Chapter 56 – Morning of the 11th Day

An assassin creeps up without sound.

An assassin is also a master in suppressing presence.

If you let your back wide-open, your fate is already at the hand of the assassin.


I was thinking such a thing while narrowing my eyes on the morning sun.

My eyes widened as I looked at the dark elf beauty next to me.

Her black hair hangs from her cheek to her collarbone and it flows to her body concealing her big chest.

But it’s not enough to  conceal them!

I saw Sedeia’s big chest changing shape due to softness…

「Ah, good morning leader. It seems that your energetic this morning… What do you want to do?」

While watching Sedeia’s chest, who I thought was still asleep, she opened her eyes with her cheeks dyed red a little.

Eh, what do I want to do?

When I went to the throne room, Eleanor was already waiting there.

「Good morning, master.」

Eleanor bowed deeply then raised her face and looked up at me.

I feel that there is a bear under her eyes.

「My place was taken by Sedeia yesterday.」


When I sat down on the throne, Eleanor began to talk in such a way.

Certainly, yesterday was unusual since Eleanor did not charge in my bedroom. Was it locked by Sedeia?

It seems that she guessed my innermost feelings. Eleanor looked at my face and opened her mouth with a sigh.

「Since I’ve made a little loan before… I wasn’t able to refuse Sedeia.」

「…Is that so?」

When I heard Eleanor’s story, I decided not to think too deeply.

Now, after eating breakfast, should I go and see Brunhilde?

I plan for today in my head and eat breakfast in the dining room.

Surrounding the table are my three escorts for today and Eleanor.

Dragonkin Lagreat, High elf Sunny.

And, the last one of my escort this time is the fairy Io.

The fairies are smaller than dwarves, and they have a transparent wings on their backs.

It was a race with a strong fan base even among the players. Fairies don’t have a convincing atmosphere and appearance.

It is probably because of their height. They look young.

Well, there is an old fairy guy with a scar on his face.

By the way, there are only five fairies in my guild.

Io is one of my most precious members. She’s one of the strongest mages of our guild. Her job is a magic king.

「Hmm? Is there something on my face, master?」

Io tilt her pretty face diagonally as she said that.

She rocked her wavy pale green hair. She’s wearing clothes made of green dragon skin that matches the color of her hair and she also wears a brown mantle.

By the way, Io is sitting on a high chair for children.

「Hnn? No, I just thought that Io is pretty.」

「Eehhh!? M-m-m-me!?」

When I praised Io and lightly laughed, Io began to stutter with a red face.

Yes, pretty cute.

「Ah, thank you, master.」

When Io lowered her eyes as she thanked me while being embarrassed, Eleanor suddenly arranged her hair style.

Eleanor, you are beautiful.

After we had breakfast, we took Sherry and headed to Val Valhalla Castle.

We made it there fast by using flight magic.

「Wh-what is that castle!?」

Sherry who saw Val Valhalla castle for the first time shouts loudly.

「Val Valhalla Castle」

「Well, I heard of it but…. four days? Such a castle was built in four days!?」

「What are you saying? It was built in three days. No, after all… the interior is not yet finished. An open-air bath was yet to be built.」

When I told that to Sherry, she opened her eyes wide like her eyes would poped out.

「…unbelievable…like a myth…」

Sherry was looking up at the castle while muttering things I did not understand well.

Looking at it closely, there is a new roof under the observatory deck. Was the outdoor bath complete?

「I’ll go and see.」

I went to check the outdoor bath immediately.

Perhaps it is still in the process of being built by guild members with production job who remained in this castle.

I went to the castle while thinking about such a thing and opened the door which seemed to go to the outdoor bath. A beautiful changing room had been made.

And there was a figure of Brunhilde which is about to wear underwear in front of me.

Unlike her exposed skin, her skin that was normally hidden was quite pale.

I didn’t notice it because of her armor but her waist is considerably narrow and her chest is large.

She has a well toned body like an athlete.

I confirmed that Brunhilde is in a hardened state as she’s trying to wear a shirt. After my thorough consideration, I opened my mouth.

「My bad, I didn’t think you were here.」

When I said that, I closed the door and left the changing room.


I shake my head lightly to Sherry who’s looking at me with eyes of criticism.

「What a sad accident. I never thought that the bathroom was already built, has hot water, and ready to use too. It can be said that such accident happens when one forgets to lock the door of the changing room… In general, why is someone enjoying the outdoor bath ahead of me?」

When I was saying such a thing, Lagreat who came with me pointed at the door and opened his mouth.

「Though there’s a tag on the doorknob.」

When Lagreat said that, there is certainly a plate like bill hanging on the door knob.

I feel that Sherry’s eyes of criticism have become stronger than before.

「… All right, I’ll apologize.」

When I said so, Sunny nodded and opened the door of the changing room.

「I-I’m sorry! I asked Dignity-san for permission to enter!」

Immediately after Sunny opened the door, words of apology of Brunhilde jumped out from inside.

As I saw her, Brunhilde, who’s wearing undershirt and panty, lowered her head to apologize.

「No, I apologize for suddenly opening the door.」

I said my words of apology in line with Brunhilde’s apology.

「N-no! That kind of! My body is not feminine at all…!」

Brunhilde was puzzled by my apology and began to say masochistic thing in a panic.

「What are you saying? You have a firm and beautiful body. Any man will be fascinated with your figure.」


When Brunhilde was saying self deprecating words, I followed up and she rounded her eyes in surprised.

I call out to Brunhilde who’s in a solidified state.

「Then come in the front gate after changing your clothes.」

I said so and left the changing room.

We went to the throne room and greeted Cartas and Rosa. We headed to the main gate after hearing their reports.

When I arrived at the main gate, Brunhilde, who’s wearing her armor, is already waiting there.

Looking at her, Sherry blinks two to three times.

「Eh? Bru-Brunhilde-sama?」

「Oh? So you just noticed?」

Sherry seems to have finally noticed Brunhilde’s true identity. She opened her mouth while staring at her.

In other words, Sherry never thought that the woman in underwear earlier was Brunhilde. What a terrible person.

「You seem to know of me. I am Silver Wind’s Brunhilde, my best regards.」

Brunhilde greeted Sherry with a relaxed expression.

Sherry lowers her head vigorously after stretching her spine.

「Oh, nice to meet you. My name is Sherry. I have been enrolled at the Magic Academy until the other day. My best regards.」

「Hee? You’re Meldia’s junior. What is your rank?」

「Ah, I’m…56th.」

「Why are you being apologetic? I think that’s amazing enough.」

It seems that their wavelength matched. The two of them suddenly begins to get excited in their small chat.

I waited for the two of them to finish their conversation. I cleared my throat and looked at Brunhilde.

「Are you ready?」

「Oh, I’m sorry!」

When I called out to her, Brunhilde panicked and apologized. Sherry opened her eyes wide upon seeing Brunhilde’s attitude.

「I wanted to meet your party for a moment. Where’s your party, Brunhilde?」

「M-my party? I think they’re staying in an inn in Ramblas. When I heard the rumors in the Adventurers Guild, I came here on my own feet.」


「Oh, no… due to curiosity…」

While Brunhilde and I were talking, Sherry came next to me quietly and opened her mouth.

「What happened to Brunhilde-sama?」

「We played a game and I won.」

When I answered Sherry’s question briefly, Sherry looked at me and Brunhild alternately and finally looked at me with an amazed face.

「Even though she’s a hero with a legendary sword…」

My bad, for smashing your dream.



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