Chapter 88 – The Day of Maeas’ Reformation

「May I ask for His Majesty’s dragon?」


We went to the city, Finkle asked me that as an opening.

Even though I had Lagreat wait in a place far away from the city to be inconspicuous.

It seems that he noticed that I had a dissatisfied face, Finkle smiled embarrassingly.

「No, even though I became the head of the house, for the other royal family, I’m still a simple greenhorn.」

Finkle said so and looked at me with muffled eyes of anticipation.

No, no, aren’t we in a city where our movement will be limited?

Moreover, the capital of Maeas is connected with various countries, therefore a lot of people from various countries stop by here!

I had a feeling that I’ll be a national fugitive.

「… There are other methods. Sunny will wipe out that mountain in front of you.」

「…Please don’t joke around.」

When I proposed another method, Finkle smiled but has a face that’s suppressing his anger.

Well, it’s impossible to actually erase the mountain.

I wonder if the shape of the mountain will change if we’ll completely burn it.

Still, for the humans of this world, that would be enough to be a subject of fear.

「So, Your Majesty. If you want slaves as labor force, please make the decision as early as possible.」

「…Gunu. I understand. I’ll let you know.」

I said so and looked back.

I thought about requesting Sainos but Sainos is carrying the slave girl on his back.

Sunny is going to get lost.

「…Dan, can you proceed ahead for a moment?」

When I said that, Dan nodded deeply and started dashing.

Looking at the shining silver back, I was convinced of the result.


「Dra-dragon knight-sama!」

「Wa-was the rumor true?」

「What a divine appearance!」

The city was flooded with hustle and bustle as Lagreat in dragon form landed in the city.

It’s probably the most crowded city I’ve ever seen.

And you can also notice that the man in full plate mithril mail sitting on the dragon gets a lot of attention.

Still, was Dan mistaken for a dragon knight?

I was looking up at Dan who was bewildered by the fuss over the dragon and seemed to have a feeling that he couldn’t say anything.

I hate attracting attention so I won’t come out recklessly. Even though the person in question is also around, everyone thought that Dan is the dragon knight. I feel like a celebrity troubled by my lack of aura.

Well, it’s a good trouble.

Dan came down dashing from the dragon with a great cheer.

Why did you get off?

I opened my mouth to Dan approaching, suppressing my desire to question him.

「Okay, this would have been a good evidence that the dragon knight exists. Should I wait for Finkle and the other representatives to come here?」

I said so and looked around.

The wall of spectator is already completed in the vicinity.

The stage has already been set but Finkle has not arrived yet.

It is usually the opposite.

I was thinking whether should I give a word like a director but the crowd cracked and parted to the left and right.

Several people walk on the vacant road with Finkle as the lead.

Finkle has a strange rugged face and behind him is a middle-aged man in a robe and an elderly woman.

The solemn group came down to us, only Finkle and the soldiers knelt down.

The middle-aged man and the elderly woman who was standing behind the kneeling Finkle walked up to this place.

「You are dragon knight-sama? I am one of those serving as the representatives of this country, the head of Crane family, Karedia.」

The elderly woman named Karedia said so and lowered her head.

「…I can’t believe it suddenly but looking at the real thing… Even for S rank adventurers, it is impossible for anyone to control even a fake dragon. I am the head of Meistis house, Jiromora.」

Next, the man who introduced himself as Jiromora offered the palm of one of his hands.

Of course, to

「… I’m not the one.」

When Dan said that to the two with a perplexed voice, Karedia and Jiromora were surprised.

「Eh…but, that splendid mithril armor…」

When Karedia says so, Jiromora nods many times.

Dan looked back at me like he was in trouble so I reluctantly stepped forward.

「…I’m the real one. Let me tell you this, mithril can’t even reach the foot of the armor I’m wearing.」

As I said that, I beat the dragon scale and leather armor with my right hand.

When I said that, Karedia and Jiromora lowered their heads looking at my armor with a skeptical eye.

「I apologize for what I did.」

「…I’m very sorry dragon knight-sama. But better armor than Mithril …I’m really interested in it.」

Two people apologized politely but the flame of their merchant spirit rose in their eyes.

I don’t know how many years it has passed since Maeas was born as a United Kingdom but it seems that each royal family has been so inclined to do business starting in their childhood.

However, it is necessary to get out of the dragon knight play in public now.

「That doesn’t matter. Move to the topic.」

When I said that, Karedia raised her head.

「I’m sorry, I have no excuse. I’ve always reacted to the smell of business…It is the one we heard from Finkle, right?」

Karedia looked at my face saying so but its content is something like a mystery for the crowd. Should I say it out loud that it is about liberating the slaves?

However, that might not be necessary.

Let’s talk in public openly. I wonder if I can mention all the wind-up chain I intend to say.

In that case, given the risk of something happening, it’s just the matter of selling slaves to Galland Empire.


「Ah, it’s troublesome. Finkle, speak up.」

It is troublesome to speak while guessing the other party’s speculation so I instructed the kneeling Finkle to speak.

Finkle who was ordered by me stood up on the spot, looked at me and nods.

「It is the talk about the international alliance and the purchase of the slaves that we sold to Galland Empire.」

「Is there any question about that?」

When I asked a question after Finkle’s dialogue, Jiromora raised his face.

「There are a lot of merchants here as well. Of course, there are also from Galland Empire. And up to this day, the merchants have spent a long time making connections. Of course, there is also the son of the Barland house…」

Giromora said that and pointed Finkle.

Apparently, it seems that he is not yet recognized as the head of the house.


When I urge Jiromora to continue, Jiromora looked up at me with strong eyes.

「… This Maeas is a gathering of small countries. The armed forces can be considered as a medley too but it can’t win a war against a great power. Therefore, I worked as a peddler to cultivate my view and my sense of business until I became the head of the house. 」

Jiromora said so and gave out a short breath.

「That’s why we talk as merchants and as a merchant, trust comes first. That talk will buy us grudge against our biggest customer, of the great power Galland Empire. I want you to show me the basis of your consent.」

Jiromora said so and looked at Karedia.

Karedia shallowly nods and looks at me with stern eyes.

「It may be rude to dragon knight-sama but we also have a life. We heard the story from Finkle-dono but for merchants like us, that is something hard to believe…」

The smiling Karedia said so like a complaint. I shrugged my shoulders and opened my mouth.

「It can’t be helped. However, I am here as a king. I am the one responsible for the forced retirement of the former head and making Finkle the present head,  what are you going to do about it?」

When I said that, Karedia and Jiromora looked at me with little irritation.

「…aren’t you asking for cooperation? Even if the representative of that country is dragon knight-sama, we also have muscles.」

Jiromora looked at me while saying so. However, I’ll overlook it.

Because it seems that Maeas still can’t see that they are below me.

If Finkle is not recognized by other representatives, I’ll have no choice but to have them recognize me in my own way.

Although I feel like I’m moving according to Finkle’s desire.

「… Unfortunately, the war is just around the corner. We are scheduled to have an all-out war against Galland Empire. So if Maeas stands with Galland Empire, Maeas is an enemy of my country.」

As I said, the people of Maeas, who were listening around us, made a noise.

In that noisy place, Karedia narrowed her eyes and looked at me.

「A hostile declaration in this place, Dragon Knight-sama is indeed brave… Then, if you can show us something to believe in, we will pay tax every year for Dragon Knight-sama’s protection.」

「Wa-wait a minute, Karedia-dono! That is…!」

Jiromora tried to stop Karedia in a hurry but I already raised the edge of my mouth and emitted a voice.

「In other words, you are willing to become a vassal country to my Einherjar?」

When I confirmed that, Karedia nodded.

「Na, why have you decide such a thing without permission…!」

Jiromora yelled with a face flushed with anger but I smiled and opened my mouth.

「What are you complaining about? Then, after hearing Karedia’s words, do you have any other proposal?」

I have seen the vessel.

So I said those words to provoke Jiromora.

Surely, he won’t be able to say something like paying tax money.

And as I thought, the frustrated Jiromora stamped on the ground.

「…! That’s right! Karedia’s idea is good! I’m alright with it!」

The moment Jiromora said so, I burst out into laughter without being able to endure it any longer.

Later, this one day was called “The Day of Maeas’ Reformation”.



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