Babel vs Death Road, Battle 1

Eclair began fighting the earth warrior Ganook.

The ogre’s head is empty and only use brute strength. It might be an incompatible enemy for Eclair.

Eclair shoots air cannon in order to control the battle.

Several wind cannons approach the ogre warriors.

Even if he’s an ogre with high endurance, he’ll be sorry if he’s hit.

However, 「Earth armor」

When Ganook chant the earth base defence magic, the ogre’s body was covered with a thick layer of soil as armor.

The air cannon makes a sound as it hits the ogre but it was absorbed by the layer of soil.

「What is that? Tsu!」

Eclair who didn’t think that it can use magic gives a surprised voice.

(Is that earth magic? It is well suited for a muddy ogre…)

Wind magic is incompatible with earth magic. Eclair who never thought that it would be a formidable enemy raised her precaution level.

「Earth Weaponoid」

When Ganook cast a new spell, the sword in he had is covered with soil. A long club made of soil is completed in a flash.

「Why did he do that?」

Eclair is confused after seeing that he changed his weapon from a sword to a club.

However, she immediately understood as the enemy attacked.

The attack power rose.

Yes, earth weaponoid increased a weapon’s weight but it also greatly improves the attack power and durability of the weapon.

The soil that covered the weapon added numbers to the original weapon.

In addition, 「Mud Laguna」

Again, it’s a spell she never heard of.

The surrounding ground around Ganook turns into mud. The muddy ground makes Eclair’s movement dull.

「Ah, another creepy spell.」

Even with the mud, Ganook’s movement is not affected.

The situation becomes disadvantageous for her.

(This is too incompatible to me. Someone, change with me…)

Eclair, who became unusually weak, was screaming in her heart.

Ordega faced the dual hammer user Gokeires. He’s more of a attack speed type rather than damage type.

The ogre in front of Ordega swings the hammers on his hands with great speed.

Ordega was quickly driven to a defensive battle.

The enemy didn’t care about the shield, he just attacked left and right.

The shock from the shield being hammered makes Ordega’s whole body numb.


Ordega bears with it with a look of agony under the shield.

He thrusts his spear out of desperation but it was lightly parried by the hammer.

「Eei, then, shield buster!」

Ordega jumps forward and swings his round shield.

It is to push back the ogre’s attack, in short, it is a counter attack to hit Gokeires directly.

However, the enemy receive it with the hammers on his hands and jumps backward.

He completely dodge the power of the shield.

「This guy!」

Ordega finally realized his mistake.

He thought that ogres are powerful but they are not well versed in techniques.

However, the ogre in front of him is a first class warrior that does not rely on strength alone.

(This seems to be very difficult to deal with.)

Leiria targets the mage Giepas, one of the ogre’s rear guard.

(No mistake. That’s the dark magic user Luceria spoke of.)

He’s wearing a black robe and has a wand made up of monster bones and is decorated by a human or an elf skull and has a big dark orb in its mouth.

(He has a bad taste but I cannot let my guard down.)

The aura that the enemy mage releases is more powerful than any of the mages she ever seen.

「Aqua Shell!」

Leira checked the enemy out with aqua shell.

Giepas counters the multiple aqua shells with dark arrows.

Arrows made with dark magic easily penetrate the aqua shells.

「Fufufufu, is that it?」

The ogre dark mage was unusually excited.

He was surprised that a mixed party of humans and elves appeared but it is a party of young one’s that’s not even an adult.

In addition, the female members of the group are so beautiful that you can barely see someone like them in the battlefield.

(An elf and a human. They are preys that are too precious to kill. I want to capture them alive and make them my slaves…)

Giepas who thought that he already neutralized Leira was thinking sadistic things.

「Confusional Mist」

A black fog appears around Leiria.

「Argh, what is this?」

She immediately inhaled some of the fog.

「Ah, aaaaaaaaaaaaa」

It immediately becomes dark. Leiria was attacked by a frightening hallucination.

Leiria suddenly returned to the time where Istria Dukedom was about to be occupied by the empire. The time when her father, the duke, was killed.

It was her worst memory. She was powerless and was not able to do anything.

「S-stop, I don’t , I don’t want to see it!」

Leiria holds her head and dishevels her blue hair.

Upon seeing Leiria’s panic state as she was affected by dark magic, Felicia stopped the treatment and rushed to Leiria.

「Leiria-san! Please calm down.」

After Felicia casts middle cure, the mist that tormented Leiria disappears.

「Haa, Haa.」

Leiria, who was played with by the spell, is sweating waterfalls and is breathing roughly.

「I won’t forgive you!」

A her ominous memory was dug up, the usual calm Leiria can’t be found as she’s burning with anger.

「Disappear! Aqua Serpent!」

Three giant water snakes are released towards the dark mage.

「Darkness hall」

The spell Giepas casted made a black vortex in the air.

The water serpents that Leiria casted were sucked into the black vortex.


As Leiria’s trump card was prevented, she dropped her shoulders.

Darkness hall is one of the most powerful spell of Giepass who is the authority of dark magic.

The black vortex that was generated by the spell will suck all surrounding magic and shock waves.

「A powerful magic like aqua serpent was not able to to take the enemy down. This is bad.」

「Black sand boil」

A large amount of black sand flows towards Leiria as if riding in the wind.

「Kuh, aqua wall」

Leiria creates a wall of water in order to prevent the sand grains.

Most of the sand was absorbed by the water wall but some breached the wall and reached her.

Leiria, who bathed in an unidentified black sand, is suffering.

「Aahhh, hot, my body is hot!」

Her body temperature rise sharply as if her blood boils.

Leiria hugs her body and kneels.


Felicia hurries up and cures her again.

「Haa, Haa, Haa, Haa」

Receiving dark magic repeatedly, Leiria is at her limit.

「Fufufu, don’t fall down yet. I’ll torment you more.」

Giepas licked his lips with his ugly tongue and stared Leiria with a lust-filled eye.



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