Chapter 74 – Creivis’ Allegiance

I had a headache due to an unexpected situation.

In front of me is a figure of a king of a country that keeps his head down while being in the presence of his angry subordinate.

And he even voluntarily surrender his own country.

The confusion of the soldiers has reached its peak too.

I had Lagreat to be in his dragon form to be seen as the one with the upper position but the effect is beyond my imagination.

「… I said it is an alliance.」

I don’t know how to deal with a vassal country.

When I was looking at Creivis who lowered his head with such a feeling, a middle-aged man who was trying to make Creivis stand looked at me.

「The-there’s no problem with the alliance! H-his Majesty is a bit tired! Ha, haha! He had been drinking liquor since a while ago…」

「You’re tired? Are you okay, King Creivis?」

A king of a large country seems to have a heavy responsibility. His face is not red but his fingers are trembling, probably because of alcohol.

「What are you saying Yuta! Look! It’s dragon knight-sama! Burn your eyes to that divine figure!」

「Your Majesty, raise your face and look at King Ren-sama!」

「I will not raise my face, I can’t do such a terrible thing!」

「Raise your face you fool!」

Looking at it, Creivis is arguing with the man named Yuta and in the end, Yuta was yelling at Creivis.

It’s a panic.

「Minister Villiers」

「Y-yes, what is it?」

When I said something, Villiers returned an answer to me while having a stunned expression.

「I assume that I should talk with them some other time. The venue would be Val Valhalla Castle. Treat King Crevis as an ally.」

「Yes, I understand… But, why don’t you want them to be your subordinate? There is no other easy way to obtain a large vassal country.」

「I do not need it. It is troublesome. If our country were attacked, we would crush them, but if they want to be our allies, that would be good enough.」

「Y-yes…I understand.」

I said so to Villiers and left that troublesome place.

Three days later.

We decided to have a meeting with Creivis in the capital, the old Grado village. They moved here at full speed.

What’s with that energy?

「Th-this is dragon knight-sama’s castle…!」

Creivis was looking up at Val Valhalla Castle with tears.

「I-indeed…Is this all mithril? Ha,haha. No, no way…」

Yuta looks around the castle while having a dry laugh.

The man in the armor and red robe, which is diagonally behind Yuta, opened his mouth.

「…Mithril. It looks exactly the same as Brunhilde’s shining sword.」

I turned my gaze to the man because he suddenly mentioned Brunhilde.

「Are you acquainted with Brunhilde?」

When he heard that, the man lowered his eyes and opened his mouth.

「…I’m in the same adventurer party, your grace.」

「Hou, that means you’re Oguma? An S-rank?」

When I asked, Oguma narrowed his eyes and shook his head left and right.

「No, our party, Silver Wind, only has two S-rank adventurers and I’m not one of them.」

「Then it’s only Brunhilde and Meldia? Shouldn’t you all be S rank by conquering the dungeon together?」

When I said those words, Oguma nodded and opened his mouth.

「Before the dungeon capture, Brunhilde and Meldia are A rank, Marina, Ataratte and I were B rank. All of us ranked up one level.」

Listening to Oguma’s explanation, I nodded lightly.

I see.

It seems that not everyone will be S ranked because they capture a dungeon.

「Your Majesty, are the members of the silver wind here?」

When I was thinking, Oguma asked about Brunhilde’s party.

「Ah, perhaps they are in their house behind the adventurers guild.」

「House? Those fellows are wasting money…」

When Oguma heard information from me, he muttered something.

It might be difficult to be the only elder man in a party of young women.

When I was watching Oguma while thinking about such a thing, Creivis came up to me.

「Your Majesty, Ren-sama. Let’s go to the castle by all means!」

「Ah, yeah. For the time being, follow us. Shall we enter the castle with Yuta and Oguma? But you are accompanied by a lot of people… let’s see. Should I present them some rare foods from here?」

「Rare food?」

When I said that, Creivis and Yuta looked at me with interest.

I ward of the glance and turned my face to Eleanor who was on my side.

「Eleanor, go to G.I.Jou and bring all the maid troops. After that, prepare all the ingredients for cooking ready.」

「Certainly. Sunny, please continue to be the escort.」

Eleanor returned an answer to my instructions, left a message to Sunny, and used flight magic.



When Eleanor flew over the castle in a way like she jumps over it, unrest spread from the soldiers.

「Ah, that beautiful woman was a mage…? I was certain that she’s King Ren-sama’s attendant…」

Yuta smiled while having a cold sweat from his forehead to his cheeks while saying such a thing to me.

「No, if you’re looking for a mage, Sunny here is one. Eleanor is a magic swordsman. She’s better at swords.」

When I said that, Yuta flashed his eyes and stopped moving.

I already got used to someone malfunctioning so I walked out quickly and spoke with Creivis.

「Okay, come with me.」


Creivis replied immediately and chased after me.

He’s like a kouhai from a club.

We enter the castle with me as the lead and advance through the corridor. I occasionally hear voices of admiration behind me.

However, most of them were about mithril and beautiful furnitures and no one said something about orichalcum.

We enter the throne room. I sat on the throne after being greeted by Cartas.

I looked down from the throne and saw the figure of Creivis and Yuta shrunk and withered.

Creivis has a feeling of tension but Yuta seems to have a feeling of fear.

Oguma has a grim face but his tension is not obvious.

「Now, King of Rembrandt, Creivis. Welcome to my Einherjar. I welcome you.」


「Th-this, your majesty…」

To my words, Creivis knelt down and lowered his head.

Yuta kneels but roughly looks at Creivis.

Oguma quietly kneels with the two of them.

「That’s right. Oguma has come with much trouble. Let’s call Brunhilde’s party.」

I looked at Rosa after I said that. Rosa nodded and disappeared from the throne room.

「… Thank you, Your Majesty.」

Oguma who witnessed Rosa’s disappearance looks around with a relaxed face. He finally thanked me and lowered his head.

Oguma was not surprised. I nodded while feeling something.

I turned my face to Creivis after watching Oguma’s expression.

「King Creivis, I’m thinking that my Einherjar should make an alliance with Rembrandt Kingdom. How about you? Do you have any objection about forming an alliance?」

When he heard that, Creivis looked up at me with his hand on his chest.

「I am very grateful for your words! I would like to pledge by submission to King Ren-sama, but for the people of my Rembrandt Kingdom, it will be called an alliance! If King Ren-sama wishes something, I will prepare anything! Of course,if you need to expand your territory, please receive it!」

「Your Majesty!」

Creivis seemed to be overwhelmed and made a promise with tears.

As I looked at how Yuta preached Creivis publicly, I sighed without saying anything.

On the way, I heard that Yuta is the prime minister. Rembrandt Kingdom is likely to collapse soon without him.

I vaguely smiled at Creivis who’s looking up at me with sparkling eyes.



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