Chapter 83 – Astonished Romont

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I’ll have curry for dinner. Talking about the next war like it was nothing, Romont looked at me with skeptical eyes.

「Your Majesty, I have heard that you collaborated with Rembrandt Kingdom’s Earl Villiers’ 50,000 troops, and other mercenary groups to beat Galland Empire…There is also an information that you feed wrong information to the Galland Empire’s army to limit their route…」

What information? Those are not information, those are rumors.

「Who is it from?」

When he heard that, Romont looked at Finkle.

「… It is information from Finkle」

「…Wh-what? From me…? That’s ridiculous!」

From the words of Romont, Finkle instinctively rose from the sofa and shouted.

「I’ve written my own opinions and thoughts, but…I properly wrote the information I heard from His Majesty King Ren-sama!」

Finkle says so. He looked at Romont in his face then gave a look that seemed to have realized something.

「… From which route did that information came from?」

When Finkle asked so, Romont, who had a sour face, opened his mouth.

「The one that passes through Galland Empire.」

「…Elder brother… information… no no…」

Finkle, who heard Romont’s words, let his gaze swam while having a grim expression.

「My eldest brother is devoted to Galland Empire because he is in a position where he can directly meet the emperor. He probably met with the poor peddler from Einherjar. Then, my second elder brother… 」

Finkle, who’s sitting on the sofa, started to mutter the idea he thought of alone.

I looked at Romont on the side and opened my mouth.

「If his two elder brothers are on the Galland Empire’s side, it is useless no matter how Finkle moves. Well, if I go to the Galland Empire’s capital and rain down rocks from the sky, everything will be destroyed…large number of civiRians will die.」

「Wait, rain of rocks…? What are you talking about?」

In my words, Romont’s face twitched as he asked me so.

It’s like air strikes, but I’m sure he doesn’t know what aerial bombing means.

If you throw rocks from the sky, it will cause an extensive damage when it falls to the ground…

I had forgotten the existence of Romont because I was thinking about strange things.

「Ah, that’s one type of strategy. It is not limited to rocks, you can also attack with magic from the sky. Is it unusual that we can use flight magic?」

When I answered that, Romont was astonished. Finkle too.

「There is only one who can use flight magic for war. Only the 500-year-old high elf. The White Witch of La Fiesch, Alicequitera…」

「Hou, there is such an elf? How long is the life span of a high elf?」

When I asked, Romont looked at me strangely and opened his mouth.

「It’s been said that about 800 to 1000 years. Doesn’t His Majesty also has an elf subordinate?」

Romont looked at Sunny who’s sitting in a chair prepared behind me.

「Ah, Sunny? Sunny is a high elf but I am like her parent. I’m not that well informed about the circumstances of the elves.」

TN: Parent with sexy time?

「H-High Elf! Then she’s from the royal family…」

When I spoke a bit about Sunny, Romont almost fell forward.

「The elf in Ramblas said something similar too.」

Romont greatly nodded when I said so as I recalled the elf El Rand who came to the adventurers guild of my city as the guild master.

「That’s right. For elves, being a high elf is a proof of royalty.」

Romont occasionally looked at Sunny and tried to continue talking.

「So, the high elf story was a good information, what are you going to do with that?」

When I told him so to go back to the main plot, the hesitant Romont twisted his neck.

「Do you mean about our relationship with the Galland Empire?」


When I agreed to Romont ‘s question, Romont grew silent and put his weight on the backrest and groaned.

Then, Finkle raised his face and looked at Romont.

「Father, no, I’m saying this to representative Romont of Maeas. Maeas must not be hostile to Einherjar, the country of Dragon Knight-sama even if we take the grudge of Galland Empire.」

When Finkle said that with a stern face, Romont roared and groaned.

「… To be honest, it may be quite difficult. I trust Finkle enough to make him my successor. However, turning our relationship with Galland Empire back to square one…If I move, other royal families might stop me or even my other sons…」

When Romont murmurs so in a low voice, Finkle chewed his back teeth and looked at Romont.

「Father, it wouldn’t matter if other stops you once you make your move. At the very least, I would like you to announce that our royal house stands for Einherjar’s side. That would be a good announcement that not all Maeas are allied with Galland Empire.」

When Finkle said to Romont so in a strong tone, Romont still showed his worried behavior like he was really troubled.

And Romont looks at

「I trust Finkle enough to recognize His Majesty King Ren’s country Einherjar as a threat. However, I can’t believe His Majesty’s story of annihilating 100,000 troops with just 200 men. 」

To the words of Romont, I unintentionally burst into laughter.

「Ha ha ha. Foolishly honest. Apart from that, I am not telling you to become an ally. But if you are hostile, I will not condone you. Well, hearing about the current situation, apart from you and Finkle, the eldest son and the second son will probably die.」

When I said that, expression slipped out Romont’s face.

Having a face with strong resolution, Romont glares at me.

「…Even so, even if it’s their fault, even if there will be a few disadvantages for the country, my eldest son Vitan and my second son Double are my sons. As a father, don’t think that I’ll just sit on the sideline after hearing about my sons getting killed.」

Romont said so and got up from the sofa.

「I am going to say something very rude, Your Majesty. I would like His Majesty to show me your power.」


To Romont’s remark, Finkle cried with a pale face.

I think I heard the first and second son’s name, is it Vitan and Double?



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