Eclair vs Ealig

「Eclair, you were corrupted. To party with such people, unbelievable.」

「Corrupted? Okay, I accept your challenge. I’ll show you my power.」

Eclair suddenly accepted Ealig’s challenge. With Ealig badmouthing her friends, she got angry.

「If I win, I’ll have you apologize to them for your previous rant and you will never again make derogatory remark against humans and beastkins. Swear it to the holy tree of the forest and the spirits of your ancestors.」

「I promise.」

Ealig seems to think that he has no chance of losing. He easily accepted Eclair’s condition.

The holy tree of the forest and the spirit of their ancestors are the most important things for the elves. Making vows to these has the same meaning as exchanging an unbreakable pledge.

「Eclair, is it alright?」

「If it’s me before I met Takeru, he’s a tough opponent. But now, I honestly think that I won’t lose.」

Ealig’s character is distorted but his magic skills are good.

He’s one of the three youngster in the village that received approval from the elder.

That is also the reason why he was the one given the task of contacting Eclair in the tower of Babel.

This is not a duel where they have to kill each other. They won’t use swords or bows but they’ll strike each other using magic. It’s a game that will be decided by magical superiority.

「Eclair-san, will you be okay?」

「Eclair is strong so I’m sure you’re fine.」

「Eclair-oneechan, do your best nanodesu!」

「Your power is gold class so I’m sure that you won’t lag behind against anyone…」

The two of them took enough distance and began chanting.

「Let’s go, Eclair. Can you take this? Air shell」

Ealig seems to have enough power to speak. Three shells of wind was instantly produced and flew towards Eclair.

「Don’t underestimate me. Air Cannon!」

Three wind cannons clashed with Ealig’s magic in the air.

Of course, Eclair’s magic is more powerful. The wind cannons lightly tore Ealig’s shells and landed around him.

「Was that Air Cannon?」

「Eclair-sama, amazing!」

Ritz, who was watching, cheers.

「Damn, how about with this. Air Stream!」

Ealig summons a tornado and unleashes it towards Eclair.

A big tornado is slowly moving towards Eclair.

「Eclair, this can’t be prevented, you’ve got to surrender before you get hurt.」

「What are you talking about? I’m the one who should be saying those lines. Come, air hurricane!」

Eclair casted a sixth tier magic.

A huge whirlpool of wind, that’s much bigger than the one Ealig casted, emerges.

The whirlpool of wind advances and easily swallowed Ealig’s tornado.

「Th-this is stupid, such thing…」

「Is this enough? Admit your defeat.」

「Are you kidding me? I can’t lose!」

Ealig suddenly releases Air Boomerang. The blade of wind advances to Eclair but it naturally didn’t make it.

Eclair concentrate magic on her palm and easily catches it.

「Is that it? You should reflect. Air Blast Strike!」

Eclair’s original skill exploded.

The mass of air pours at Ealig. He was not directly hit but he collapses as he was blown away.

「Ugh, damn, this cannot be…」

Ealig tries to stand without admitting defeat.

「That’s it. Ealig, you lose.」

The battle was concluded with Elmia’s, the elder’s, words.

「Eclair, you have shown your growth.」

「Eclair, you did it.」

「Of course, come on, Ealig, as promised, apologize to them.」


Ealig raised a bizarre voice and ran away.

「Ah, he ran away.」

「Oi oi, what’s going on?」

「Ealig violated his vow. I command you as the elder, restrain him as soon as he returns to the village.」

Breaking the vow in a duel is the same as committing a crime. The elder Elmia issued an order with a stern face.

Meanwhile, Ealig who ran away from the village wandered in the forest.

「Haa haa, why, why is Eclair so powerful?」

「Are you interested? In the secret of her power?」

「Who are you?」

「Is it useless to say that I’m not a suspicious person? Fufufu, I’m at least not your enemy.」

A man appears. He’s wearing a strange mask that has one large eye drawn in the center.

Is he an elf? He has a slender body and tall.

However, his clothes are strange and I have never seen it at the elven village.

「Why should I believe you?」

「Come on. Whether you believe me or not is up to you. I’m just here to tell you how Eclair-san was able to increase her power to that extent. Don’t you want to know? The secret of her power.」

「That is…」

「Eclair-san is deceived by that man called Takeru. That man abuses his power on his own tower and repeatedly done various human experiments on his companions. That is the reason why Eclair-san’s power skyrocketed. Takeru is using her as a disposable piece.」

「… such a thing …」

「If that is not the case, how can you explain her abrupt change?」

「Tell me, what kind of benefits are you expecting?」

「I want to save those who are suffering from Takeru. If your important Eclair is left alone, she will be destroyed by Takeru.」

「What are you saying? 」

「Do you think I won’t notice? You want Eclair-san, right? 」

Ealig was shaken as he has seen through his real intention.

Yes, he was secretly eyeing Eclair.

Her beauty surpassed her group of adolescent elves and if she get her who is also the elder’s daughter, he can aim to be the next elder as well.

Ealig’s greed and lust overlapped at Eclair.

However, the way he acts is the one she dislikes the most.

「Argh… what do you want me to do?」

「Let me give you this orb. It is a small thing but has a strong power. If you swallow this, the mana in your body will be multiplied many times.」

The man pulls out a small orb from his bosom.

It’s about the size of a pebble but it’s evil black.

「Do you want to drink something like this?」

「Anyway, I can’t go back to the village as it is now. Because I broke my pledge upon losing the duel.」


「With the help of this orb, you’ll be able to drive Babel party out of the village. Eclair will be yours.」

Anyone who broke his pledge and fled the village will not be trusted by his fellow elves any more.

Ealig lost everything at once,

(If it’s not for that Takeru then…)

With anger and despair, he cannot make a decisive judgement anymore.

He received the orb from an unidentified person and swallow it.

「Oh, oh, power begins to spring up. Ha ha ha ha, amazing. With this, I won’t be defeated!」

Ealig laughs out like crazy as mana burst in his body.

「Eccllaaiirrr, take herrrr…..」

Ealig’s eye, which is light blue like all elves, began to dye black.



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