Chapter 80 – Going to Maeas for the First Time

We landed on the highway in front of the capital of Rembrandt Kingdom.

I considered so for the residents and the soldiers of the kingdom’s capital who did not know about Creivis return not to panic.

After all, I am an attentive man.

By the way, when they got off the ground, the soldiers collapsed on the ground, the king was standing while shedding tears, and the prime minister looked at the capital with a fatigued face.

The capital city of the Rembrandt Kingdom. It is a huge city because Rembrandt is a large country and also has a long history.

The walls look beautiful too. When I saw it diagonally from above, the city has a shape that resembled a pentagon or hexagon. It might have been rebuilt to suit the topography.

「This is the first time I’ve seen the capital of the Rembrandt Kingdom, it’s a big one.」

When I murmur unconsciously, Finkle turns around me.

He has a face that seems to be looking something incredible.

「….You conquered one of the five major powers without even visiting its capital city…?」

「I did not conquer it, it’s an alliance.」

When I thrust into Finkle’s speech, Creivis walked before me while wiping his tears.

「Your Majesty King Ren-sama!」

「Stop the “Your Majesty” thing King Creivis. That is unneeded.」

When I say so while smiling wryly, Creivis lowered his head.

「Ye-yes! Your Majesty, King Ren! I’m truly thankful for forming an alliance with us! Therefore, if His Majesty King Ren requires any goods, I would send it periodically to His Majesty King Ren’s kingdom, Einherjar!」

「Oh, then I’ll look for what is necessary and make a list. Thank you for your assistance King Creivis.」

「Ah, your thanks is a blessing!」

After that deal, we part with King Creivis.

From behind me, I can hear Finkle’s fearful voice.

「Your conquered them, right?… You just made an unequal treaty with your ally.」

What unequal treaty?

It’s completely out of the other party’s goodwill… That sounds like a politician’s excuse for some reason.

We have finished one errand so we will immediately head for Maeas.

I am currently interrogating Finkle on the back of Lagreat’s dragon form.

「So, what do you intend to do in Maeas?」

As I tilted my neck, Finkle shook his head with a complicated expression.

「Although Maeas has claimed to be one country, the internal circumstances is that there are three factions that hold power. Galland Empire, Rembrandt Kingdom, and Immenstadt  Empire….those three royal houses have deep connections with those countries. Of course, their business commodities are different.」

Finkle said so and vomited a sigh.

Why did Finkle obediently confess that much?

The answer is simple.

He is threatened by me.

Finkle said that he did not want to be hostile to my country as much as possible.

If he doesn’t want me to be hostile, he will cooperate.

Finkle quickly estimates how the flow would break.

「Then, is it possible for Maeas to launch an all-out attack on my country?」

「The possibilities are low. However, due to the nature of our country, each royal faction are mutually competing with each other. They are greedy for profit. They can obtain profit in certain ways faster than any other country.」

Good points and bad points.

However, if not of its monolithic structure, Maeas is a country that will collapse easily.

Well, if it will break, Finkle would probably find a foothold…

I thought about such things while casually watching Finkle. Finkle wrinkles the middle of his eyebrows.

「We’re still not talking about Maeas’ loss.」

My mind was read.

Well, it’s not like I’ll be the one to cause Maeas’ collapse.

I just thought about it a little.

「Then, as you said, products handled by each royal factions are different. What are you dealing with?」

When he heard that, Finkle narrowed his eyes.

「… We handle foods, weapons, magic items … well, various things.」


Finkle tried to cover it until he heard a single word.

To my question, Finkle shrugged his shoulders and looked at me.

「We’re nasty individuals. We’re dealing with slaves.」

Since I already examined the investigation report, there is no need to ask Finkle.

However, it was necessary to hear this information from Finkle himself.

「There’s a royal faction that deals with building and craftsmen related materials, there’s a royal faction the deals with food, alchemy, and medicine and, there’s a royal faction that deals with war related goods…Among these, the most powerful one is the Barland family that deals with weapons.」

When I said that, Finkle was silent.

「Finkle, how many slaves have you sold the Galland Empire?」

When I ask the silent Finkle, he opens his mouth without removing his gaze from me.

「15,000 criminal slaves. 10,000 former mercenaries and adventurer debt slaves.」

Finkle said so while cutting his words once. He vomited a thin breath.

「Everyone of those were gathered to be part of the last invasion of the Galland Empire to the Rembrandt Kingdom.」

and Finkle muttered so.

「I see. Then, did you know that the Galland Empire’s forces were annihilated immediately? 」

As I was satisfied with Finkle’s answer and replied, Finkle’s showed a shaken face but immediately hid his face.

「… I don’t have a grudge against you. We already received payment from the Galland Empire for those slaves. However, it doesn’t feel good because I have seen their faces and conversed with some of them. And every single one of them died…」

Finkle said so and averted his eyes from me.

Looking at Finkle’s profile who was staring away, I nodded.

「You’re not suitable to be a slave merchant. 」

「Everyone says the same thing.」

In my words, Finkle nodded with a wry smile.

Well, in that case, Finkle might cooperate with me.

「Finkle, it is Maeas that sells goods and manpower to Galland Empire and the weapon dealer Barland house is the one supplying them the most. In other words, your brothers are the one lending Galland Empire power.」

When I said that, Finkle sighed.

「That’s right. It is my eldest brother and my second eldest brother. My eldest sister handles the food supply and weapons.」

「Can you persuade the three of them?」

When he hears that, Finkle shakes his head.

「Stop cooperating? It’s impossible. The dragon knight and his braves is a popular picture book among children of wealthy merchants of Maeas and Galland Empire. I’m very sorry but I won’t be able to convey his majesty’s words…」

Finkle said such a thing with a troubled face.

「It’s different. You can sell arms and food but not slaves.」

I interrupted Finkle’s words in the middle. Finkle gave me a dubious look so I opened my mouth.

「They’re just going to be annihilated again.」

When I said so with a straight face, Finkle’s face twitched.



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