Chapter 64 – Morning of the 13th Day

The morning came.

The light of the sun illuminates the view brightly.

Dazzling white skin…

Rich chest and lovely big ears.

「Ah, good morning, my lord.」

While I’m being stirred by various circumstances, the fox eared beauty, Soarer, wakes up and greeted me.

「Good morning.」

When I said that, Soarer’s cheeks blushed a little and smiled.

And while I’m fascinated by Soarer’s smile, thin and supple fingers patted me from my shoulder to the chest from behind.

「Master? Good morning.」

Eleanor’s melodious voice rubbed my ears with her greetings.

I shuddered.

While receiving the morning report, a report about last night’s thief arrest is included.

A slave named Taj seems to have taken a furniture.

Incidentally, it seems that a man named Naidil was taken in custody as a reference person because the furniture was found in his bag.

「So, this guy is the mastermind?」

「That’s right. However, the current criminal seems to be a boy named Taj.」

Eleanor agreed to my mutter.

When I ring my nose, I look over the merchants and slaves in the report.

「I don’t like it. The slaves I saw in Ramblas were not injured and were healthy. That’s not the case with this boy Taj.」

「What about the punishment?」

Eleanor asked me, since I was irritated, I wasn’t able to answer immediately.

The dragon knight cannot do something like a reign of terror.

Whatever I do to those merchants will spread to other countries.

One furniture was taken but we were able to take it back in a day. If I execute him, people might think that I have a short temper and it will reduce the number of future citizen who’ll live in my city.

What kind of punishment would be good?

「… Oh, I came up with a good one.」

When I said that, Eleanor smiled with a beautiful expression.

「So, what have you thought of?」

The throne room of Val Valhalla castle.

I’m sitting on the throne while looking down at the kneeling merchant who thought that this is just a morning greeting.

「Good morning. How’s the time you spend in this castle?」

「Good morning, Your majesty. It was like a dream. We are all very impressed with the wonderful treatment.」

Kubido gently returned my greetings.

I nodded like a true lord. I looked down at Kubido and sighed.

「That’s good. I’m happy that everyone is satisfied. However, one of you seemed to have caused a problem last night.」

「…That is, no way. Is it the peddler Naidil that accompanied us?」

Kubido lost his expression and calmly asked a question to confirm.

Well, calling all merchants on the throne room and finding out that someone’s not there is surely suspicious.

「To be exact, it is Naidil’s slave, Taj. I detained the two of them to hear the whole story. Rosa, bring them here.」


Rosa, who was standing next to me with Cartas, disappeared on the spot when I gave her instructions.


「Time-space magic….」

「Don’t be a fool. There is no way someone can use time-space magic without chant…」

The merchants were confused with Rosa’s disappearance and murmured their own guesses.

Actually, she just moved at high speed using a skill. Is that monstrous?

Despite that, Vian and Kubido’s eyes did not show any confusion and appeared that they were thinking about something.

There is one more merchant that did not show any particular movement. The merchant is wearing a brown robe with black hair.

I think that person was the carriage driver.

「I brought them here, boss.」

When I was observing the merchants, Rosa, who came back unnoticed, spoke from the back of the merchants.

Rosa was carrying Naidil on her right shoulder and was carrying the boy, who’s wearing a robe that looks like a rag, on her left hand.

While the merchants were making noise from Rosa’s sudden appearance, Rosa dropped Naidil on the floor.

Naidil, who didn’t understand what had happened, looked around with an open mouth.

Before long, acknowledging that his peers were looking at him, Naidil gritted his teeth and looked up at me.

「Yo-Your Majesty! I’m innocent!」

Naidil shouted as soon as he opened his mouth.

The merchants who don’t know what Naidil and Taj did knitted their eyebrows.

Taj was also lowered to the floor during that time but he’s just sitting idly and was watching the floor.

Naidil shouts at Taj with all his might.

「This lowly slave did everything! I am not involved!」

While Naidil desperately claimed innocence, I tilted my head.

「But your slave stole a furniture in my castle and put it on your bag. No matter how you look at it, it’s your order.」

When I said that, the merchants who finally understand the whole situation glared at Naidil with a severe expression.

A person, who is not even their friend and just accompanied them, stole something at the place that might be the best place for business from now on.

All the merchants are looking Naidil with rage.

Naidil glanced at Taj, whose expression does not change, with hostility.

「Th-this fucking bastard! He tried to blame his sins on me by putting it in my bag without permission! Forgetting my kindness of giving him a place to sleep and food to eat! I’ll kill you!」

Naidil openly exposed his passion and rebuked Taj. Taj on the other hand is just looking at the floor with a blank face.

I am concerned about Taj who is in that state. I open my mouth to Taj.

「Taj, though your master says so, is it correct?」

When he heard that, Taj raised his face and looked at me.

However, it seems that he’s not really looking.

Something is wrong.

When I’m thinking about such a thing while looking at Taj, Kubido opened his mouth.

「…Slavery magic. Naidil, let Taj’s consciousness return to normal state.」

Kubido said so while glaring at Naidil.

Slavery magic… for the first time I heard something I didn’t know. There was no such magic in the game.

It is a terrible magic that can hide someone’s consciousness but how do you exercise that magic?

I waited for Naidil’s action with interest but Naidil shook his head while sweating from his forehead.

「I, I don’t know. I’m not using slavery magic. I won’t be able to return him to normal if I’m not using it!」

「…How thick faced. Anyone can tell just by looking at the boy. The slave owner is the contract owner so he can subject his slave to slavery magic, are you not the owner, Naidil-san?」

Vian said that to Naidil, who’s still feigning ignorance, in a cold voice.

However, Naidil just waved his head.

Kubido looked back at me and sighed with a difficult face.

「This is troublesome. Slavery magic is a strong contract magic and there are various type of restraint given so the slave will not revolt. Looking at the boy, he has been subjected to a pretty grim consciousness restraint.」

After Kubido said that, he spoke with Naidil again to persuade him to lift the restraint he used on Taj.

Slavery magic.

As far as I hear, it seems to be like a seal or paralysis that binds with the order of the other party. Is it something that is engraved like a tattoo?

That is possible.

「If it’s a kind of abnormal condition there might be a way. Individual Panacea」

When I casted that with Taj as the target, his body emitted a faint light.

Everyone was speechless and stared at the sight of Taj emitting light green light.

As soon as the light converged, Taj eyes seemed to be conscious.

「…Ah, O, I…」

Taj murmured in a blurry voice. He looked at me, the merchants, and Naidil lastly.

Immediately afterwards, Taj did something like trying to grab Naidil.

「Yo-you! Dra-dragon knight-sama…!」

「I don’t know! He did it without permission! He wants to put the blame on me, what a shameless piece of shit!」

When the Taj tried to say something, Naidil panicked and shouted loudly.

Anyway, it seems that abnormal condition recovery magic is effective.

Apparently, slavery magic is a contract magic that allows you to inflict abnormal state on someone anytime you want.

The problem is that even if the condition is healed, there is a possibility of inflicting abnormal condition again and again if the contract remains.

Now, I need to judge that fool.



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