Chapter 87 – Maeas’ Cooperation

While Romont looks down, Finkle, who noticed the usefulness of my business proposal, leaked a voice of admiration.

「Innovative! Although there are prerequisites like having a lot of people who can use flight magic…to think that there is such method…! As expected of His Majesty King Ren! It is one great undertaking that no one has thought of!」

「…  Ah, Thank you.」

I replied to the excited Finkle.

No, that is just a rip-off from the system Earth uses.

TN: System written in english

Rather, Finkle is awesome for understanding it even though he just heard it the first time.

I was thinking of trying to make him a representative of Maeas but I guess this guy would be too dangerous if he leads Maeas.

「…Okay. As a concept, let’s set up a branch in the capital of each country first. Then, choose those with high magical power among the slaves to receive training at my castle. Those who don’t have magical power will do the physical work at each branch.」

And, if we succeed with this world’s only air transport, my country will be able to get the latest information from any country.

When I was thinking of such a thing while telling Finkle about the outlook, Finkle nodded greatly.

「Flight magic can move goods and people quickly, exchange of information with other members of the international alliance will be dense too, and we can send reinforcements quickly if a hostile party attacks an ally…And all the information will always be gathered by His Majesty.」

And Finkle has seen through my intention easily.

「…That’s right. I thought so too.」

As I am having a spiteful attitude, Finkle flashed his eyes upon seeing my reaction.

「Though the scale is considerably small compared to the proposal of His Majesty, our countries logistics is considered to be the best in the world. So far, we are proud that our information gathering power was the best in the world…Though it was manipulated by my relatives.」

Finkle said so and laughed with a self-contemptuous feeling.

「Indeed. Then, you have seen through my thoughts. If we can make the air transport possible, we can collect complex information from each branch and it will be more accurate than ever. Don’t you think so too?」

I resigned my thoughts and recruited Finkle straight to the point.

Because it seems that I will be able to control Romont easily, it seems that I made a mistake of thinking him as the best opponent.

When I put out one hand while smiling embarrassingly, Finkle strongly grabbed my hand and nodded.

「Yes! There is no merchant that will let this go! Please watch. I will regain what we lost on this occasion in an instant!」

「That’s right. Are you alright with that, Romont?」

I turned my face to Romont while shaking Finkle’s hand, the lethargic Romont nodded.

「…Instead of our royal family’s forfeiture, that talk will make our family prosper without a doubt. I can’t complain. I wish to express my gratitude for His Majesty’s gentle consideration.」

Romont said so and threw out a thin breath.

After all, it seems that he can’t help but worry about Finkle’s two elder brothers.

「Rest assured. I will not kill you as long as you won’t defy me. If you do, I’ll imprison you for now.」

When I say so, Romont gritted his teeth and nodded.

「You heard the talk…hurry and gather a few elite and go to the Galland Empire. Have them restrain my sons. Tell the active peddlers there to buy back the slaves. If they hesitate, tell them that we’ll buy back the slaves, other than the crime slaves, for twice the price.」

The two women, who were Romont’s escort, immediately began to move when the Romont put out the instruction.

Oi, are you two really going?

Are they convinced that the head of the family changed?

When I was looking at the left direction where the two them disappeared to at a quick pace, Romont gave out a lethargic smile.

「Those two are the daughters of the two houses which served our royal family. When they returned, they will no longer serve me but Finkle.」

Saying so, Romont vomited a deep sigh.

「My liege, speaking of which, I would like to ask of you…」

At that time, when Sainos thought that the talk was settled, he spoke with me.


It is very rare for Sainos to request something to me.

I was interested so I asked Sainos back.

Sainos kneeled with one knee on the floor due to fear, he bowed his head and opened his mouth.

「Ano, give me the cat beastkin girl who fought with me earlier!」


To the words of Sainos, I froze involuntarily.

Then, Sainos looks up at me while his tail is shaking uneasily.

「N-no… I can’t let leave Dan’s training unattended for now so I plan on training the two of them at the same time…I’ll take that girl as a disciple…」

Sainos has been saying such a thing while his voice seemed to vanish.

「Disciple? I don’t mind but, do you like her that much?」

「To begin with, isn’t it good for my liege to obtain someone who might be able to become your brave….」

Sainos bowed after he answered my question.


Ah, we can try if someone from this world can become strong.

Although he is being consolidated by mithril equipments and magic items, Dan seems to be getting stronger. So, we can try training someone in parallel?

「I understand. Let’s take her when we return.」


When I acknowledged, Sainos replied gladly.

I nod after hearing Sainos’ reply and looked at Finkle.

「Now, let’s have a match with time. Finkle, in the next few days to a few weeks from now, the leader of Maeas will be decided. I don’t know how much the Galland Empire will move but we don’t have much time.」

「I know, I will move right away.」

As he said that, Finkle walked towards Romont.

「Father, please give me the proof of the head of the house.」

When Finkle said so, Romont nodded shallowly and grasped the wrist of Finkle’s right hand.

「Inheritance Contract」

TN: Inheritance Contract is written in english

When Romont said so, Finkle’s wrists emit a dazzling blue light.

And when the light converged, Finkle slowly turned up the hem of his clothing.

There was something like a bracelet made of blue letters and symbols.

The bracelet seems to be installed on Finkle’s wrist.

「Thank you for handing down the throne.」

Finkle said so, lowered his head to Romont, and looked back at me.

「Come on, let’s go! We have to talk with the other royal families! Please cooperate, Your Majesty!」

Finkle went out of the room and say so.

「Oi oi, it’s good to be motivated…」

I opened my mouth to complaint about Finkle’s overambitiousness but Finkle already ran away.

When I asked Sainos to run after him with a wry smile, Romont, who quietly remained in the room, opened his mouth.

「…Your Majesty King Ren, no, Dragon Knight-sama…Please, my son..」

Romont said “his son” but did not say who.

I noticed that he didn’t mention anyone but I nodded and raised the edge of my mouth.

「Leave it to me.」



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