Chapter 79 – Finkle’s Sense of Duty

The soldiers of Rembrandt Kingdom have used the vacant house where no residents have lived yet. They were gathered and lined up outside the city.

All the lining up soldiers have a lively face. Did they find the meal last night great?

Well, this is a severe case because of their numbers. I’m sure they said that there were about 2,000 of them.

I took out an orichalcum wand from my item box.

Sage’s wand.

It takes quite a lot of time and effort to produce but this is a top class item which takes a considerable amount of time to collect the materials needed to create it.

However, it’s ability is exceptional. Unlike other wands and rings, it can duplicate casted magic.

In other words, it is possible to cast several magic at the same time.

Well, because of its magical effect, it is equipped by advanced users.

I picked up the wand, took my eyes off the lined up soldiers, and turned my face to Creivis.

「King Creivis, I am not accompanied by a pure mage today. Choose 200 soldiers of yours. We’ll send off those who remained tomorrow.」

When I said that, Creivis flashed his eyes for a moment but he immediately began to move to Yuta.

He seemed to be a good commander in the military.

I confirmed that the two of them are moving and looked back diagonally at Lagreat.

「Lagreat, the dragon…」

「Yes, my lord. As long as there’s meat!」

Before I finished giving instructions, Lagreat replied with vigour and flew using flight magic at once.

Totally with self centered motive.

Meanwhile, Creivis returned with Yuta.

「Your Majesty King Ren-sama. We have selected 200 soldiers and mages together.」

「Oh, that was quick.」

I said that then looked at the neatly lined up men behind Creivis and Yuta.

They are quite skillful to be able to form a formation in a short time.

When I was admiring the soldiers, I heard cheers from afar.

When I turned my face to the direction of the cheers, Lagreat in dragon form was flying from the direction of the castle.

「All right, the actors have gathered.」

I said so and looked back at everyone.

The group of soldiers and mages dance in the sky.

If everyone was in the same position, maybe it would look a bit more decent, but the reality was different.

There are soldiers that faints like a puppet with strings cut, soldiers who have some sort of liquid dripping, mages who scream from excitement, mages who laughs like crazy…..and a crying king.

「It’s a picture of hell.」

When I say so, Finkle sighs and opens his mouth.

「That would be so. Most of them have never flew in the sky. Suddenly flying in the sky with dragon knight-sama….」

Looking around after Finkle said that, it seems that even Yuta and Creivis are looking around and moving from a distance.

「It’s just a method of sending them home.」

「Who would send someone home by flying to the sky? I have never seen someone does something that crazy.」

Finkle looked at me while saying that.

「Hahaha, now that you mention it.」

When I was laughing, Finkle opened his mouth with no facial expression.

「Was everything exposed? Are you going to execute me in public as an example?」

Finkle uttered so in a low voice.

Looking at Finkle, it felt like I’m looking at something interesting. I crossed my arms and nodded.

「Well, how much did you think we find out? If you confess and if that confession has a deeper information, I can overlook it.」

When I told him that, Finkle grits his teeth and wrinkles his eyebrows.

「I don’t need you to lick me. I have the guts too. I won’t speak even if I die.」

Finkle’s tone changed when he said that. He turned towards me and sat down cross-legged.

「However, let me just say a few words, we won’t put you in a disadvantageous position and we are not hostile.」

Finkle said that and looked up at me.

I sit in front of the Finkle and turn my gaze to Sainos.

「Sainos, stand behind Finkle.」


When I said that, Sainos replied and stood behind Finkle.

Finkle was silent and motionless but the sweat was flowing on his forehead.

I was watching Finkle’s eye for a few seconds but I couldn’t see him talking.

「…A stubborn guy. You might lose your limbs too, have you thought about it?」

When he heard that, Finkle shook his shoulder slightly but he didn’t say a word and just glare at me.

Seeing Finkle’s appearance, I sighed and made a wry smile.

「Then, I’ll tell you the information I know. Just say no if it’s wrong.」

When I said that, the silent Finkle was confused.

「Now, the first information. You have business transaction with other peddlers three times until now.」

Finkle did not react when I said so.

「The second, other peddlers looked for you for some transaction four times so far. And you have spoke with them in a small meeting room every single time.」

Still, there is no reaction.

「Third, the first and second peddlers who came to visit you looks like your usual peddler until they went back their way home. They leave their carriage after leaving this country. They are peddlers who ride a horse without luggage. Very conspicuous, right?」

When I told that information, there was a slight reaction from Finkle.

「Fourth, half of the peddler’s pass through the Galland Empire to Maeas, the other half passes through Rembrandt Kingdom and is returning to Maeas.」

To that information, Finkle lowered his eyes and pulled in his chin.

「Fifth, all the peddlers who went back to Maeas returned to the merchant guild in the central city of Maeas. There is no side trip too.」

Finkle ceased to move again.

「Sixth, there were several conference rooms in the merchant guild but the merchants were always using the smallest conference room. And when the meeting is over, the merchants return to my country. And those who met those merchants goes to the building where the Maeas representative is.」

I cut my words temporarily and looked at Finkle a little.

Finkle won’t budge. Although he doesn’t move, sweat was flowing again from his forehead.

「Maeas seems to be a region where small countries scatter long ago. A so called United Kingdom was created in response to the crisis of rapid development of Rembrandt Kingdom, Galland Empire, and Immenstadt  Empire.」

When I said that, Finkle opened his eyes thinly and gazes at my foot.

「The last information. Currently, there are three royal houses in the united kingdom of Maeas. There are five men and three women who have the right to inherit the throne.」

When I said that far, Finkle looked up at me.

「Finkle, you are the third son and has the right to inherit the throne.」

When I said that and smiled, Finkle looked at me with cold eyes.

「…Your Majesty, your personality is quite bad. If you have investigated that far, you did not have to bother asking me for a confession.」

「What a stupid remark. The talk changes whether you decide to confess or not.」

When I argued with Finkle’s complaint, I threw a deep sigh and opened opened my mouth.

「Depending on my evaluation, there will be no problem if you’re a friend…But your loyalty to Maeas is thick, if there is something disadvantageous for my country, I will consider you as an enemy.」

When I say so, Finkle raised the edge of his mouth and formed a smile.

「You’re right. However, let me add one. I will definitely do my best for Maeas not to be hostile to his majesty’s country.」

Finkle said that and looked at me.

I laughed with my nose to the words of Finkle and opened my mouth.

「I know.」



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