Gaggit and Behemoth

Gaggit was born in one of the small ogre villages that scattered over the mountainous region of Rietveld forest of the elves.

In the Ogre world, the strong one dominates others, the weak one obeys.

Gaggit, whose body was small and powerless and not blessed with magical power was positioned at the lowest layer of the ogre world.

He built a small hut on the edge of the village, took nuts in the forest, and hunted down the lowest-class monsters to live.

One day, Gaggit found a mysterious young monster in the forest.

It looks like a mole but it has a back that is bulging in a form of a mountain. Its size is enough to put it on his palm.

Gaggit usually hunts small monsters as such but he gave it food and started keeping it.

As a small ogre, this monster was a source of his spirit as he is not recognized by other ogres as one of them.

And the monster which is not accustomed to other races, got used to Gaggit for some reason.

Five years later, it became larger than the edible pigs that were raised in the village.

And at that time, the identity of the monsters became clear.

The monster that was small enough to put on his palm was a behemoth.

Behemoth is a powerful upper class B monster. Of course, it cannot be tamed by an ogre.

However, Gaggit is a natural monster tamer.

Thus, monster tamer Gaggit was able to manipulate the behemoth.

Gaggit’s life has changed as the behemoth grows.

He, who manipulates a powerful monster, was acknowledge by the ogres of the village.

At one point, an ogre who was much bigger and stronger that Gaggit called out.

「Are you Gaggit?」

「What about it?」

「My name is Guranji, leader of Death Road.」

Gaggit was surprised. Even though he was ignorant, he knew the party Death Road.

They are a party of strong ogres. They have hunted elves and annihilate elven villages in a brutal way.

Brutal is a praised in ogre world. Especially to the elves they hated the most.

「I’ll put you in my party. Follow me.」

There is no need to reply, Gaggit silently followed him.

In the world of ogres, power is everything, there is no veto for Gaggit.

When he was called by Guranji, it has been decided that he’ll enter the party.

Death Road is a five person party excluding Gaggit.

Leader Guranji is a level 42 heavy warrior.

Speaking of human standards, he is a platinum class.

Even among ogres who are proud of their strength, he’s an owner of a great power where he had exterminated many of his kind with just his bare hands.

He wears a jet black armor which is made of a special processed adamantite. He can swing a huge battle axe easily.

Guranji is the strongest ogre warrior.

Ganook is a level 36 warrior.

Or should it be an earth warrior? He can use earth magic. A human like that would be classified as a knight but there is no such thing as an ogre knight.

With the use of earth magic, he can strengthen his body and become the party’s shield. He has the greatest defensive power.

Gokeires is a level 35 warrior.

He dual wield hammers. His two hammers has an attack power that rivals their leader Guranji.

Gubos is a level 36 dark priest.

A priest who serves the dark god Gibroda, the absolute god of the ogre.

Like a human priest, he’s a healer but he can also fight.

Gubos is a cruel person who loves to mince elves with his black mace.

Giepas is level 41 mage who excels in dark magic.

Rather than direct damage, dark magic inflicts abnormal status such as confusion and stun.

He also has a position as an ogre leader because he’s the authority of dark magic.

He joined the party for the purpose of practicing magic he studied.

Guranji’s target is the forest of the elves called Rietveld forest.

Elves who monopolize the rich forest and eliminate others are always subjects of hatred for ogres.

The battle between the auger and the elves has started several times in the past.

Death Road was good at the strategy of hiding in the forest and making surprise attacks. They are skillful in terms of hunting elves.

However, the elves of Rietveld forest are more dextrous compared with other villages.

That’s why the leader Guranji marked down Gaggit.

The elven tribes are good at wind attribute magics but Gaggit’s behemoth is a monster that can be called incarnation of earth.

Earth is strong against wind. The elves will panic as soon as they have seen how the behemoth resists their wind magics.

If the ogre will attack at that moment, the elves won’t be able to do anything.

They’ll peel of the skin of the elves they defeated and exchanged them for rewards.

Ogre rulers put price on elves.

They are gradually chipping the power of the elves that are occupying the forest.

But for Gaggit, it didn’t matter. His life has changed after he joined Death Road.

He was enjoying his life by getting paid dearly for hunting elves.

The person who has been oppressed has been able to turn side for the first time.

Gaggit was enjoying his golden days.



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