Babel vs Death Road, Battle 3

As usual, Feene jumped alone at the time the battle starts.

「Hawawawa, the enemies this time are strong nanodesu.」

She rarely see an ogre and compared to beastkins, ogres are bigger and a lot more muscular.

Nonetheless, Feene has experienced considerable number of combat.

「I’ll do my best nodesu.」

She began to take action after saying that.

Although she was patrolling the battlefield while watching the situation, she feels strange for some reason.

The unpleasant presence drifts from the depths of the forest. She was unbearably anxious from a while ago.

Beastkins have far more sensitive hearing and sense of smell than other races.

Among them, foxkins like Feene have sharper senses.

Feene unconsciously use that power and was aware that a considerable danger is somewhere.

「Somehow, I feel something bad from the depths of the forest nanodesu.」

The discovery of hidden ambush and traps is also an important role of a ranger.

Feene leaves the battlefield at once and ran towards the forest.

「I certainly feel that it was around here nodesu.」

Feene quickly approach the place where she felt the presence without making a sound.

She found them behind a tree. The monster tamer Gaggit and his behemoth. They are on standby and waiting for their turn.

(Hieeee, what’s that nanodesu? It’s a big monster.)

There is an ogre with low profile and poor body shape with a monster.

It looks like a rat but its back sticks out.

And above all, the size is completely different. It is gigantic and about the size of a big hut.

Feene was dumbfounded and panicked.

(This is serious, really serious nanodesu. If such monster comes out, Takeru-oniichan is done for nodesu.)

The enemy this time are already strong and if this gigantic demon aid them, they will lose.

Feene left that place without being discovered. She rushed back to the battlefield to report it to Takeru.

Feene who returned to report about the behemoth was further shocked upon seeing the spectacle.

Takeru is being cornered by the ogre Guranji who’s wearing a black armor.

And the other members were alike.

Eclair and Ordega are struggling, Leiria and Luceria are on the verge of defeat.

Babel’s members have never been pushed so far.

Feene’s head went blank.

She has forgotten the monster she found in the forest and started to run with her every effort to save Takeru.

「Takeru-oniichan, I’ll help you! Flame corps!」

Feene’s original skill. It strengthens her physical ability by increasing her body temperature. She jumps to the battle at full speed.

「Ei, ei」

She shoots flame shell on Guranji’s back.

It didn’t cause much damage because of the black armor but she succeeds in drawing the ogre’s attention.

Takeru was able to regain his balance.

Feene, who covered Takeru, then headed to Giepas, who was fighting against Leiria.

「What’s this girl?」

Giepas is confused since there was a foxkin girl that suddenly appears and interferes.

「Flame shell nanodesu!」

Feene successfully disturbs Giepas by bombarding flame shells.

But the other party has a strong magical defence due to dark magic and can’t be damaged by flame shell.

It were easily prevented and Giepas strikes back.

「Little girl, this is an adult battle so behave yourself. Black Sand Boil」

The black sand which tormented Leiria flows toward Feene.

「Awawawa, what’s that nanodesu?」

There is now way for Feene to prevent it because she has no defensive magic. She is swallowed by the wave of black sand as soon as she tries to run away.

「Uwaaaaaa, my body is hot nanodesuuuu!」

Feene squirmed as she was overwhelmed by a sudden rise of body temperature.

However, she recovered at once and in addition, she began moving with increased spirit.

To Feene, black sand boil has the same effect as flame corps because both increases the temperature of her body.

Furthermore, it activated Feene’s physical ability that makes Feene runs at an enormous speed.

「Ei, ei, ei, ei」

She shoots flame shell in a barrage.


Giepas was astonished as he didn’t expect his magic to be used in reverse.

「I don’t even feel this.」

The dark mage stops his movement because of the continuous attack.

「Ei, ei…are?」

Although Feene’s offensive continues, she suddenly collapsed like a doll that run out of battery.

Her physical ability suddenly increased too much so she have used up all her energy.



As Takeru saw Feene fell, he made a decision.

Originally, he was in a pinched because of his lack of preparation.

He can no longer afford to bring his friends to danger.

「Aura Circle!」

Takeru activates his aura.

As light light rises from the surrounding ground, the power of the ogre is weakened quickly.

「Uooohh, what’s this light?」

Even Guranji can’t move freely in the aura that was added with blunting speed and blunting defence.

Takeru turned offensive at once.

「Eight Slash of Gale!」

Although the ogre is still confused that his movement becomes dull, that doesn’t cause big damage because of his hard armor.

「Moonlight in the Water!」

This time, he used a sword technique from below.

It didn’t matter to Takeru that all of his attack were blocked by the armor, he attacks in succession.

「Oooh, that’s a dark magic!」

On the other hand, Giepas, who saw Takeru’s aura circle, raised a voice of surprise for the first time.

Giepas doubted his eyes seeing a young human mastering dark magic.

And it’s not an average level dark  magic.

For Giepas, he has no clue about the true nature of aura circle.

(That person, is his name Takeru? I can’t let Guranji get killed here.)

「Guranji! Retreat! It seems that the other elves are coming.Everyone, withdraw at once.」

Giepas shouted a withdrawal instruction that can be heard by all ogre members.

Actually, there will be no reinforcement and even though Takeru has activated his aura, Guranji and Giepas still has a lot of leeway.

Even though there’s a high chance of victory, Giepas didn’t care about it.

(To discover such in the elven forest… I have to report it to the council immediately…that person also…)



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