Chapter 71 – Temperature Difference

West part of Alda of Galland Empire.

The largest fortress city in Alda prefecture which is located near it’s center, Janeru.

It is a rugged city surrounded by 20 meters thick and 40 meters high walls.

Because of its robustness, it has never been conquered before.

In the north part of the city, General Torga of Galland Empire is in a cube shaped castle.

The office of the lord is located on the top floor of the castle. He sat down on the most splendidly made sofa.

「Now, how many?」

Tolga asked so in an extremely vague way.

Then, the short man who sits on the sofa if front of Torga answered.

「Yes. We have gathered as much as 10,000 troops in three cities. There are 3,000 soldiers, 5,000 mercenaries, and 2,000 slaves.」

「Hmmm… How long until we get 100,000?」

「If it goes as planned, in two weeks. The Rembrandt Kingdom will take a few days too.」

When the man said that, Torga spewed a long sigh.

「I told you to hurry as much as possible. It’s still too slow. It won’t be amusing if we were attacked in reverse.」

To Torga’s words, the shorty rubbed his nose with his fingers and laughed as if troubled.

「Torga-sama. This is already an exceptional speed. We dispatched a number temporary troops on the western part of the Rembrandt Kingdom after the failed invasion. In addition, we were able to summon reserve corps immediately because it was already requested by the former chief magistrate Turan.」

When a short man said so, Torga hits the elbow rest of the sofa strongly with his right hand.

By that alone, the elbow rest to the leg part of the sofa was damaged.

The shorter man shrugs his neck to the sound of destruction and atrophy.

「The frame is made of steel….」

Seeing the man looked at his right arm as if he saw something unbelievable, Torga gave off a fearless smile.

「I know that as well. What I want to say is that you should do something to gather soldiers faster. Why can’t you figure that much? Is your head just a decoration? Should I try to replace it?」


When Torga said that and stretched his right hand to the man’s head, the man leaned his body to the back and rolled down the sofa.

「Gather up soldiers faster!」


Torga looked at the back of the escaping man he shouted at. After the door closed, he spewed a long sigh again in the office where no one else is around.

「That’s a useless subordinate. Isn’t there any excellent subordinate suitable for my intellect?」

As Torga muttered, he lifted his back from the broken sofa and approached the window.

From the window, he could see the view of this city.

「…Hnn? What is that?」

Torga said that while chasing the black shadow in the distant sky.

「Is it a bird? It’s too fast to be a bird. The only monster that can fly that fast is…」

Torga muttered such a thing while being fascinated by the black shadow. He looked at the black shadow until it climbed further in the sky.

「Dragon… or a dragon knight? That shit didn’t descend. If a person who plays such a ploy is an enemy, I’ll crush his head.」

Torga turned his back from the window and laughed while saying so.

From the Kingdom’s capital, the western city of Ramblas is about one or two weeks travel with a carriage.

A two-horse luxurious carriage ran along the highway.

Around the luxurious carriage are a great number of knights riding horses.

The knights are lined up and are wearing beautiful white armor. It would take a considerable degree of practice in order to retain formation despite of riding horses at a considerable speed.

In the carriage that is protected by the knights are the Rembrandt Kingdom’s King Creivis and Prime Minister Yuta.

And one more person. A gray-haired man who seems to be approaching the later half of forties is sitting next to Yuta.

The man is wearing a red robe over his shiny armor made of a dull metal and has a straight sword on his waist.

「Your Majesty, why am I…」

「You’re annoying, shut up. I have thought about it a number of times but it can’t be helped.」

Yuta glared at Creivis with a dissatisfied face. Creivis crossed his arm and complained again.

Yuta sighs and waves his head left and right.

「Your Majesty…there is neither you nor me in the capital…the two of us leaving the capital together…」

「Noisy, shut up. Oguma, tell him too.」

When Yuta began complaining, Creivis asked for help from the gray haired man sitting next to Yuta.

A man named Oguma looked back at Creivis with a somewhat drooping eyes and opened his mouth quietly.

「Your Majesty, you should be a little more calm.」

When Oguma said so, Creivis ringed his nose and crossed his legs.

「You’re not my ally? Annoying.」

After Creivis cursed alone, Yuta opened his mouth with a wrinkled forehead.

「I just told you that the silver wind may be cooperating with Earl Villiers.」

「I know.」

When Creivis uninterestedly replied to Yuta, Oguma opened his mouth this time.

「At that time, I thought that the possibility is low but they said something in a letter.」

「I know.」

Oguma said so with a depressed face. Because of that, Creivis’ wrinkled his forehead deeper.

「Just like what Oguma said, Silver Wind is equivalent to tens of thousands of enemies…」

「I know.」

「If by chance that there are adventurers higher than A rank gathered in Ramblas…」

「I know.」

「If you know then…」

「Annoying, shut up.」

「Also, the letter.」

「Eeii, annoying! Who brought the two of you?」

「「It’s His Majesty」 」

The group with a carriage carrying the Rembrandt Kingdom’s King , Prime Minister and a fierce adventurer ran through a journey from the kingdom’s capital to Ramblas in only 5 days.

But then they arrived at Ramblas, the three of them came down from the carriage with a dumbfounded face.



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