Chapter 82 – Maeas’ Representative, Romont

Maeas’ representative and Finkle’s father, Romont.

The man stands, looks at Dan, and lowers his head.

「I am a representative of Maeas, my name is Romont. It seems that Finkle is indebted to you.」

When Romont said that, Dan looked at me from his helmet. I can’t see his expression but he’s definitely troubled.

It’s funny so let’s make Dan the Dragon Knight.

When I thought of such a thing, Finkle opened his mouth.

「Father, he is one of the subordinates of the dragon knight-sama. The dragon knight-sama, the king of the new country Einherjar, His Majesty King Ren-sama is this one…」

Finkle was embarrassed as he turned his palm upward to me.

Romont was surprised by Finkle’s words. He compared me and Dan with his mouth open.

「Is-is that so? No, the stunning outfit made me instinctively…I’m sorry. Your Majesty King Ren, I am Romont.」

Romont said so again and lowered his head.

「Ah, don’t worry about it.」

I said only that and looked at Finkle.

Then, Finkle sigh with a disagreeable face.

「…Father, we have to talk something big today. I need to take your time.」

When Finkle said that, Romont raised his brows and nods then called out the women in his left and right.

「Cancel all my appointments and bring three more chairs.」

The women who were instructed by Romont looked at each other then the woman on the left, left the room.

「I’m sorry. There are not enough chairs for His Majesty King Ren’s subordinates so please be seated.」

When Romont said so, he guided me to a large sofa.

There are three sofas.

Two sofas facing each other and between them is another sofa.

There is no table.

It seems that everyone can sit down but why am I sitting on a three-seater sofa alone?

I sat down in the middle of the sofa while thinking of such a thing.

It’s comfortable and I’m sinking softly.

When I was enjoying the sofa, Finkle sat down in front of me.

Oh, should you be there?

Looking at it, Romont sat down on the sofa in the middle of me and Finkle.

「I apologized for the delay. Let’s get started.」

Romont cut out. The talk between the King of Einherjar and the Maeas’ representative began.

First of all, is organizing information. Finkle provided information to Romont.

It starts with the invasion of the Galland Empire to the Rembrandt Kingdom’s border territory and the annihilation of the imperial army.

Next is the foundation of the Dragon Knight’s country, Einherjar, the Rembrandt Kingdom’s border territory’s independence, and that territory entering the umbrella of Einherjar.

Furthermore, the Rembrandt Kingdom and Einherjar have formed an alliance.

I was listening and was surprised to see how full of event this month has been.

Romont heard them all and was most surprised when Finkle said that he rode a dragon.

「…There is no way the day when my son rides a dragon comes.」

Romont muttered so with a small voice.

He is unexpectedly a man who listens.

Although the explanation of Finkle is true. It is something that’s too absurd if you think about it normally.

However, whether he believes the story, he is thoroughly listening and examining it.

「Father, the circumstances of the Galland Empire …」

Finkle asked such to his father.

Romont looked at me for a moment but Finkle has a face that looked like he had given up.

「…Usually, an emerging country is incomparable to one of the five major powers. It is impossible to speak of information regarding Galland empire without permission.」

Romont says so. He sighed and turned his face to me this time.

「But I trust my son Finkle and his loyalty to Maeas. Let me say it.」

Romont started talking about the relationship between the Galland Empire and Maeas.

「The Galland Empire has announced that the one who swindles as the dragon knight conquered the border territory of the Rembrandt Kingdom and have invaded the border of the Galland Empire. Of course, the publication partner of Galland Empire is Maeas.」

When Romont said so, Finkle groaned.

「In other words, the Galland Empire made a public announcement intending to attack Einherjar or Rembrandt Kingdom in the form of a surprise attack?」

When Finkle supplemented, Romont nodded.

「The one who invades is His Majesty’s country. In order to subdue those who illegally occupied the territory of the Galland Empire, they called for a subjugation troop.」

「…subjugation is it?」

I muttered so to the words of Romont.

I want to have a just cause but if my guild members heard that, they will definitely be furious.

Although it won’t be a problem with these low-rank opponent.

It seems that he was anxious from my words. Romont coughed once and opened his mouth.

「…The fact that the Galland’s emperor is collecting soldiers near Rembrandt Kingdom’s border is only to prevent the kingdom from attacking them while the Empire is attacking your country.」

「So, how much does Maeas cooperates with Galland Empire?」

When I asked that question, Romont pulled in his chin with a difficult face.

「…As long as my son can only fight a little, he will only sell slaves and their equipments to Galland Empire. If the empire wins, so does my son. I think it’s a great opportunity for business.」

Romont uttered so, Finkle opened his mouth to take over.

「Elder brother is probably in a place to gather and has gone too far. He probably judged to gather for more profit. Perhaps he had already set his eyes to other countries…」


Finkles words of criticism towards his family was interrupted by Romont by shouting loudly.

However, Finkle did not back down and looked straight at the angry Romont’s glare.

「If he is a wandering peddler who never stayed at one place, that method is praiseworthy. However, elder brother is a person who might lead Maeas. If such a person is only buying antipathy from another country, it will be disadvantageous for Maeas.」

When Finkle said it like that, Romont lowered his eyebrows and sigh.

And turns his face to me.

「… I think that it is okay to earn money. However, because Maeas is taking slaves from the country of the elves and beastkins in the north, we have made a lot of enemies. I’m sure you know that a country does not go by with just making money…」

Romont said so with a weary face, moreover, he also vomited a deep sigh.

No, I understand the circumstances of the house but let’s talk about the size of the essential army.

When I thought so and made a sullen face, Romont became startled and opened his mouth.

「Ah, you want to know about the army composition? As planned, the number of troops that will attack His Majesty’s country will be about 50,000 regular soldiers of Galland Empire, 60,000 mercenaries, and slaves…So far we gathered 50,000.」

「160,000! That’s ridiculous!」

Finkle was astonished at Romont’s line.

Finkle should have gathered quite a bit of information so why are you staggered?

「…He only heard about 100,000.」

Romont muttered so while looking at the surprised Finkle.

Finkle raised his face and looked at Romont with a face like he just saw something incredible.

「Wa, I, I wonder if elder brother is doubting me…」

Finkle muttered so and shrugged his shoulder.

Romont sadly looks at the depressed Finkle.

「Finkle, don’t hate your older brother. He also did not tell me his real intention but I guess he doesn’t want to let too much information outside.」

Romont follow up but Finkle did not raise his face.

Well, that might be so.

You won’t send information to your brother if you don’t trust him.

Otherwise, they’ll share dense information with each other.

I looked at the Romont and the depressed Finkle .

「If that’s the case, there is no help for it. Though I plan to help the slaves gathered by force.」

When I muttered so, Romont narrowed his eyes and looked at me in a doubtful way.

「…Your Majesty, did you include that plan in your defense against the empire? If things continue this way, I won’t be surprised if the number increase to 200,000.」

I nodded to Romont’s line.

「Last time it was around 100,000 vs 200 but we won with no one suffering a scratch. For the 200,000 this time, should I send 100 as handicap?」

When I said that, Romont made a fake smile but I noticed him solidifying with a puzzled face.

「… Are you serious?」

After a while, those words that came out of Romont.

I am serious, what about it?



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