Chapter 68 – One Week from That…(Suddenly!?)

The morning came.

My sense of time has become somewhat different since I started my country-building.

The morning of the 20th day came in in no time.

It’s so peaceful that the week passed in no time.

Or is it just my imagination?

Next to me is the beautiful Eleanor whose face if half covered by her blonde hair. She has a fair complexion.

Looking at it closely, Sunny is sleeping between me and Eleanor as if she crawled into the bed. Her position is not good.

Turning on the other side, the plump chest of Sedeia is in front of my eyes. Turning my eyes down a little, I can see Mira’s black head. Her position is not good.

I twisted my body again and looked at the ceiling.

Okay, I can’t move.

Is this some sort of restriction technique?

I had breakfast and head to Val Valhalla Castle and this time, I brought Eleanor besides my escorts.

My escorts are Sunny, Sainos, and Sedeia.

Since I brought Sainos and Sedeia, it is necessary to bring Dan’s family.

I have unusually brought a lot of people this time, the reason is simple.

The capital city was quite completed, I just wanted to announce it to everyone.

Although Dan’s surprise when he saw the castle for the first time was interesting, seeing Eleanor, Dan, and Sherry’s reaction upon seeing the city was amusing.

That is expected.

After all, the main street from the castle to the wall was buried with buildings.

Looking at it from the castle, there is a government office issuing a family register to gather information on new residents. Hospital, guard station, inn, weapons shops, blacksmiths, restaurants, clothing stores and so on are also lined up. There is also a guard station in front of the main gate and opposite to it is the adventurers guild.

By the way, the mage guild, alchemist guild, and church of healing mage are in the back street because they were late to apply.

Recreational facilities are postponed because those who can play musical instruments has yet to come.

A school building was also built. Of course, there is a daycare center and an orphanage next door.

However, it should be said that it is unexpected or it is natural? The only migrant in this country are healthy people like peddlers, adventurers, and mercenaries.

There are also times that I emancipate slaves who were poorly treated.

Given these circumstances, neither the school nor the orphanage is in use.

However, the city is already showing a lot of bustle.

The residents of Grado village are working in things related to the country such as the government office.

A considerable number of adventurers came from the Ramblas to the adventurers guild. The staffs were Miria and Ran, and the elf El Rand was inaugurated as the guild master.

To this city where life has already been born, Eleanor shone her eyes, Dan and Sherry are looking around stunned as we walked through the city.

「Wonderful! This is what master’s country looks like!」

Eleanor said that looking around the city with an ecstatic look.

「Be quiet. Most people don’t know that I’m the ruler of this country. The city is still half full.」

I said so while making a wry smile.

I don’t want everyone to make an extensive greeting to the king.

However, the residents who had made the migrating procedure at the government office feel that they have become citizens of the country of the dragon knight.

Most of them think that Cartas, who’s taking a regular patrol as the lord of the castle, is the king.

Although it would be the most comfortable if this were to continue, my guild members want to reiterate the declaration of the founding of the nation once Earl Villiers returns.

Thinking about it now, it would be a little troublesome but I guess it should be good if I do it once and for all.

I thought so and decided to switch.

However, things going according to my desire seems to be rare.

I thought so as I saw Earl Villiers walking from the castle gate towards here with his subordinate knights.

We were on our way to the castle and are in front of the bridge connecting the city and the castle.

It seems like a heaven-sent opportunity as if Earl Villiers was preparing and is aiming at this moment.

No, he just returned from the kingdom’s capital.  He’s quite well dressed and is marching with his knights. He yell with full of spirit as he moves towards me.

Perhaps he really aimed for this moment.

I’ll ask Cartas later.

While thinking of that, Earl Villiers stopped.

While the inhabitants of the city are looking with curiosity, Earl Villiers and the lined up knights kneel on the spot.

Looking at it closely, Baron Bowarei is in the front row of the knights.

The earl raised his face while kneeling and greatly absorbed breath.

「Dragon knight, Ren-sama! Rembrandt kingdom territory feudal lord, Villiers St. Warms Fitzyi! Have returned!」

「…Thank you for your hard work.」

He sure is back now.

The earl lowers his head in an exaggerated manner and continues to speak.

「From this moment, the frontier territory I managed has become independent of the Rembrandt Kingdom which I will present to his majesty’s country!」

「… I understand. Then, Earl Villiers who has defended that territory up to now will be more prosperous in the future. Earl Villiers will be the minister of the right of my country, Einherjar. As my right hand, I will depend on you from now on.」

When I said that, Earl Villiers stopped his movement for a moment but soon opened his mouth again.

「…I am grateful! I’ll serve as minister of the right from now on and pledge with my body and soul to raise the country of the dragon knight Ren-sama, Einherjar, to the top of the world!」

Immediately after Villiers cry, the knights raised their faces and cheered.

As if usurped by it, the residents who gathered and are watching started to applause.

Meanwhile, Villiers was looking at me with a delicate face.

This would finalize, though verbal, our agreement of making him number 2.

「That’s why I intend to develop our country Einherjar as a king. Will everybody help me?」

Evening that day, I suddenly gathered my guild members and said that again.

That moment, the greatest cheers happened in G.I.Jou.

I was relieved a little. Hearing the roars as if angered, I rest my body to the throne.

Now, not only the capital city but also the frontier territory.

I’ll be busy.



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