Rietveld Forest

Eclair’s hometown. The elven village is located in the southwest direction from the tower.

The elves are living in the Rietveld Forest which is their territory.

Takeru’s party are going to the elven forest with a different intention than Ealig’s order.

Because Eclair is with them, there is no need for a guide so it makes their travel fun.

Rietveld forest is different from the dark woods. It has a bright and gentle atmosphere.

「It’s a cozy forest.」

Takeru is looking at the trees curiously.

「We are friends with the trees in the forest. Elves protect the forest and trees of the forest bring grace to the elves. That way the elves have long coexisted and co-prospering with this forest. The trees of this forest love us. Sometimes there are some trees that give us special powers.」

Eclair seems to be happy to return home after a long time.

「It’s amazing how all the trees have wills.」

「Not all trees. However, there are trees that have heart after living hundreds of years. The elves have protected them as the cornerstone of the forest.」

Trees with wills are called dryad. It has the ability to remove someone who does damage to the forest by using powerful magic.

On the contrary, people who are liked by them are receiving benefits in various forms.

After walking through the forest for a while, we found a perfectly open place for a break.

「Let’s camp around here today. The village is in the center of the forest and it will take a little more time to get there.」

After preparing dinner, everyone started to eat in a circle.

「Why did Eclair left the elven village? This seems to be a place where you can live easily.」

Takeru was chewing a boar’s dried meat while asking.

「I also love this forest but elves don’t even try getting out of this cozy forest and are avoiding contact from the outside world. I wanted to see the world outside the forest.」

「I’ve heard that elves are not very likely to leave the forest.」

Felicia briefly asks.

「Well, most people choose to live in the forest for the rest of their lives. And, it’s not easy to get out either.」

「What do you mean?」

Leiria seems to have also been interested.

「To get out of the forest and live in the outside world, you have to pass something like a test. You’ll be tested if you have enough strength and magic power to live safely outside the forest.」

「It was good that Eclair passed it.」

「Well, I say it myself, but it’s rare that someone of my age passed the test.」

「Hmm, how old is Eclair now?」

Takeru suddenly says what he thinks of.

「How old do you think I am?」

(Elves having long life span is a classic in a fantasy world.)

「About 120 years old?」

Takeru answers appropriately without thinking deeply.

「Ta ~ ke ~ ru ~. What do you think of me?」

Scary, Eclair is unexpectedly angry. She’s about to pull out the sword on her waist any minute.

「Takeru-san, saying she 120 years old is terrible.」

「Takeru… you’re the lowest.」

「 My grandmother is 120 years old nanodesu.」

Voice of criticism rises one after another from the female team.

(That…did I made a mistake?)

「Well, elves have long life span, right?」

「Takeru-dono, elves certainly have long life span but it’s only about 150 years.」

(Gege, then that means if you’re 120 years old, you’re definitely old.)

Takeru realized he made a big mistake.

It’s like telling a young girl that she looks like 80years old.

「I am sorry, I seem to have misunderstood Eclair. Please forgive me.」

Takeru prostate as he asks for her forgiveness.

「Fuu, it’s okay. This is not the first time the Takeru said something weird.」

Eclair sighed, as if she had been shaky, but she seems to have forgiven him.

「In order to clear the misunderstanding, I’ll tell you my age, I’m still 19 years old. I left the forest three years ago when I was 16 years old. Then I entered the Adventurer’s Guild and traveled all over the world.」

「It is that time when Eclair-oneechan came to Feene’s village nanodesu.」

「Well, it was unusual for an elf like me to interact with the people of phone village. It seems that our elder and the village chief of phone have traveled together when they were young for some reason.」

「It’s like us now.」

Because everyone’s atmosphere seems to have become favourable, Takeru was relieved.

After dinner, Takeru called Eclair.

「Eclair, I’m sorry for earlier.」

「It’s all right. It doesn’t matter.」

「I see, then it’s good.」

「Are you saying that I looked like a grandmother?」

「No, no, of course not. I see Eclair as an extraordinary beautiful maiden. I also think of you as a reliable companion that can use both sword and magic.」

Because of her question, Takeru blurted out unnecessary things.

「Hmm, Takeru thought of me that way.」

Eclair cheeks are dyed red. She looks seductive.

「Yes, no, that’s probably it. Good night.」

Takeru retreated to his tent as if to escape.

In reality, Eclair heart is throbbing while she’s teasing Takeru.

At first, she was lured because of skills and talent but now, she thinks of him as a really good friend.

She was able to see the outside world with Feene and her delightful friends increased too.

Above all, she can’t believe on her own growth.

But there is another reason.

She have been acting alone so far and have seen a lot of those who come closer to her with some motive.

There were those who tried to raise their name by having an elf mascot.

Of course, she understood that there were also good humans but up to now, she find those unforgivable.

Until she met Takeru.

Seeing Takeru saving Feene and the village of phone without asking anything in return, she admits that she was interested.

But now, she can’t deny that she have more emotions for Takeru that simple interest.

She also noticed that Takeru is occasionally looking at her with lewd eyes.

However, she doesn’t think that it’s disgusting.

(Even though he’s younger, there are a lot of things about him that amazes me. But for me, Takeru is…)

For Eclair, Takeru’s existence was becoming bigger beyond the frame  of being a party member.



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