Arc 1 Chapter 1 – Different World Travel 1

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The momentum is horrible…

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The first thing Taichi felt was the gentle wind patting his cheek. It includes the fragrance of nature that seems to be really close.

It seems that it is not something particularly strange.  The mysterious phenomenon which has suddenly attacked seems to have ended without problems.

Perhaps that is something to be surprised about. It is probably paid frank like the one in TV.

Taichi considers the phenomenon to be something like that. That is the extent of his 15 years knowledge and experience. However, even if you have lived long, this is not something one will understand.

…That kind of thinking has calmed him to a certain extent. He is now aware of the weight and warmth.

He opened his eyes to verify it.

Closing her eyes tightly, grasping and leaning against Taichi.

Something smells nice. Soft too…Taichi can’t be blamed for having unscrupulous thinking. Taichi is a healthy high school boy. And is in the midst of adolescence too.


With her shoulder being shaken and hearing Taichi’s voice, Kanade opened her eyes fearfully.

Their line of gaze has never been this close before.

Kanade, who’s uneasy, was surprised and dyed her cheeks little by little.

「Why are you hugging me in the midst of confusion!」

「Don’t be unreasonable!」

He was pushed away.

Thanks to that he saw something new. He notices Kanade’s cheek turning red, is he fortunate or not? The ikemen who’s always plunging in is nowhere to be found.

The two of them noticed the reason of their incongruity upon seeing the scenery.


What’s this?

Taichi and Kanade are speechless upon seeing the scenery that no words come out.

The clear blue sky is a familiar sky. The white clouds that float there are also the same.

The real source of the incongruity is the 360 degrees panoramic view.

As far as the eye can reach, the prairie stretches to the horizon.

Even in Japan, they won’t have a chance to see such scene.

Rather, there are only a handful of areas on Earth where you can find the same scenery. Of course, Taichi and Kanade do not recognize this scenery.

If this is a trip, they will be fascinated by the grandeur beyond assumptions. However, the reason why two of them can’t say a word is because this has developed beyond their expectations.

「Hey Kanade.」


「Please hit me on my face. Apparently, I seem to have been sleeping while standing.」

「Then hit my head first. I want to wake up right now.」

The the two of them had their usual casual interaction as they are sucked in and disappears to an open land.

They have been looking around and noticed it. There’s only Taichi and Kanade there. Acknowledging it, the two of the felt like it was the end and fell silent again.

Dropping their gaze, they noticed the grass growing on the ground is just unfamiliar. Its color is completely different from the weed that grows in the vacant lot in the neighborhood. The color of the earth did not change. However, there is a never been seen before insect that showed its face from the dug up soil.

In Taichi’s mind, an assumption that he does not want to think about arises. He tried shaking his head but it did not go off.

Now, Taichi’s behavior is suspicious. Kanade remains silent since she noticed that Taichi has an exhausted expression. She has never seen Taichi with that expression.

How much time did pass? The signalless cellphone indicates that it is around 18 o’clock. They seem to have been there for about an hour.



Taichi praises himself for being able to answer more calmly that he thought although it’s just a hum.

「Shall we sit down? There is a nice rock over there.」

Following where Kanade’s fingertips point, there are indeed some good looking rocks that can be used as chairs. It would be much better than sitting on the ground.

They picked up their student bag that is lying on their side and walk side by side.

Although their distance is pretty close, Kanade and Taichi is a bit more distant with the anxiety of being thrown in an unfamiliar land suddenly. In addition, there is no room to make fun of it.

It is really relieving not being alone in such a place. It is possible to stay calm because they are together.

Taichi and Kanade sat down in a way where they face each other. After a little, Kanade sat down beside Taichi. Because there are several stones there, it can be said that it can induce anxiety. The two of them did not know much about psychology to notice such a thing.

「What do you think this is?」

To the question Taichi asked, Kanade shook her neck to the left and right.

「I don’t know. I don’t want to know….」

「Of course.」

The bright voice which has tried to express its opinion scattered idly.

「What about Taichi?」


「What does Taichi thinks?」


It is a short question that can be answered in a variety of ways but he understood the intention.

He inhales and put out a small breath. Probably as an introduction, Taichi turned his gaze to the ground.

「This is not the Earth.」


There is no answer from Kanade.

That is the reality their eyes has been averting. They think that if they admit it, they feel that they can’t go back anymore.

However, Taichi and the Kanade were close to the adult to the extent that it was not possible for them to escape if they pretend to be an ignorant child.

「……  What shall we do?」

「How about looking for other people?」

「There is only grass as far as our eyes can reach. How do we know where to go?」

「…I can’t take responsibility too.」

They are hesitant to stay and also hesitant to move. The scenery reflected in sight is the same in all direction. They don’t have a map. They don’t even know what’s the direction they are facing right now or which way to walk.

It is the all-out stalemate.

Taichi and Kanade confronted the reality where nothing could be done. They are at loss. Being put at such situation is an additional blow. They are in the so-called; One misfortune is always followed by another.

The sound of the swaying grass. What a disturbing sign. The two of them looked at their back and saw… a horse twice the height of a man with sharp long fangs.

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AN: Taichi’s cheat is a little further ahead.

Kanade-chan has a decent cheat too (lol)



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