Chapter 65 – Ren Ren’s Gentle Judgement

Naidil stutter to cover up his crime, Taj looked at him with eyes full of anger.

The merchants are looking at the development in a distance.

The stage is ready.

「Naidil, shut up.」

When I say so in a low voice, Naidil face twitch and becomes silent.

I made sure that he was quiet before I open my mouth towards Taj.

「Taj, what was ordered by Naidil?」

When he heard that, Taj trembled and looked up at me.

Taj kneeled on the spot and turned to me in a praying posture.

「I’m sorry, Dragon Knight-sama. I apologize for stealing from you and I don’t mind dying as a result however, I can’t bear it if Naidil is judged as innocent.」

Taj appeals while trying to repress his anger.

Naidil changed color due to Taj’s words but he was restrained by Rosa beside him.

「Naidil told me to peel off the mithril wall so I tried to find a splinter of the outside wall first but I was unable to find one. 」

When the Taj said so, he lowered his head deeply that his forehead rubbed against the floor.

「…Thus, I chose from the smallest furniture or vase in the corridor and took it. No, I’m just making excuse when I said small. I’m attracted to such a wonderful ornament to the point that I think my heart is attracted to it…」

Taj oozes with feelings of regret that he looks like he will vomit blood. He rounded his back, wept, and pressed his forehead against the floor.

You want that?

That’s the latest model of the gaming console which sold greatly in Japan.

TN:Other world gamer confirmed.

So, it is something instinctively exciting.

I nodded in satisfaction and looked down at the crying Taj.

「You have very good eyes. I can’t use it anymore, but it was a great item. 」

When I said that, the merchants were in an uproar.

「No way, it’s a myth-grade magic item?」

「Anyone would try to steal it…」

「They won’t be able to avoid death penalty after all.」

I heard such comments from merchants but I smiled as I looked at Taj.

「Taj, what you did is unforgivable.」

When I said that, Taj shook his shoulder and looked up.

I am going to pass on judgement to Taj whose eyes are wet with tears and has a squeezing noise in his nose.

「However, the stolen item was discovered within that day and in a place that’s still inside the castle. Given that you’re a slave, the principal offender is your master, Naidil. You’re going to atone your involvement to the crime by working as a volunteer in this castle. I’ll have you work from morning till evening. 」

When I said that, some of the merchants were not satisfied that their face became stern.

Taj, who was unable to move, rounded his eyes.

I turned my eyes to Naidil and confirmed that he’s still in the state of being restrained by Rosa.

「Naidil」Please read only at

When I called his name, Naidil’s body trembled as he turned his eyes down.

「Naidil is the principal offender in this theft scandal. However, as I said earlier, the thing you stole were found within that day and it was not taken out of the castle so I won’t take your life.」

When I said so, Kubido, who was calmly waiting for my judgement till then, inquired about the judgement unintentionally.

「That’s a very generous disposition but…」

One merchant looked at me with strong eyes as Kubido murmured.

That man is the carriage driver.

The man quietly opened his mouth while looking up at me.

「Excuse me, your Majesty, I would like to say one thing.」

The merchant suddenly said such words so everyone looked at him.

The merchant is looking at me through his eyes covered with his black hair without minding the gaze from his surroundings.

「Hmm, before that, it would be disrespectful of you to not tell your name.」

We haven’t had a conversation at yesterday’s dinner.

When he heard that, the merchant nodded.

「I came from the country of business Maeas, I am Finkle.」

The merchant called the Finkle began to talk about the question again.

「Your Majesty, I have been impressed by your hospitality that I want to stay in this place permanently.I have been and seen around various countries but no one can compete with this country’s promising future.」

There, Finkle stopped speaking and looked at Naidil.

「However, although I have sympathy for that slave, his punishment cannot be called punishment. Moreover, you’re trying to give warmth to the sneaky Naidil. I think the grace of His Majesty is precious but I’m afraid that order will not be maintained without severe punishment.」

When Finkle said so, Vian, who was watching over with an ambiguous face, butted in.

「That’s right. Merchants from around the world will be going in this country from now on as a merchant guild base will be established here. Your Majesty, I express this in fear. Naidil should be severely punished.」

Vian looked at me as if trying to gauge me.

I nodded, looked around the merchant’s faces and opened my mouth.

「Hmm, then let’s cut off Naidil’s limbs as punishment.」

When I said so easily, the merchants held their breath and cramped their faces all together.

Kubido opened his mouth while having cold sweat while Naidil turned pale.

「That’s… Your Majesty, that is certainly without a doubt a severe punishment but it seems a little too heavy…I think death penalty is better than that one…」

When Kubido said that, Vian somehow manage to smile but with a complex face as she nods.

「Th-that’s right. It would be easier to say that the person who committed theft in the castle was executed. Keeping someone alive with his limbs cut off… I think it will instill an unnecessary fear in the country.」

When the two said so, the merchants behind nodded many times.

I looked around at everyone, I lift the edge of my lips and opened my mouth.

「Be relieved. I said to cut off his limbs not to live without his limbs. Cutting off limbs would be a good warning right?」

Unable to comprehend the meaning of my words, the merchants fell silent.

Looking at the situation, I turned my gaze to Rosa.

Rosa nods and releases Naidil.

「Ha ha Yo-Your Majesty! Pl-please forgive me! I…!」

Naidil desperately appeal for forgiveness but I gently shook my head and spoke with Cartas who’s standing next to me.

「Cartas, do it.」

「As you wish」

To my brief words, Cartas replies and disappeared.

The next moment, Cartas showed up behind Naidil.

And behind him is the figure of Naidill whose limbs were cut off.

Blood did not scatter more than I thought but the pool of blood spreads to the collapsed figure of Naidil.

「U, Uaa…」

Someone raised a groan to the horrible spectacle.

Naidil, whose limbs were cut off from its base, was in a state of shock with his eyes all white.

Now, judging from the amount of blood, Naidil will die soon.

That won’t matter but it will deviate from my plan.

I looked at Sunny who I brought as escort and opened my mouth.

「Sunny, attach his arms and legs.」

「Yes, master.」

Sunny approached him immediately after my instruction and casted healing magic.

While both Sunny and Naidil are emitting strong white light, Naidil’s severed arms and legs are rapidly attached.

It’s like a scene from a horror movie where the clay doll’s arms and legs moved by itself.

The merchants who were watching it were dumbfounded and hardened.

Naidil, who has an empty expression, regained consciousness as his chopped off limbs were restored.

Naidil checked his limbs briefly with a startled face for a while.

「M-m-my arms are…!?」

He checked his limbs with bad complexion but can’t find a scar.

「N-no way… from that state…」

「Th-this is stupid! To do such a thing…」

At that point, the merchants began making commotion seeing what happened before them.

Looking down at the pale-faced Naidil, I made my last threat with a low voice.



「If you do something like that in the future I will burn it down to ashes at once.」

When I said that, Naidil, who was unable to stand up, looked up at me.

And, a liquid other than blood is mixed around him.

I struck fear in Naidil as he trembles. I looked at Finkle and Kubido.

「How about that? Is leaving him unscatched still too sweet?」

When I asked, Kubido’s face cramped and leaked a breath.

「Y-yes…No, it’s a splendid punishment that only His Majesty can do…」

Kubido said so as he fake a smile at me.

Did I scare them a little too much?

I think that we were able to show our combat potential with this but people from other countries won’t come here if I scare them too much.

While I’m thinking that, Finkle smiled and gave a big nod.

「It is wonderful. I think you have balanced being warm hearted for not depriving one’s life and giving severe punishment to defend law and order.」

「Is that so? Then, it’s good.」

I replied to Finkle who affirmed my judgement.

Vian, who has an unusually blue face, is looking up at me.

「Your Majesty… Is His Majesty capable of reviving the dead…?」

To Vian who asked me with strong feelings, I closed my mouth while laughing fearlessly.



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