Abnormal Phenomenon in the Village

When Takeru’s party arrived at the hall because of the call of the elder, the surroundings suddenly became noisy.

「The investigation team is back.」

「The ogre has attacked. They are badly injured.」

「Call a person who can heal them at once.」

Apparently, it seems that one of the teams that had gone out to survey the forest returned.

「Let us go too.」

Takeru looks at the place where the elves have gathered.

「What happened to the other two?」

「They were not able to escape from the ogres.」

「Damn it, another victim …」

The three elves who came back are badly injured.

There is even one full of wounds from head to foot and an arm bent in an unlikely direction.

「Hii, that looks painful nodesu.」

Feene screams.

「Please, heal him fast!」

An elf woman steps forward to heal the severely wounded elf.

The pale white light illuminates the wounded but the wounds remain and the arm is not healed.

「It is useless. The wound is too big to heal with my heal.」

「Damn, is there anyone else who can use heal?」



Takeru said「Please, have her take a look.」as Felicia came forward.

「What can a human do?」

There is a voice of complaint but Felicia ignores it and kneels before the injured.

And when she holds his hand, she casts a healing spell.

「Goddess, give this person the light of healing. Heal!」

Like the previous heal, the wounded was wrapped with light, a brighter one.

Then, the arm which was bent in the wrong direction and the wounds and scratches were healed in a moment.

「Oh, amazing!」

「What a powerful heal.」

Voices of admiration and astonishment went up from the elves who were watching.

Felicia’s ability as a healing shrine maiden is also a top class in the kingdom.

Even a considerable injury can be healed.

Felicia continued to heal the other two wounded elves in a blink of an eye.

Those who looked at her with eyes of criticism have changed their attitudes too.

「What happened?」

Takeru tried to ask a nearby elderly elf.

「We were attacked by ogres.」


「Yeah, they’ve been raiding our forests for a long while. We managed to fight back until now…」

「Until now?」

「Recently, a powerful party has been added to them.」

「It’s a pretty high-level ogre party. Our damage has increased since they have appeared.」

「Ogres also form a party?」

「Some of them, like us, are forming a party and live by hunting monsters. And even though there are a few of them, there are individuals who are equal to silver and gold rank adventurers.」

After hearing about the ogres, Eclair showed a face as if she chew something bitter.

Ogres are not monsters, they are residents of the continent as humans and elves.

There are differences in individual abilities and some have gained experience and reached high levels.

They cannot be categorized as monsters.

「Let me explain from there.」



Eclair’s mother and her elder, Elmia, appear.

「Eclair, I have recalled you, for this reason. To protect the forest with your power as an elf loved by the spirit of the wind. I want you to cooperate in repelling the ogres.」

Takeru who can’t believe that she called her daughter back just to put her in danger with the battle against dangerous enemies, looked at her with eyes of suspicion as if reading her mind.

「Takeru-san, I know what you want to say. You think that I’m a terrible mother for putting the life of my daughter in danger. As a chief, however, I can not choose the means to save the village in this crisis.」

She told him flatly.

「It’s okay mother. I’ll show those ogres the power I gained outside the forest.」

「Wait, Eclair. Are you planning to act with these people?」

Ealig suddenly butted in.

「Of course, we’re a party.」

「That’s not acceptable. Eclair should act with US elves.」

(This guy just said something outrageous.)

As Takeru was surprised by it,

「No! They are my companions so it is impossible to act separately with them.」

「Then, let me challenge you to a duel. If I win, break off your relationship with them and come back to the village.」

Even though they ought to help the Elf’s village, Babel was confused on how did it turn to a duel.



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