad if Leiria will stay with me too.」

「Then, it’s good.」

Leiria’s smiling face is lovely like a flower that had just bloomed.

「Takeru-san, please continue your favor towards Leiria.」

Leiria’s anee, Louise, appeared with Dalman.

「Anee-sama, I’m sorry for being selfish.」

「It’s okay Leiria, you were really good at this fight and it helped everyone. Leave what’s ahead to haha-sama and me.」

「But Louise-sama, Leiria-sama became a heroic figure in this war. I think it might be better for her to stay in the dukedom to be able to obtain the support of the people.」

Dalman, who doesn’t want Leiria to leave the country, expresses his concern.

「No, I don’t want to involve this child in any unnecessary political strife. It’s our role from now on.」

Louise told him clearly that she does not intend to use Leiria for politics.

「I really appreciate everyone in Babel but Istria has just got a new start so we have no capacity to thank you enough. But please, take this at least.」

Louise gave Takeru a gray vortexed gem.

「It is the orb inside the stone golem.」

「But without this, you won’t be able to recreate the guardian stone golems.」

「To be able to build the golem again, that orb must be handled by an excellent magician. It is regrettable that Istria doesn’t have one. It would be more useful if you had one.」

「Then Leiria, you should take this.」

Furthermore, Louise takes out a sparkling blue jewel from a luxuriously decorated small box.

「This! Our national treasure, the Drop of Life!」

It is unusual for Leiria to raise her voice in surprise.

What is the drop of life? It is a special item that was created from the sap of the world tree. It looks like a blue sapphire in a comma shaped bead.

It’s a super rare article that protects the wearer from fatal attack or accident once. It receives the damage from the wearer of this necklace.

「However, this is something the duchess should wear. I can’t accept this.」

Leiria who was presented with the drop of life stared at Louise with a troubled face.

「Leiria, you are going to accompany Babel as an adventurer from now on so you should wear this in case of an unlikely event. That is also haha-sama’s intention.」

Louise urges the hesitating Leiria with a tough tone.


「Yes, what you do outside of Istria is also meaningful for the dukedom. You have enough qualification to have this.」

The fact that Babel showed an off-standard work in this war and Princess Leiria who joined them became a great magician, will be a big threat to those who plans seditious movement against Istria in the future.

「Yes, I understand. Thank you, anee-sama.」

「Ordega, I asked my younger sister of you.」

「Yes, Louise-sama. This Ordega will protect your sister even if I have to exchange my life.」

If Leiria returns to the tower, of course Ordega will accompany her.

As for Takeru, he was relieved because he was worried that he had to say goodbye to two of his companions.

Babel’s name, who played a big role in the dukedom’s capital recapture and the occupation of Ulros, was suddenly known as heroes in Istria Dukedom.

Because of that, even the empire which received a heavy blow this time, express their concern about the existence of Babel.



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