Chapter 59 – Neutral Sword

「Somehow, I feel like I’m in a better condition than before.」

After the ancient succubus, Oracle-chan, absorbed my energy, she was able to instantly heal Kaara completely.

Her deep wound didn’t even leave a scar.

「That’s right and I still have some surplus energy. No matter how you look at it, Takeru accumulates too much. That amount exceeded my 300 years of expectations, I was surprised when it was coming out. It is bad for your body to not ejaculate regularly!」

「Why am I getting yelled at…」

I feel like crying.

「My stomach is bursting with Takeru’s energy. It is now possible for me to use the power of the Immortal King in her heyday.」

「Don’t say that kind of remark!」

Oracle-chan was laughing “ufufu” cheerfully as she picked up the string that had fallen on the floor when she removed them from her twin tails.

Though nothing seems to change with Oracle-chan when you looked at her, her gestures became sexy.

「Rest assure, I am different from those young girls so I will not inconvenient Takeru by announcing it.」

「As for that, I seriously ask of you…」

It is frightening to think what will Ria do if she was to find out.

There is a possibility that there will be a use of force.

It can’t be helped since it has been done.

If that will be announced, I’m afraid that something will collapse and there will be a domino effect.

「Then, what are you going to do, Takeru? Are you going to take this chance to be a demon king?」


Stop saying absurd things. I can’t catch up with you.

My hit point is approaching zero.

「Seriously, it’s impossible for one sword of light to fight against a sword of light and sword of darkness at the same time.」

「Well, that’s right. But I don’t want to be embedded with a demon king core in my body.」

Just looking at the dark red comma-shaped bead makes me feel sick.

To think that something like that is inside the body of the zombie baron.

「Freed is just a descendant of a human created by A-sama so he won’t be able to use the power of the demon king core to the fullest. Takeru can become a demon king because you are not an existence created by A-sama.」

TN: The goddess name is written in katakana アーサマ which can be read as Asama not A-sama. However, there is not even a single instance where the goddess name has the suffix 様(sama) next to it. I thought that it might be the author’s way of saying that the goddess is the highest being in this novel so “sama” should be written in katakana because for me, not adding sama to the name of the goddess of creation of that world is next to impossible. But seeing that Oracle, a demon, an ancient succubus call her as A-sama,hmmm… I really don’t know. I will continue to name the goddess as A-sama.

「How did you know that I’m an other worlder?」

Ria should have been that only one who knows so how did Oracle-chan knows about it?

「I don’t know that you’re from a different world but I can tell by your smell that you’re not a human created by A-sama. The magical flow in Takeru’s body is also something that is different from the magical flow of those who were created by A-sama.」

「You can smell it?」

What a convenient nose you have there.

「It is somewhat risky. But in order to obtain a new power, this is our only chance since my body is still filled with energy. 」

「Wait a minute, even if you tell me to become a demon king suddenly, I’m still a hero. 」

Well, Kaara’s eyes are shining brightly with expectations.

If I don’t talk this with Ria, it might look like I’m neglecting the church’s side, that’s bad right?

「I don’t mind if you consult her with this but we’re at the stage where Freed might change into a demon king. This is something that even the A-sama church wants to avoid.」

「I see.」

That’s right. The A-sama church is too liberal. To the point that it’s suspicious.

Although it’s too late to say that now.


—Scene Change—


Sure enough, when I consulted Ria, even if I became the demon king, she said that she’ll overlook it.

「No, I wanted to ask you if it is possible for a hero to be a demon king.」

「I have a bad feeling about the hero Freed. I sure A-sama would want Takeru to stop him.」

Why is A-sama not giving Prince Freed punishment directly?

To be honest, rather than me working hard, isn’t it time for the goddess to do something?

「A-sama liked it if her believers are self reRiant.」

「Even so, I’m talking about having a limit.」

Well, perhaps the word “limit” can’t be found in the dictionary of A-sama church.

I had Oracle-chan carry me to Oracle’s great cave declining everyone who wants to accompany us.

It seems that she’s not lying when she said she had extra vigor.

It will take four to five days of travel on horse but we arrive there in a moment.

We’re like a fighter plane. I want this speed to be used in war.

Or, should I proposed Lyle-sensei the use of Oracle-chan bomber?

「Let’s use the emergency stair to reach basement 30.」

「Finally, will the secret of the lowest floor of the Oracle’s great cave be debunked?」

As a person that only managed to explore up to the 10th level, I’m a little anxious about the hidden dungeon.

I’m also saying this as a gamer.

「Well, this will be the first time for the lowest floor to be activated after a while.」

「Today’s adventurer didn’t even managed to clear up to the 10th floor let alone the 30th floor.」

It’s a time of peace so adventurers won’t risk an arm just to capture a big dungeon.

But nowadays, adventurers might be employed as mercenary if war breaks out.

「Well, I’m going to brief you while we get down the stairs. Have Takeru read the holy scriptures of A-sama?」

「Well, I read it somewhat.」

「Then, do you know that A-sama created the human world from chaos?」


「Then, have you heard the source of that “chaos” ?」


I did not even think about it.

I read the holy scripture so fast to notice it.

「There are lies in A-sama’s scripture because the content was controlled. The origin of the world is chaos but it is written as it was created from chaos. And, the creator who created my kin and other demonic beings, Mother Chaos-sama, is disregarded by the humans who wrote the holy scripture 」

TN: Mother here is similar to the word mother that is used in Mother Earth, Mother nature, etc. Because of this, I almost decided to left it as “Konton”( 混沌 – japanese for chaos) but I guess everyone is already familiar to the concept of the world originated from chaos. I also think that it is easier to understand this way.

Is that so? It is said that the world was created by A-sama 8000 years ago.

So, the world has already existed long before that?

I’m sure there are a lot of such myths even in my world.

I don’t know much about it but, if A-sama did not create the demons and monsters, where did they come from?

「Our Mother Chaos-sama is a god without certain personality like A-sama. As for that, there is chaos he has no sane consciousness. Sleeping in the center of the planet, spitting out miasma infinitely, and occasionally kneading soil to produce something with indeterminate form, doing things with no meaning.」

Doing things with no meaning? Scary.

「Even so, there is a race called furuki mono from 8000 years ago. The ancient dragons, the race who became the demonkins, are born at the age of gods and they are the same age or older than A-sama.」

TN: 古き 者(Furuki mono) literally means old person

8000 years ago, I can’t imagine what it was like.

Thinking about Japan, is it around Jomon period?

TN: Jomon period is from 14,000 – 300 BC

「The place where we’re going now is the hidden floor under the 30th floor of the Oracle’s Great Cave. There is a furuki mono staying there.」

「Eh? There is a person there from 8,000 years ago?」

Oracle-chan waved her hands left and right intensely in a panic.

「Don’t call it a person. Dare to call it god from the age of gods. Three hundred years ago, when immortal king Oracle dug up the dungeon here, she discovered the furuki mono.」

「It sounds like she excavated an earthenware, was that person buried?」

Then, it’s certainly not human.

「Therefore, don’t call it a human. Furuki mono’s are like the incarnation of Mother Chaos-sama. Moreover, the possibility to establish communication exists at a molecular level.」

「That means it can’t talk.」

「Well, you can try conversing, you’ll understand it later. The behavior itself is chaotic. If it wants to attack, it will kill you with haste.」

「That’s the problem before the conversation itself.」

It’s too scary. It is on a level that it should not be offended.

「Since the immortal king Oracle’s main body was amazing, she used the energy from that furuki mono for the Oracle’s Great Cave system. The Infinite Mami Spawn Device on the fourth floor was a sample of utilizing energy from the furuki mono.」

「I see, so that’s why it kept spawning even if it’s sealed like the miasma hole of doom.」

「Well, probably.  According to my forecast, Freed, the hero of A-sama, will experience a positive action like a retaRiation as an effect of exploiting the Demon King’s core that was created by Mother Chaos-sama.」

TN: positive action is written in english

「So that’s the reason you said that it is possible for me to become a demon king.」

I wonder if chaos is also a balancer.

Neither good nor evil but chaotic… it doesn’t make any sense.

「It’s just a waste of time thinking theory. You better stop thinking about Chaos too much or you’ll go crazy. I also have it rough thinking about it.」

「I understand.」

We got off the stairs and the gate of the 30th floor came in sight.

As expected, the lowest layer of the great cave is chilly as it is deprived of sun.

Oracle-chan used magic for lighting but it is dim.

The bottom of the darkness, the world of the 300 years of loneliness, is spreading here.

「I’ll open the hidden room in the back.」

Oracle-chan put her hand on the wall that seems to have nothing in it.

A gatan sound resounded and the stone wall opened like a door.

TN: Gatan is a japanese onomatopoeia for something mechanically moving sound

We pass through the dusty hidden room that smells like clay.

There was a small stone pedestal there and there is something like a goddess’ statue made of clay enshrined there.

It is a fairy like woman with long hair but from her waist down are tentacles.

The strange tentacles have a smooth luster but it doesn’t look likes an octopus’ nor a squid’s.

「Oracle, is that sculpture made of clay?」

「No. I has been sitting there for more than 300 years so it becomes like this.」

Such strange creature doesn’t exist in my world and it also doesn’t seem to exist in this real fantasy world. So this is the testament of the god’s race?

「Oh, furukisha-sama… I am the Immortal King Oracle’s alter ego. Please forgive me for waking you up in your sleep.」

The surrounding becomes silent.

「Hey, it’s just a sculpture.」

「No, it’s not. I wonder if my small voice was not able to reach it.」

I approached the clay sculpture and stared at it intensely.

Well, the sculptures upper body is of a naked woman and the texture’s quality is so realistic…


The clay cracked and the cracked part collapsed.

All of a sudden, the tentacles started moving and approaches me.

Because of that surprised attack, I almost was unable to stand up. I retreated instinctively.

That was dangerous.

「Oh, it seems that furukisha-sama woke up.」

「I mean, seriously…」

The furuki mono gets off the pedestal with its wiggling tentacles. It shivered to take off the clay stuck on its body.

Indeed, it is certainly a biological existence.

「Furukisha-sama, A-sama’s hero Freed used a Demon King’s Core that was created by Mother Chaos-sama and has now become enemies of both demons and humans. Please give Hero Takeru the power to overcome the power of the enemy.」

Oracle-chan kneels and prays to the furuki mono.

The furuki mono grabbed a nearby soil  with its tentacle and threw it to Oracle-chan.


One after another, soil was thrown out by the tentacles. Oracle-chan was buried in soil while kneeling.

Oh crap, this really does not make any sense, scary…

「Take…Takeru cough what are you doing! Quickly cough requests furu cough already cough

What am I supposed to do?

「Eto, furukisha-sama. Please grant me power!」

The furuki mono stopped throwing soil with its tentacle and turned to me.

It has a crisp, beautiful face but expressionless. Scary.


It’s useless…?

「Why is it useless?」

「Because no earth attribute」

I do not understand the meaning. I was told that I should not think about the meaning.

Okay, then should I go against this too?

「Then, this is the earth attribute. Front somersault dogeza!」

I stepped back and made a front rolling somersault dogeza.

Did you see it? I’m already at dogeza in air! This is earth attribute because I’m full of soil now.

「No earth attribute」


That was useless? Well then, next is this one.

「Takeru, what are you doing?」

「I’m imitating tsuchinoko.」

TN: Tsuchinoko is a snake like yokai. Wikipedia info with image is here.

When I was desperately imitating a short snake, Oracle-chan gave me an amaze look.

I almost said “tadah” to Oracle-chan.

「I don’t think that’s it. What did she tell you…?」

「Earth attribute」

「Is that really okay?」

Oracle-chan looked back at the furuki mono. It was shocked and gave it’s okay.

I don’t know what kind of reasoning it has or why does it stick to earth attribute but being surreal is my forte.

「You tsuchinoko」


It’s not true but I think the right answer now is to ride with it.

There is no meaning anyway.

「Then, I’ll grant power」


For some reason, I was wrapped by tentacles and was given by a deep, tongue wrestling kiss.

It taste like soil but if I think I’m defeated if I worry about it.


「A sword will appear on your hand」

When I was released from the violent kiss that almost got me suffocated. The furuki mono declared that.

Well, because the sword of light is in my right hand, it’s probably on my left hand.

When I put out my spirit, a gray sword appeared.

「What’s this? Oracle-chan, what’s this sword?」

「I don’t know. I thought that you will be given by a sword of darkness or a spirit sword. Since this is something new, it will disappear if you don’t name it immediately.」

「Eh, eto, it’s neither black nor white, so how about Neutral Sword?」

When I named it Neutral Sword, its shine increased and the gray turned to darkish silver.

「Fumu, Neutral Sword is a great name.」

「It’s suitable.」

The furuki mono returned to the pedestal while its tentacles wiggle.

And screams in a loud voice.

「Neutral! NEUTRAL!」

No, I don’t know what you want to say.

Why did the furuki mono scream neutral?

「Ohhh, that’s great. To make the furuki mono remember a new word. 」

「Is that so or does it matter?」

When Oracle-chan tried to answer something, a tremor from the earth echoed.

The tremor comes from below the 30th floor…

「Furukisha-sama is connected with Mother Chaos-sama. Apparently, Chaos-sama liked the word neutral. What a joyous thing…」

「Hmm, I don’t know how good it is but since I got a new weapon, I can fight now.」

Until a while ago, tentacles onee-san was screaming “neutral, neutral”. It probably got bored. It made a large quantity of grains and threw it at Oracle-chan’s face.

「These are mixtures of wheat and rice grains.」

I am grateful for this, I will pick it up for now.

Since it came from the incarnation of chaos, these rice are probably brown rice. Thinking about it, I feel dejected.

「Thank you furukisha-sama. We are about to leave now.」

While Oracle-chan was being showered by various grains on her face, she tried to escape by crouching.

I also tried to escape but I was taken by the tentacles again.

「Nnn, why am I being forced to kiss!」

「So neutral」

That should be chu!

TN: Kiss sfx is chu

This time, tentacle oneesan’s kiss tastes bittersweet.

Theory, reasons, thinking about it, I lose…


Oracle-chan screamed as she was dragged by a large number of tentacles and disappeared.

Afterwards, even though she desperately tried to resist, she was taken. For some reason, the two of us were slapped on our face, were sprayed with a large quantity of salt water, swayed back and forth by the tentacles, and tickled to death by a large number of tentacles on our whole body. When we finally were able to escape from the hidden room, both our mind and body are battered.

I don’t want to see octopus or squid for a while.

「haa, haa, we somehow managed to survive.」

「O hoo, I, haa, already haa…」

We managed to close the hidden room by crawling.

Somehow, Oracle-chan collapsed with terrible eyes. She’s twitching her body fearfully. Well, she was swarmed by 5 times more tentacles compared to me.

Anyway, I want to leave the haunted hidden dungeon as soon as possible.

I carried Oracle-chan, who had fallen unconscious, to the emergency stairs to ran away from the Oracle’s Great Cave.

「Ah, the sun is yellow…」

I gained something big this time but I also lost something big.

Furuki mono are scary. I don’t want to meet one again.

It is better for them to be buried in the ground for the sake of the world.

By the way, because I didn’t get a Sword of Darkness, I won’t be a demon king.

Chaos gave me a Neutral Sword, what would I be…?

I thought that I heard a voice from the bottom of the earth while thinking.



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