Chapter 60 – Morning of the 12th Day

The morning came.

I greeted the morning with a painful waist and a lying body that is unable to move.

I think that I have become the epitome of obscenity.

I just finished a merciless eleven to one fight.

Damn maid corps!

I swore to my heart that I’ll get revenge.

And, because I do not want to say anything, I pretended to be asleep until the maid corps leaves.


Who’s the one who touched me before leaving?

The architect Dignity showed his face in the throne room first thing in the morning.

Dignity wriggles his body with a happy face and started to report to me in a manly voice.

「Boss, the construction of the castle, the cobblestones stone pavement of the city, and the ramparts that surrounds the city has been completed?」

「Hnn? I haven’t seen any rampart yesterday afternoon.」

When I doubted Dignity’s report, he boastfully nodded.

「Before dinner, the exterior of the rampart was completed and after dinner, the interior was completed. Later, I’ll talk to the villagers about building houses?」

「Hmm, you work fast. Then, start your today’s work at noon. Build the houses for the Grado villagers from today’s noon until tomorrow.」

「I’ll humbly comply?」

After listening to Dignity, I read Eleanor’s yesterday report about the inside and outside of the G.I.Jou.

There was only one noteworthy point.

It is the discovery of a middle dragon.

When you think of the game’s standard, a dragon starts looking like a dragon if it is middle class and above.

Their size is also big. Their smallest size is around the 10 meter dragon form of Lagreat.

The biggest is around 50 meters.

It is no longer a living thing but a building. If you double it’s size, wouldn’t it be similar to the statue of liberty?

TN: statue of liberty is around 93m.

But surprisingly, many of the greater dragons are 15 to 20 meters.

In an event movie, there was a huge dragon that was overwhelmed by a dragon half of its size. Just remembering it makes me quite excited.

I want to believe that it is not just for the convenience of the creators of the game.

Well, that dragon, although it is classified as a middle dragon, its attribute is the highest of the middle class.

It is an earth dragon so it is an earth attribute dragon.

TN: people die when they are killed

The size is 30 meters. It is the maximum size of an earth dragon.

The report briefly stated the the earth dragon was captured and tamed.

Is it the master of the forest of abyss?

I was thinking about such a thing while looking at the report vaguely.

「Is there something wrong?」

Eleanor asked me because I was anxiously looking at the report.

「Hnn? Ah, I’m curious about this dragon.」

「It is an earth dragon. It seems to be able to hold conversation using human speech, do you want to meet it?」

Eleanor said so while tilting her head?

After I pass through Eleanor’s report, I stand up from the throne.

「That’s right. I want to see it.」

Under Eleanor’s guidance, I go to see the captured earth dragon.

I feel like I’m going to a zoo.

However, the Earth Dragon was sitting in the courtyard of G.I.Jou.

「So, it’s a safari park…」

When I said that, Eleanor looked at me with a question mark on her head.

Earth Dragon.

It might be more appropriate to call it grim dragon. It has wings on its back but it can’t fly well.

However, its brown scales are shiny and the surface is smooth and beautiful.

When I was observing the Earth Dragon, the Earth Dragon seemed to notice me and Eleanor.

「… I am the earth dragon which governs the forest of abyss, Ishmugard. At this moment on, I’ll be serving Liza-sama. Please take care of me.」

The earth dragon called Ishmugard lowered its head towards me on the spot.

I thought that Ishmugard would have a more arrogant attitude but it seems to have a very commendable character.

As I looked at Ishmugard, Ishmugard made a sound from its throat.

It seems to be laughing.

「I’ve been the king of the forest for 1,000 years but I’ve never experienced a complete defeat as Liza-sama did. I cannot show a shameful attitude like being cocky.」

Ishmugard raised its face to say so.

I consented and nodded. I looked at Ishmugard and opened my mouth.

「I am Ren. I am the lord of this castle and the king of this country. Nice to meet you.」

When I said so, Ishmugard opened his eyes wide.

「What…In other words, you are the Liza-sama’s master? Then please treat me as your servant.」

When it said that, Ishmugard put its chin on the ground and looked at me.

It seems to be prostrating but it’s too big so I’m still being looked down at.

「This one will be your servant. I swear my eternal allegiance to master.」

「Well, take it easy.」

I replied to Ishmugard and had an idea about the earth dragon.

If it’s similar to the earth dragon in the game, it certainly can be defeated by Liza.

However, even if Liza is the strongest monster tamer, her strength is only about in the middle rank in our guild.

She’s no match to a middle ranked guild member with combat type job.

Thinking about it, I remembered a fundamental precondition.

A patrol corps outside has 10 members.

Then, in order to raise the probability of tame, she fought as a vanguard with buffs and magic casted on her from the rear as support.

That way, she can even knocked down an earth dragon without difficulty.

When I concluded so, I looked up at Ishmugard.

「Ishmugard, you were governing this forest, weren’t you? Is it alright for you to stay in this castle?」

When I asked, Ishmugard raised its face a little.

「There is no particular problem. I didn’t manage anything at all. I’m just living here comfortably.」

「Living comfortably? Well, there’s an abundance of food here.」

When I said so, Ishmugard narrowed his eyes.

「Dragons basically prefer a quiet space. In the depths of the forest, on top of a mountain, in a little remote island. The monsters in such places are sensitive to strength and will not come near us.」

「I see. Then, would you try living in a castle? I’ll make a new castle for you to live in.」


Ishmugard seemed to have a strong interest on the proposal that I made with it. It lifted its head that it unconsciously lowered.

「Are you interested? Well, I’ll make it as comfortable as it can.」

When I said that, Ishmugard rounded its eyes and nodded.

「Umu, we live in various places as kings. But only the King of the Holy Dragon, the king of our country, has a castle. It is said that the castle was built by the dwarves of about 3000 years ago.」

Ishmugard’s excited or maybe the tone it uttered is just strong.

「Hmm, then we’ll make you something that will not lose to that castle. How big is it?」

When Ishmugard heard that, it gave a short growl.

「…Size, size… I don’t really remember since I went out of the country when I was young. It is said the even the biggest dragon in the world can enter the castle.」

「Assuming it’s a grand dragon, about 50 meters? Then, should it be the same height as this castle? Should we narrow the width and depth a little?」

When I say that, Eleanor, who was silent until now, approached me.

「Master, it would be a problem if the height of a subordinate’s castle is the same as the master’s. So how about lowering the ground in front of G.I.Jou and build the castle there? 」

「Hmm, that’s interesting.」

I smiled and nodded to Eleanor’s idea.

It might be good to make a slope with G.I.Jou at the top like the european cityscape facing the mediterranean sea.

There is another building on the way so anyone who’ll came from the outside must pass through the building on the bottom first.

It seems to be the scenery suitable for the mythical land aimed at by adventurers around the world.

However, the problem is that the location where G.I.Jou is located is not very high.

It might be difficult to raise the ground since G.I.Jou have underground facilities.

First of all, why don’t I consult Dignity?

When I made a conclusion in myself, I saw Ishmugard waiting for my words without moving an inch.

It has eyes of expectations.

「We’ll work out the design of the castle first so wait for the time being.」

「This one understood and is expecting it.」

Ishmugard, who heard my words, lowered its head deeply again.



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