Chapter 85 – S-Rank Adventurer’s True Strength (lol)

「An empty bluff!」

With a shout, the black-robed Cromwell emerged.

It seems that my exchange with Sainos was the reason.

The two guards of Romont who are standing close to Cromwell took some distance in a hurry as Cromwell began to chant an attack magic.

「Wa-wait! Make some allowance in order not to kill them…!」

Romont went away while crying out something. I think he said something like Cromwell should hold back.

After all, in terms of achievement, it seems that he thinks that Cromwell is much stronger than us.

However, it seems that she’s been chanting for a long time.

I looked at Cromwell who’s chanting with a grim face and spoke to Sunny.

「Sunny, counter it.」

「Counter? Why?」

When I gave her an instruction, Sunny replied with a complaint.

「I want them to see your ability. Just make her understand it and don’t kill her.」

I say so since I want to solve everything with power. Sunny nodded unwillingly.

「You’re a fool! I have chanted enough! Interiperi!」

TN: インテリペリ – interiperi

Cromwell, who shouted alone with an uplifting voice, points her hands to us.

The four rings on Cromwell’s fingers emitted light and numerous wind blades exceeding dozens carved the ground around Cromwell and fly to us. The range is unexpectedly long. It can probably cut away anything in its path for 100 meters including us.

I set up a barrier for us.

「Windblade huh… then, Tempest」

However, Sunny who saw Cromwell’s magic muttered and brought out a storm in an instant.

The wind blows hard with exploding power and blew off Cromwell’s wind blade. Then, blew off Cromwell herself a few meters away.

Looking at Cromwell, who rolled the ground like a soccer ball, Sunny looked at me after confirming that there is no sign of getting up.


「To that extent..?」

When I complained, Sunny puffed her cheeks and pulled back her chin.

「I’m sorry but that was too weak. I thought that she increased the density and penetrating power with that number and size of wind blades.」

Sunny said so while she glares at Cromwell who collapsed.

「Haa… Well, it can’t be helped. You already held back so it’s not your fault for getting her injured.」

When I lightly patted Sunny’s head and said that, I saw the adventurers remained in a good mood while smiling wryly at Sunny.

「Now, who’s next? Are you going to attack together?」

When I asked, Owayne gripped his trembling big fist and stepped forward.

「It’s me.」

Owayne said that as he brought his shield in front and took his bastard sword from his back.

「Hmm, Sainos. Can Dan win?」

When I asked, Sainos nodded while laughing.

「I’ll tell him to not overdo it.」

When Sainos said so, Dan pulled in his chin and went out.

I can’t  see his facial expression but I feel the rising aura of his spirit from his full mithril plate armor.

Dan set up his shield and sword, dropped his hips, and looked at the opponent.

「…Bring it on.」

Owayne said so with a low voice.

「…Here I go.」

And Dan responds briefly.

Are you guys samurais?

I thought of that while looking at the two who are beginning to make their move. Suddenly, I noticed something.

「Wait a minute.」

When I said that, two of them stopped moving and looked here.

「Dan’s equipments are a bit too favorable. Use this long black iron sword instead.」

I said so as I threw the rare drop long sword from the item box.

Looking at the item box, Owayne raised his eyebrows and moaned when he saw the long sword pierced the ground before Dan.

「What an excellent blade…」

Dan ignores Owaine’s exclamation and pierced his mithril sword on the ground.

「Shall I give it to you if you win against Dan?」

When I said that, Owayned stopped moving for a moment. He turned his eyes to the black iron longsword Dan is holding as if it were sewn.

Do you want it that bad? Owayne nods obediently and sets up his sword again.

「Let’s start again.」


The two interacted with such exchange and began to move.

The two of them moved slowly to measure the opponent’s ability but when Dan fixed his breathing, the atmosphere of the field changed at once.

They looked like they only see each other as they close their gap.

「Here I go.」


No, this is too honest.

While I was watching with amazement, Dan kicked the ground and flew towards Owayne.

Dan holds the sword horizontally to the ground, Owayne drops his waist and set up his tower shield.

Immediately after that, Dan roars as his sword tore Owayne’s tower shield in half.

And Dan kicked Owayne’s side as Owayne ceased to move because of surprise. Owayne blew off like a soccer ball.

「…Was that sword excessive too? Though I thought that the black iron was only one level above steel… Well, I don’t remember the data of weak equipments…」

I whispered such a thing in a small voice while nodding to Dan who looked here silently.

Well, he is equipped with rings of attack power, physical strength, and speed enhancement, and his mithril equipment is also strengthened with magic carve seal.

「Th-this is stupid… That’s ridiculous!」

Seeing that Cromwell and Owayne were knocked down in an instant, Tidal, who can’t endure it any longer, cried out.


When I called his name, Sainos pulled out his sword from the sheath and opened his mouth.

「I’ll do it! This Sainos will mince that rude fellow really really fine!」

「No, don’t use a sword.」


When I said those words, Sainos looked back and raised a voice.

I looked at Sainos that has a face that seemed to want to complain. I opened my mouth while thinking of not giving him dinner tonight.

「The other party is a former priest. It’s a handicap. Use your bare hands.」


When I said that, Sainos replied with his tail and ears dropping.

「Eehhh! It’s all your fault! If you want to use healing magic be a holy knight you stupid bastard! Get ready!」

Sainos put out his misplaced anger to Tidal. Sainos yelled at him while putting back his sword in the item box.

「A, a, Anri! Move forward! Don’t let that thing near me!」

Tidal shouted with all his might. The one-eyed woman Anri nodded and moved forward silently.

Sainos looked at the woman after shrugging his shoulder. He opened his foot back and forth, and raised his palm to the level of the woman’s face.

On the other hand, the woman called Anri expressionlessly looked at Sainos as she sets her shield and sword.

Sainos looks at her and raises the edge of his mouth.

「Mou, aside from your posture, I’m surprised at how calm you are. You’re a cat beastkin but you have the quality of a warrior.」

Sainos said so and looked at Anri who expressionlessly lifted her shield.

No, the woman named Anri might have a worn-out heart.

I was looking at her expressionless figure, then I noticed that the distance between those two is already short.


Anri took a sharp breath and shook her sword to Sainos when he reached the sword’s range.

「There is not a hesitation either! That’s good」

Sainos smiled and said so while avoiding Anri’s sword.


「Let’s go!」

Sainos, who avoided Anri’s attack, approached Anri in an instant and hit her armored belly.

And, Anri blew off like a soccer ball and rolled on the ground.

This is no longer Samurai Japan.

TN: Samurai Japan is written in english

We are superior in both physical and decisive power.

When I was thinking about such a thing, I saw Tidal running away at the back.

「… Sainos」


When I called his name, Sainos quickly ran and went in front of Tidal in a blink of an eye and kicked Tidal on his face.

Tidal, who received a volley shot, danced in the sky shortly without screaming.



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