Chapter 66 – Merchants’ Concern?

The merchants who saw my judgement were clearly more distant this morning.

It is due to fear of an unknown being and expectation for that unknown existence.

But for a shrewd race who thinks about profit like merchants, they are willing to disregard some risks depending on the expected profits.

Their expectations about the country of the dragon knight, Einherjar, might be on a scale a little less than their lives.

Mithril is supposed to be obtained by only few wealthy merchants or certain royalty.

But the Val Valhalla castle uses mithril like hot water.

That is sufficient enough to have a scent of business.

In other words, it is necessary to help the merchants to stir things up.

With such a thought in mind, I shared breakfast with the merchants.

Though Taj, who has been judged to work in the castle is not with us, the guilty Naidil is sitting with us in the dining room.

However, the merchants who came together with him has put some distance.

At the beginning, there were some unbelievable parts but seeing it first hand, there is no way to deny the truth.

Truly. I never thought that I could meet god’s apostle-sama in my life.

The conversations of the merchants were mostly about the dragon knight and the country.

And the future outlook.

It seems that we are allowed to open an individual shop separate from the merchant guild.

I want one on the main street near the main gate but it will soon be buried.

His Majesty has mentioned the type of store.

We cannot run the shop immediately unless we prepare products and secure personnel.

The inn and cheap restaurants will be built as soon as people who want to run one comes.

The merchants are acting in an opposite way that yesterday’s meal. Each of them are discussing business with each other.

There are those who restraints someone even a little to have a slight advantage, there are those who asks for help because goods and manpower cannot be prepared at once, and there are those who are examining various things while talking  in order for their business not to get out-muscled.

I had a feeling that what I’m seeing is the future development of my country’s economy but I devolved by drinking alcohol.

Your Majesty

There, Finkle walked towards me with a serious face.

What is it?

When I reply, Finkle opens his mouth while looking at my guild members around me.

What will His Majesty do with his kingdom from now on? Would you please let me know if it is okay?

After Finkle said that, the other merchants had an atmosphere as if they never thought of that.

Finkle, who are you? What title do you have excluding the title of merchant?

When I asked for the thing that I’m anxious at, Finkle knitted his eyebrows and fell silent.

Finkle didn’t open his mouth so I drank liquor leisurely but he still did not open his mouth.

Does this mean that he cannot talk with his own discretion?

Is a country involved? Or is it something that cannot be heard by the surrounding merchants?

As I thought so, I opened my mouth to the silent Finkle.

If you have heard the rumors, you probably know that Earl Villiers is scheduled to come under my country along with the surrounding feudal lords.

When I say so, Finkle raised one of his eyebrows and groaned.

…Your Majesty, in the rumor, it is said that Earl Villiers gave his own territory to His Majesty and His Majesty received it. No matter what the fact is, the Rembrandt Kingdom will not be happy about it.

Finkle asked me while choosing his words. He glanced at the merchants who listened to our conversation.

Hmm, their impression is certainly not good. The Galland Empire’s impression will not be good either. Now, both of those countries will now look at this country and probably throw a tantrum. What do you think, Kubido?

When I called his name, Kubido who’s listening to our conversation so far put out a face that looks like he’s in trouble and laugh.

No, I’m only a merchant so the trends in the situation of various countries as such is…

Kubido avoided the declaration in a barefaced manner.

That means he doesn’t want to say it to me.

Well, the normal thing to do is to crush the emerging country.

When I said that, the merchants have suddenly fallen silent. I looked at the quiet merchants who had been talking with each other so far but everyone was secretly listening to our conversation.

Well, some people heard about the rumor of the dragon knight but, are they still willing to fight even with that situation?

When I muttered so in the quiet dining room, Vian put her hand on her mouth and bent her chest.

Well, Your Majesty… The Galland Empire cannot be disregarded and even if they’re weakened, the Rembrandt Kingdom is still very strong and confident.  Though that strength and reRiability will further highlight His Majesty’s appeal…

After saying that, she narrowed her eyes slightly and opened her mouth.

a big country is a big country. Is His Majesty prepared to face against two big countries when you decided to build a country…?

Vian said that while looking at me, Finkle agreed with her.

The territory of Earl Villiers is a form that is easy to defend but it is still vast. I heard that the soldiers are trained to a certain degree to protect the border so their skills are high. However, if two major powers attack from the north and east at the same time, they won’t be enough to protect the territory and your territory will be cut down little by little.

Finkle said that in a way that he doesn’t seem like a merchant. I drank water to quench my throat.

I ate a mouthful of meat without worrying about everyone’s attention. I shrugged my shoulder and raised the edge of my mouth.

The soldier will not move unless there is a request from my subordinates. But if the Galland Empire and Rembrandt Kingdom will advance their soldiers and tried to invade my territory.

I cut down my words, looked around at everyone, and opened my mouth again.

I will show them something called a “mythical battle”.



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