Chapter 81 – To Finkle’s Parent’s House, GO!

We arrived at the capital city of Maeas. We moved into the city like an ordinary commoner.

The capital city of Maeas, as expected of the most prosperous economic power, the business crowd here is the best I have seen up to now.

A variety of products are lined up and even slaves are sold in shack-like stalls.

In this case, it will be inconspicuous to move.

When I looked around the miscellaneous cityscape, I noticed that there were unusually a lot of eyes paying attention to us.

Although I’m wearing dragon leather and scales armor, everyone should have never recognized dragon materials.

However, the number of gaze gathering at us is not ordinary.

When I tilted my head thinking about what’s happening, Finkle has quietly approached.

「…Your Majesty, he stands out too much.」

Finkle said so as he turned his gaze back.

Turning around, there was a silver armor knight standing there.

It is Dan who has his body strengthened with mithril equipments.

Who brought this guy?

「.. Well, it can’t be helped. I intended to come in contact with a Maeas representative secretly but I guess we should storm in magnificently.」

When I said so reluctantly, Finkle looked at me with a sulky expression.

「Please don’t storm in.」

He is a man who can’t take a joke.

We reluctantly walked in the middle of the capital city of Maeas like tourists.

The view is good.

It is a colorful cityscape that used many primary colors.

The buildings also have an elaborate design.

There is a large river dividing the city. There are several stone bridges with an interesting design.

Following Finkle ‘s directions, we walked to the outskirts of the city.

「Is there a castle at the very end?」

「It’s not a castle. Maeas eastern border touches the Immenstadt  Empire. The northern part of the east is Maeas’ and the southern part is the empire’s territory. Important bases are located in the northeastern region because that part tends to be attacked by another country. Well, if it’s really attacked it wouldn’t make any difference.」

「Hmm… Speaking of which, are you facing the sea? We are living in the depth of a forest. Though we are okay with it, we don’t have any fisherman of the sea. 」

When I said that, Finkle nodded.

「The northeastern part is a coast. The southern part of Rembrandt Kingdom also faces the sea, but it is rather narrow. Immenstadt  Empire faces the most sea but on the other hand, Galland empire doesn’t face a sea at all.」

「Hmm… Have you tried exploring the open sea?」

「There are some that have gone out to the open sea but none of them returned… What is on the other side of the sea?」

「Well… There is probably another continent and going around will get you to the forest of abyss across the Galland Empire.」


What I said should have been a very general comment, but Finkle tilted his head and looked at me.

Indeed, must I talk about the Ptolemaic theory and the Copernican theory?

TN: You probably already know about those theories so I won’t explain them. Besides, I might offend some flat-earthers out there

No, explaining it to Finkle won’t get me anything.

And I don’t know how to prove it.

When I was having trouble thinking about it, Finkle suddenly raised his voice.

「Ah, it’s over there.」

Looking at the direction Finkle pointed to was a large mansion.

「Hnn? That?」

When he hears me, Finkle nods silently.

No, that’s a museum.

How many rooms are there?

「… You were really a prince. Or are you the son of an OS maker?」

「What are you talking about? I don’t know the meaning of that at all…」

Finkle didn’t know the meaning of the words I said. He looks at me with eyes like looking a weird one.

He doesn’t know who’s Bill Gates.

I looked at the big four-story mansion and opened my mouth.

「No, I was just surprised at the pretty big residence.」

When I said that, Finkle again vomited a sigh with an amazed face.

「…Can a person living in a castle say that?」

「Oh, that’s right.」

I unintentionally agreed to Finkle’s honest rebuttal.

In a sense, I even have two castles.

When I consented and nodded, Finkle, who had an amazed expression, shrugged his shoulders and headed to the large mansion.

Though I expected that there are security guards in the museum, there are four soldiers standing before the museum like mansion of Finkle’s parents.


One of them noticed the Finkle and called his name.

Finkle turned his face and nodded to the four people who are standing firmly.

「Is the head of the family present?」

「Yes! Romont-sama is at home!」

When asked by Finkle, one of the soldiers responded like that.

The present head of Finkle’s house. In other words, one of Maeas’ representative, the merchant of death of Maeas.

As this is also Finkle’s home, we went through the gate of the large mansion without trouble and entered a large iron door.

On the other hand, I feel like I’ll be meeting with a yakuza boss for the first time.

I have a feeling of expectations and guilt as I’m going to set foot to the dark underground world.

As I followed Finkle, I felt awfully frustrated because we went through the passage with a calm atmosphere.

There are also furniture, shelves, and paintings in a luxurious frame.

However, everything is awfully elegant.

Although it is bad for me to selfishly give them a bad image, I thought that they bought antiques as a way of spending too much money.

While thinking such a thing, we advance through a chic passage with achromatic color. Finkle stopped in front of a large door.


When Finkle told me so, he stopped moving for a moment and looked at the door.

And knock on the door.

「It’s Finkle.」

Finkle said so after knocking on the door. The door opened slowly from the inside.

On the other side of the opened door was a large room with a white wall, dark brown floor and ceiling.

Oddly enough, the white wall has a myriad of pale gray letters.

The furnitures were calmly lined up so only the wall had an awful sense of existence.

In the back of the room was a lavishly decorated desk. There was a black-haired man in his 60’s sitting on a chair with big backrest across the desk.

An old man with a bad complexion. His hair was combed down to the back and has a sharp, powerful eyes.

The man has two young women standing straight behind him.

The women are wearing black clothes and they look like in their mid-twenties.

Those women have a well-toned figure and are looking at me with a thin smile.

Both of them have very short hair and are wearing clothes that are easy to move in.

Perhaps they are secretary and escort.

「I’m back, father.」

When Finkle said so and bowed, the man who has been called father nodded.

「It is good that you have returned. There are a lot of things I have to ask … By the way, who are those people?」

The man said so and gave us a glance. He observed us in turn.

When he found Dan standing at the back, he opened his eyes wide.

「… I see. The rumored dragon knight-sama.」

The man murmured and stood up on the spot.


Did he think that Dan is the dragon knight?



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