Chapter 86 – Romont’s Apology

「I’m very sorry!」

Romont apologized and lowered his head deeply.

The location is Romont’s mansion. The blown-up adventurers had fainted so they let them rest in a room in the mansion.

Given that situation, Romont has been apologizing to us.

Finkle, his own son, is watching Romont and me with an amazed face.

Though I don’t know why he’s watching us, Romont’s case can’t be helped.

After all, he will be treated as a foolish parent who blindly trusted all the words of his three sons.

Well, that is something normal if he is a commoner but what he did was the worst response of a statesman.

Normally, he should judge my mythical war record from tracing where the information came from.

Then, he will judge the information taken by his three sons. This father believes all the information of his sons to the point that he thought that I tricked Finkle.

But as a result, he now owes a great debt from the small country.

It is a great failure.

「I never thought that I’d understudy the apostle of god and his braves…!」

Romont has been like this for a long time, but the longer it gets, the sharper Finkle’s eyes are.

「Even though I reported it…」

When Finkle mutters so, Romont’s body stiffens and throws cold sweat.

No, Finkle’s report might have been tampered by his brothers.

I spoke with Finkle, who has an angry heart, with a wry smile.

「Well, don’t say that. From now on, Romont will atone by recovering all the slaves from Galland Empire. And, after that, all the slaves, besides the crime slaves, will be taken to my country after he settled it with Galland Empire.」

When I told them so, Romont looked at me with a pale face.

Finkle pressed his hand to his forehead looking at that appearance of his father.

「…Even if the ruin of Maeas has been avoided, it seems that our royal family is now ruined.」

When Finkle murmur so, Romont panicked and opened his mouth to me.

「Th-thank you for your kindness… but all the slaves are impossible! There is also the relationship with Galland Empire but above all, the confidence for us as merchants will…!」

Romont desperately tried to negotiate for the survival of his royal family but he should have negotiated that earlier.

I sympathize with Romont halfway but I have to tell him those last words.

TN: Last word in this line means the last words from the line before it.

「What are you saying? Shouldn’t a man take responsibility for his actions? Finkle’s two elder brothers should be imprisoned and revoke their right to succeed the throne for information manipulation. And, you should also retire for making an erroneous final judgment.」

When I said that, Romont opened his eyes wide and opened and closed his mouth several times.

Looking at Romont who can’t speak, Finkle sighs and knits his eyebrows.

「Father, please give up. I’ll also revoke my right to succeed the throne. Please take action while thinking of Maeas survival first.」

Finkle consoled his father by saying so.

It is the right thing to say to a man who runs the country but it is not the right thing to say to a man who’s responsible for his royal family.

In any case, there will be no one to succeed their royal family.

Though they are citizens of this country, their royal family also has a history.

It’s a different kind of responsibility but it’s also a responsibility.

Above all, I assumed that the good taste will disappear.

「Finkle, you must succeed your royal family.」

When I said that, Finkle turned his gaze on here and knitted his eyebrows.

「…No, it is impossible for our royal family to recover. We must use all of our hands to collect back the slaves. That means losing credibility…」

「I know that. However, that’s not enough to ruin a royal family. This will be troublesome but, why don’t you make an original business?」

When I interrupted the words of Finkle and said so, Finkle closed his mouth and carefully chose the words to asked me.

「… What do you mean? What kind of business is dragon knight-sama talking about? I would love to hear it from you.」

When Finkle said so, Romont also came here and faced me.

These two are really not so royal like.

When I made a wry smile unconsciously, I slowly opened my mouth.

「There are three businesses I’m thinking about. The fastest sky logistics and supplying black iron arms. The last one is the formation and operation of an alliance called International alliance that will give all countries their right to speak.」

When I said so, Finkle and Romont looked at me with a dumbfounded expression.

Of course, all of those will benefit my country.

For sky logistics, anyone can use flight magic if they have a magic item which enables them to use flight magic. For black iron arms, we can produce it in large quantities.

And the formation of the International alliance will make me able to control the world substantially.

TN: He said 牛耳る(gyuujiru) which means either to control, to lead, or to oversee. Given that it is Ren who said that, I think he only means to oversee but he has the power to do so, so I put control instead. Anyway,  I still can’t think how in hell does world domination… I mean, forming an international alliance became a business proposal.

All of this will greatly enrich our country and boost our global position.

What I need is personnel and that’s where the talk about Maeas giving my country large amount of slaves comes in.

Therefore, we should get a large amount of them.

To tell the truth, Romont’s reckless driving of his parental love has been very favorable for me.

From this world’s inhabitants point of view, what I’m doing might be strange.

If Finkle had guessed it, he must have come from earth too.

When I thought of such a thing, Finkle gave a nice face and nodded.

「Is that so? The logistics of goods has been regulated by Maeas prioritizing big businesses and connection…! No, no, no, that’s the reason why we stick to slavery…. In addition, an international alliance is epoch-making…. If we can work it out well enough, we can make a world without war…!」

Finkle was muttering such a thing like a soliloquy.


Are you from Earth?



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