Babel vs Death Road, Encounter

Eclair’s power was known by the whole elf village after the duel with Ealig.

As a result, the party Babel which she belongs to was also acknowledged.

Seeing Eclair’s fast-growth and power, and Felicia’s healing power, even the stubborn elves had to change their mind.

They decided to scout the forest as a party.

The elves, however, do not just sit silently and watch.

Luceria will go with them as support.

「So, Luceria is a watchdog.」

「Your mouth is as bad as ever, Eclair. There is certainly that but I’m also here to act as support.」

「Is that so? Well, your wood magic is particularly useful in the forest.」

「Wood magic?」

It seems like Leiria became suddenly interested.

「Yes, Luceria can use wood magic which is only a few can use even among elves.」

Many of the elves are born with the ability to be spirit user.

Most of them excels in wind attributes. Eclair is a good example.

Luceria, on the other hand, is unusually adept at wood attributes.

Wood magic is literally the ability to borrow the power of tree spirits.

There is no need to have a tree nearby but being in a situation like being surrounded by trees like in a forest is a good thing.

The Rietveld forest is really a blessing for the elves.

In this home forest, her power increases many times.

Takeru’s party, that became seven with Luceria joining them, started exploring the forest.

「The ogre party that causes the problem, what kind of party is it?」

「I’m sorry. We don’t have enough information because according to those who were attacked, all they could do was to escape. What we know now is that it is a five-man-party with three vanguards, and two rear guards. The rear guards are a mage and a priest. The giant ogre in black armor, which seems to be the leader, has a terrifying strength. Even if the dextrous warriors of the village grouped up and surrounded him, they won’t be able to keep him company.」

「It looks like a pretty strong enemy. Perhaps it can also use martial arts.」

Takeru remembers the ogre he fought in the Ulros battle.

The ogre from that time was also using martial arts.

「In addition, the mage can use powerful dark magic. It seems that it can use fifth tier magic.」

「Dark magic user…?」

Felicia is reacting to the word dark.

「There were only the five of them in the past but it seems that a new member has been recently added.」

「What kind of guy is it?」

「There is no information about that person yet.」

The more you listen, the more formidable the enemy seems to be. This might not be easy.

They weren’t able to encounter ogres for five days after they started exploring the forest.

「This forest seems to have a few monsters, is there a reason?」

「Because the trees are monitoring the entire forest, strong monsters rarely intrude.」

「Hee, that’s amazing.」

(I feel a little bored because there are no monsters.)

Even though he is impressed, Takeru thinks that it is not something good.

In the first place, only the people of some professions, such as the adventurers, are pleased that there are a lot of monsters. For those who are living normally, monsters are harmful existence without a single benefit.

Past noon of the sixth day, Luceria suddenly screamed with her hands on her ears.

「It’s a message from the tree spirits. Dreadful! People from other squadron are being attacked by the ogres!」

「Do you know where? Let’s go there immediately.」

Takeru’s party rushed to the place that Luceria said.

「There it is!」

When Takeru arrived, several elves have already fallen to the ground.

「Felicia, treat them.」


Felicia immediately ran over to the fallen elves and began to chant.

「Trees of the forest, lend me strength, Rams bind!」

After Luceria’s chant, fat tree branches as thick as a human’s body, wrapped around the ogre with black armor.

Surprised by the branches of the tree that wrapped him suddenly, Guranji stopped momentarily but soon…

「Guoooo」he roars and tears the branches off.


「I’ll hold back the black ogre. Ordega, take care of the one with two hammers, Eclair, take care of the other one.」

「Got it.」


Eclair and Ordega head towards their respective opponents.

「Feene will disrupt the enemies. Leiria and Luceria, protect Felicia until she finishes the treatment.」

「Okay nanodesu.」

「Yeah, I got it.」

「I understand.」

After completing the instructions to his party members, Takeru confronts the enemy’s leader.

Babel party and Death Road, the battle unfolds.



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