Chapter 84 – Maeas’ Influential Person

Romont said that he wanted us to show him our ability so we went out of the city.

In this city, the capital of Maeas, the mansion of Finkle’s family is located at the northeast end.

Because of that, we were able to get out of the city at once.

We went in the meadow outside the city using a soil skin road.

Because the mountains and forest are quite far away, monsters don’t seem to appear here.

As I looked at the scenery around the city, Finkle lowered his head and opened his mouth.

「…  I’m sorry. Father is a second son…Originally, he was not supposed to be one of the representatives of Maeas. However, father’s elder brother died of sickness and father became a successor instead. Until then, he was a good father who cherishes his family…」

Finkle said so to cover his father but the content is not very much to be considered as a cover.

But I nodded while making a bitter smile.

「Family is important to anyone. It is not something that one can part with.」

I said so and turned my attention to the city.

「However, he is someone who’s leading this country. He needs to be cold-hearted if necessary.」

Saying that, I turned my face to Finkle.

「Even if the enemy that showed up is your real elder brother, you must not hesitate to throw your relationship with him away.」

When I said that, Finkle sharpened his eyes.

He glares at me and opens his mouth.

「…In order for that not to happen, I’ll stop my brothers.」

I shrugged my shoulder and smiled at Finkle’s strong resolution then, Sainos opened his mouth.

「Oh, they arrived, my liege.」

When Sainos said that, I glanced at the direction of the city and saw Romont walking towards here who brought several men and women.

Romont is with the two girls who seem to be his guard from earlier. Behind the three is a man and a slightly tall woman. And behind those is a thin man and a woman with ears on her head.

「Oh, there is a beastkin.」

When I muttered so as I looked sideways, Finkle’s face stiffened and stared at Romont.

「They are, the S-rank adventurers that are using Maeas as their base…」

「They are adventurers?」

When Finkle was about to start the explanation about them, I instinctively said those words.

Finkle looks at me with a dejected face.

「…That’s right, surely that it may have been a meaningless title for His Majesty but they are the strongest people in Maeas. There may be difficulties in their personality but even Your Majesty’s subordinates may not be able to win easily.」

Finkle said so and turned his eyes back to Romont.

Even if they are twice as strong as Brunhilde, they are still weak.

There is no tension in the S rank adventurers.

…No, aren’t they too careless? Probably because there is no rank higher than S rank. Well, S rank itself might have all sort of rankings.

「I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.」

When I was tightening the cord of the helmet to the words of Finkle, the voice of Romont has come to the vicinity.

「Ah, no problem.」

When I answered so and raised my face, Romont bowed deeply.

「No, I’m really sorry. Now, I won’t take any more of your time so let’s hurry up.」

Romont raised his face and said so, he turned his hand with the palm facing upward to the four people behind him.

「They are the strongest people in Maeas. First is the S rank adventurer Owayne-dono.」

Romont said so while turning his hand to the giant whose height is likely to exceed 2 meters.

Owayne is hardened by a full plate body armor and is possessing a huge tower shield and a bastard sword.

「Next is Cromwell-dono. She is one of the few who can use the highest level of magic, an S rank adventurer.」

Romont said so and turned his hand to the woman who seemed to have a height of 170cm standing next to Owayne.

She has a short dark green hair, an eye-catching woman. She’s wearing a black robe on top of her black leather garments.

The woman named Cromwell, who was introduced by Romont, was observing us uninterestingly.

「Finally, the S-rank adventurer Tidal-dono and his slave servant. Tidal-dono is a high priest who can use the highest recovery magic. 」

Romont said so as he turned his hands towards the man and woman who are lined up in the back.

The beastkin woman is wearing a collar which seemed to be a proof of slavery. She’s wearing a worn out armor, shield, and dagger.

She is a lovely girl with reddish brown hair but her right eye is closed by a scar which seems to be caused by a sword.

And, besides the slave girl, is a thin man who pasted a tinged smile and lowered his head respectfully.

The man had a straight long black hair and was wearing a white robe.

He doesn’t look like a priest but this Tidal guy seems to be a good man.

After the four of them was introduced to me, Cromwell rang her nose.

「Lord Romont, you said that there is a dragon knight. Isn’t he the guy wearing a large mithril plated armor there?」

「…Cromwell-dono, you are before His Majesty King Ren. Such a rude way of speaking…」

Romont knitted his eyebrows to Cromwell’s impudent lines to reproved her. Owayne, who was standing beside her, intervened with a low voice.

「It’s just a king of a small country that has just been made. They will be destroyed by Galland Empire soon… I don’t think he’s smart.」

When Owaine said so, Tidal lightly shook his head to the left and smiled.

「Oh, you too are not good. No matter how small, poor or how soon it will be destroyed… A king is a king. Well, it is normal for a king of other small countries to lower their heads to us when making requests but this king has a little attitude. Because there is also a representative of Maeas which is a large country, why don’t you kneel?」

Tidal talked politely but has made a remark of looking down to me a lot.

Well, there is no choice.

Perhaps in this guys heads, they interpreted that the fraudster who pretended to be the dragon knight was asking Maeas for help against Galland Empire.

From their perspective, a king in such a state is going to bargain and negotiate with a large country like Maeas.

If they do, then they might think that the real meaning of the request is to knock us out.

Well, there is no problem if Romont properly explained it to them from the beginning.

I looked at Romont with a bitter smile and opened my mouth.


「N-No… That’s…」

When I asked Romont, Romont was sorry.

I opened my mouth while facing Romont.

「So, we only need to defeat these guys?」

When I confirmed so, the adventurers released a dangerous atmosphere. Romont looked back at me with a dubious face.

「Your Majesty, since you are a very capable person, I thought you’d guess… These four are very talented superhumans who are said to be equal to a thousand or two thousand soldiers. Since His Majesty said that you won against 100,000 men with only 200, then you have 200 subordinates equal to them.」

Because Romont told me so with skepticism, I saw the adventurers laughing with their noses.

「No, they are not the same as these guys. They look weaker than a biting dog.」

When I say it honestly, the adventurers amuck altogether.

「…Heh. You were a fool, weren’t you? Not knowing me.」

「The foolish one is one who doesn’t notice the difference in ability. There is no vessel that can contain such a person.」

「No, no, no. Awawawa… I can’t even laugh at how ignorant you are. An S rank adventurer is an outstanding existence, they are an existence which the kings of each country wanted. A weak country like yours may have no edge but we…」

「You talk too long. After all, you small fries stinks.」

When I interrupted Tidal’s dialogue, the three, Cromwell, Owayne, and Tidal, changed complexion.

Oh, did I make them angry?

When I thought of such a thing and smiled, Sainos applauded from behind.

「That’s right! My liege is the best in the world!」

「That cheer is lame, Sainos.」




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