Messenger from the Elven Village

After the war in Istria, Takeru’s party returned to the tower.

「Welcome back, Master.」

Tifa greeted us as usual. Excluding Leiria and Ordega, all the residents of Istria Dukedom have returned to their homeland.

There was a big vacancy in a corner of the tower so Takeru felt a slight loneliness.


As if he have seen through Takeru’s heart, the chibi dragon flew and licked Takeru’s face.

「Oh, that tickles. You have grown a lot when I’m not around.」

The chibi dragon sucked the mana of the tower so it grows twice its previous size.

「It might be better to give it a name soon. It is hard to call it Chibi Dragon.」

Felicia is still somewhat quiet. It looks like she’s still seems to worry about the Chibi Dragon.

(Well, I don’t think that it is necessary for her to be attached.)

「I want to name it!」

Leiria has jumped to join in.

The chibi dragon seems to be Leiria’s favourite so her reaction might be natural.

「Dragon god Bahamut,or golden dragon Smaug? Or perhaps hell dragon Nizheg?」

Those names are too flashy. Those are unsuitable for this chibi dragon. The chibi dragon also looks puzzled.

Is it necessary to include a title like dragon god in the first place?

「Leiria, those are too exaggerated. We still don’t know what kind of dragon it will be when it grows up.」


She have sulked.

「Yeah, look at the situation a bit more and think of a name that suits him.」

「I understand.」

Leiria was still unsatisfied with Takeru’s proposal but she consented.

「Well, apart from that, how shall I use this orb that I got from Leiria’s oneesan?」

Changing the topic, Takeru hands over the orb that he received as a reward for the liberation of Istria Dukedom to Tifa.

「Can you make a stone golem with this?」

The curious Eclair inquires.

「That might be also good but I intend to make a rampart this time.」

Tifa is staring at the orb while saying that then raised her face.


「Yes, like this, master.」

Tifa projects an image of a wall surrounding the tower.

「We can surround the 5km radius around the tower with walls. Its height is about 5m.」

「That’s awesome, can you make such a great wall at once?」

「With the current power of the tower, there is no problem.」

It seems that the power of the tower that has been repeatedly leveled up became larger that what Takeru imagined.

「We can’t let everyone to live in the tower in the future. The wall will keep those that will be living around the tower safe.」

As Tifa said, the people who wanted to live in the tower increase every day. It has reached to the point where there are people coming here other than from the Coltberg Kingdom.

In order to let them live in the tower, they must confirm their identity first.

There should be a place where they can be safe while waiting for the review.

In addition, there are people who are building tent around the vicinity of the tower without permission to start a new life too.

In that case, it might be good to enclose the circumference of the tower.

It seems that Tifa think about building a town with the tower as the center. Building the rampart, paving the forest, building houses, and cultivating a farmland.

(Well, I can leave the tower’s affair to Tifa.)

After that, Takeru’s party’s activities were very unadventurer like. They’ve spent their days responding to tenants and surveying around the tower for a while.

One day, a person who wanted to meet Eclair appeared in the tower.

That person is called Ealig, he’s someone from Eclair’s village. He is quite tall and has a neutral feature that is pecuRiar for an elf.

「Eclair, I’ve been looking all over for you. I never thought that you are living in this tower with these people.」

Ealig glanced at Takeru like he’s looking down at him.

(You’re the one who’s giving off a bad guy feeling.)

Although Takeru felt uncomfortable, he did not let it show up on his face for now.

「Ealig, did you crash to this place just to look for me? What is your business?」

Eclair’s voice is hard, and she doesn’t seem to like this guy either.

「It’s an emergency. An accident occurs ath Rietveld forest. I want you to go back to the village and participate in the investigation.」

「There’s an accident in the forest?」

「Ah, several people have died already. If you have time to spend with such fellows, come back to the village.」

「Stop saying bad things to them, they’re my precious friends.」

As expected, Eclair raised her voice.

「Friends? With humans and beastkins?」

Ealig stares at Takeru and the others with a cold eye.

「Hiu」Feene got scared and hid behind Takeru.

「Yes. It would be pointless to say it to you but I was really happy to have met the people in this tower.」


The man stares at Eclair as if he heard something unbelievable.

「Well, Ealig was it? Let me tell you something.」

Takeru, who cannot tolerate anymore, intervened.

「You are?」

「Takeru, the owner of this tower. I’m also the leader of the party that Eclair belongs to.」

「You’re the leader? How can she have a party with a human like you?」

「Like Eclair said, we are her friends. Don’t even think of bringing her back with force. We won’t allow such thing.」

The members of Babel nodded uniformly to the words of Takeru.

「Guh, anyway Eclair, you’ve got to go back to the village at once as ordered by the elder. Okay, I have delivered my message.」

Ealig went away quickly after throwing those words, was he threatened by Takeru?

「I’m sorry to have made everyone feel bad. That guy is a man with severe prejudice against other races ever since but it doesn’t mean that all elves are like that.」

「Don’t worry, we understand. What about Eclair? He said that it was an order form the elder.」

「There is that but I also want to check the problem that occured on our village. I think I need to return at once.」

Eclair said those words and looked at Takeru.

「Oh, if Eclair goes, of course we’ll follow. Right, everyone?」

「Of course.」


「I won’t let Eclair-san do dangerous things.」

「Eclair helped Istria. This is our turn.」

Of course, everyone agrees.

「Fufufu, thank you. I thought you’d say that.」

Eclair smiled joyfully.

Thus, Takeru’s party will leave the tower at Tifa’s hand and will go to Eclair’s hometown, Rietveld Forest, this time.



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