Intermission 1 – Sainos and Dan, Followed by Laurel

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On a certain day, after a week has passed since Dan begins his training under Ren’s order.

In the forest of abyss surrounding G.I.Jou, a gigantic figure, with arms as big as a tree, is shaking.

It is a 3-meter tall troll with muscular body.

It is just walking but because of its big body, it looks like it’s doing something frightening.

Suddenly, the troll stopped moving and turned its eyes downward.

In front of the troll is a swordsman in full plate mail and shining silver sword.

He is Dan from Grado Village who has become Ren’s first subordinate.

And, a man with dark skin wearing light armor was standing immediately behind him. It is the wolf beastkin Sainos.

Sainos shook his dog ears and approached Dan.

「This troll is small. Anyone of us can take care of it alone. I’m not being unreasonable. Go for it with everything you have.」

When Sainos said so, Dan shallowly nodded, set up his sword, and started running.

Dan’s movement is so quick that he seems to be not wearing a heavy full plate mail. He stabs the big-bodied troll in front.

Dan is also big but he is far smaller than a troll.

Dan’s head is as high as the base of the troll’s leg, the difference in size is clear.

The troll swings its left and right arm, Dan rolls to slip forward and passes through the foot of the troll to go behind it.


When the troll lost sight of the object, it stopped moving. Dan sharply breathed out and slashed the sword like the 一 character.

The silver blade left a track after it was swung. Deep cuts were made at the back of the left and right knee of the troll.

A large amount of blood scatters to the vicinity.

The troll collapsed forward and gave out a voice of agony.

Dan approached the troll carefully. He cut the hindbrain of the troll which tried to stand up using its arms.

With only two slash, Dan subdued the troll.

TN: Related novel: After being Dragon Knight-sama’s Subordinate, I became an S-Class in a Week

However, looking at Dan who took a deep breath and calmed his mind, Sainos crossed his arms in dissatisfaction.

Dan approached Sainos and opened his mouth.

「How was it?」

To Dan’s question, Sainos exhales from his hose and nods.

「Uh, 50 points. Even though the enemy is big, it can move fast. Therefore, there is a possibility of being kicked or stepped on if one dive between its legs. However, I’ll give you a passing point for cutting the back of its knee fast. 」

As Sainos said so, Dan nodded several times and raised his face.

「What is the best action to be taken?」

When Dan asked, Sainos untied his arm and pulled out his own sword.

「In my case, I can oppose it with power but this sword is not such a weapon. Let the opponent attack and wait for your chance to strike. Then, when it attacked, slashed its stretched out arms or legs and your opponent will be daunted.」

Listening to Sainos’ story, Dan nodded again.

「I see. Then, what if you used this sword?」

Dan who heard Sainos, showed a longsword with a thick blade.

Then, Sainos smiled and put his sword back in the sheath.

「I don’t use such a sword… It is a sword built to be sturdy. I would throw it away and take down the troll with my fist.」

When he said that, Sainos began walking towards G.I.Jou while laughing.

Dan looked at his back, gave out a sigh, and shrugged his shoulders.

At the interior of the first floor of G.I.Jou is a large bathroom with an area similar to a 25-meter pool.

The large bathroom has three kinds of bath; a rock bath, a cypress bath, and a bubble bath.

There is a waterfall with a width of about 1 person in the rock bath and there is a shallow part to lie down and sleep on in the cypress bath.

And Sainos and Dan were soaking in the rock bath.

「Th-th-this is. Does this, ah, has a meaning! 」

It is Dan who said that while being struck by the waterfall.

Sainos sways his dog ears and nods.

「Of course. It has the effect of unifying the spirit and enhancing concentration. 」

As Sinos said so, Dan did not say anything.

However, he looked at Sainos with a slightly skeptical eye.

「You’re doing something strange again.」

There, a muscular man with long brown hair appeared.

It is the dog beastkin Laurel who is characterized by a short tail and drooping ear.

Laurel talks to Sainos while watching Dan

「So, how was your day?」

「Today are tree orcs and one troll.」

「Too few.」

「He doesn’t have the ability to go deep into the depths of the forest yet. There are few monsters as we are always hunting around here.」

When Sinos said so, Laurel nodded and looked at Dan.

Dan can’t hear the conversation of the two. He looked at them in silence while being struck by the waterfall.

By the way, because the three of them are naked, Dan, who’s being struck by the waterfall is shaking.

「How about Laurel?」

When Sainos asked, Laurel laughed in an ambiguous way and shrugged his shoulders.

「The mountain is deep. I’ve already reported it to master but I’ll examine the cliff.」

「The cliff on the side of the sea? You said it was a pretty high cliff.」

Replying to Laurel’s words, Sainos looks upward.

Then, Laurel nods and opens the mouth with a sigh.

「Ah, there is a sea in the other side of the cliff and I want to make a ship. If we go off the coast a bit, we can catch big fish. However…」

When Laurel said such a story to Sainos, Dan, who was struck by the waterfall, came out of the waterfall.

「Ha, ha, ha… I can’t breathe.」

Dan breathed wildly to secure oxygen. Laurel reached out to Dan with a wry smile.


When Laurel says so, Dan’s body suddenly flashes. Dan raises his face due to surprise.

「Healing magic? I thought you were a swordsman.」

When Dan said that, Laurel nodded.

「I am a holy knight. I can also use magical skills such as healing and support magic. The one I just used earlier is a mere first aid skill. Well, with your current strength, you’ll completely recover in one shot.」

Laurel said so and smiled but Dan was dumbfounded.

「Indeed … There are no ordinary people living in this castle ..」

When Dan muttered so, Laurel smiled proudly.

「It’s obvious. We are immortal warriors. We kept fighting even if we die or die. Decapitated, slashed, burned, froze… we are a group of people who have experienced all kinds of deaths. None of us is ordinary.」

TN: Die or die not a typo

When Laurel says that and laughs cheerfully, Dan cramps his face and looks at Laurel and Sainos.

「…Immortal? Do you mean that you braves who lived in the castle continued to kill each other?」

Dan asked so while recalling the heroic legend of the Dragon Knight who was the apostle of god.

There are various stories in the legend but there was no such story about the braves killing each other.

「No, we are friends and we don’t kill each other. That’s right… Dan might not able to understand it even if I tell you but there are a lot of existence like master.」

「The-there’s a lot of Ren-sama? 」

In Laurel’s lines, Dan uttered with amazement.

Sainos looks at Laurel in a little displeased manner.

「There is no other person like my liege. 」

When Sainos said so, Laurel laughed again.

「Well, I’m saying existence similar to master. There’s actually not many like master. Master is the strongest after all. 」

When Laurel supplemented that, Sainos nodded and looked at Dan.

「Exactly. There is no one stronger than my liege. But there are countless numbers of people like me and Laurel.  」

「The-there are such people…  」

In the words of Sainos, Dan said so with blue face.

「Oh, we kill person like those every day. However, ever since we came into this place, no one ever died. Master told us not to die so perhaps we might have lost our immortality. 」

When Laurel said so, he scooped hot water from the rock bath with a pail and put it into his body.

After hearing Laurel’s story, Dan was stunned and dumbfounded.


I can hear that word!

From your mouths!




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