Chapter 89 – RenRen’s Theatrical Company(Jiromora’s POV)

The capital city of Maeas is located in the northeast of the continent.

The reason is that the main royal families have gathered in the northeast though there is also the thing that Maeas is in a diagonal shape where it extends from northeast to the central south part.

In other words, it was a country made by the gathering of small countries in the northeast.

Later, small countries close to the center were absorbed by Maeas. That is the reason why it became a long diagonal country.

That has become a good environment for business because they will be able to contact many countries all over the world.

However, that shape was not suitable for defending their country.

It becomes a necessity to always arrange their soldiers for defense to the up, down, left and right. The cost for the movement of the army has become a headache.

Because the military soldiers of the country are insufficient, they hired mercenaries, and they also add slaves for that purpose.

The Barland royal family, the weapons and slave merchant who are ridiculed as the black merchant, judged that this is a good opportunity for them.

In any case, if the recently established small country that crushed the Galland Empire declares war, their resources and manpower are completely insufficient.

What will happen if such a country repels the Galland Empire army and even seize their territory?

Goods, manpower, food, and other various necessities will be scarce inevitably.

If Maeas will not aid them, they will face a situation where their country might collapse.

However, there is a force that can clearly become a new major power.

In ten years.

Normally, this is something that no one would believe but if it is the country that defeats the Galland Empire, it will be a good for Maeas to subsidize them.

And in 10 years, that country might be the world’s greatest power.

Then, it would be quite a good idea to enter the asylum of that great country.

Though I thought that Karedia is driving recklessly, it would be good for Maeas if that would happen.

I thought so and looked at the young man named Ren, the king of a weak country that was just founded.

Ren is walking leisurely behind the son of the Barland royal family.

He is a young man who is about in the first half of his twenties yet, he obviously treats the representatives of Maeas, a major power, as someone lower than him.

Is this young man named Ren a foolish idiot?


As I was expanding my imagination, the party who was walking ahead stopped.

We went outside the city.

This is the north gate where only a few people use.

If one would go further north and cross the mountain, he would arrive in the country of beastkins. That mountain is snowy and high ranking monsters come out from time to time.

That is the reason why the north gate was used by few individuals.

Going out of the north gate, Ren looked back at us.

I said us but in addition to us, the representatives and the guards, a large number of people, composed of residents of the city, merchants and adventurers from other countries, have come with us.

There are many people from Galland Empire and Maeas who don’t believe in the existence of the dragon knight. They only treat dragon knight as someone from a story so it is natural for one not to believe that there is really a dragon knight.

But now the person in the story appeared in front of me.

Well, imposters have appeared frequently but no one has actually brought a dragon like this one.

The people are in a festive mood, the merchants are lured by the smell of big business, and the adventurers who are longing for heroes have come to this place.

While receiving a gaze of such a large number of people, Ren nodded in a very natural way.

「Well then, let’s try something. Does anyone live on that mountain?」

「That is a mountain with high ranking monsters. There might be adventurers that hunt for monster or travelers and peddlers who are traveling to and from the country of the beastkins on the other side of the mountain.」

「Hm, I see.」

When Ren asked that question, the son of the Barland Royal house responded. Ren seems to nod with regret from the answer.

He is very calm even in front of a large audience. Rather, the son of the Barland Royal House who should have been accustomed seemed to be uneasy.

His vessel inside seems to be large.

When I thought so while observing Ren, he looked at the slightly away plains reluctantly.

「That side. Is there anything there?」

「No, I think there’s no one in particular because it is far away from the road.」

Ren was satisfied with the reply and looked back at the elf girl and the beastman after nodding.

The man who looked like a dog beastman was carrying a cat beastkin on his back but with Ren’s gaze, the beastman laid the cat beastkin he’s been carrying on his back to the ground gently.

Ren looked at the action of the dog beastkin then turned to us, spread his hands, smiled, and opened his mouth.

「Now, we’re going to show off a military exercise to everyone.」

Ren shouted but he didn’t seem to shout nor raised his voice but his voice was heard mysteriously.

Immediately after that, applause and cheers sounded from the residents of the city.

It’s a good event for those who are in a festive mood but it’s something we can’t comprehend.

Sure enough, Karedia looked at Ren’s face with a strange expression.

However, the atmosphere of this place has already been set up. Not only the residents but also the adventurers and soldiers are intrigued by the demonstrations.

I nodded at Karedia who looked at here and looked at Ren with my arms crossed.

They might show off a wonderful sword dance but their atmosphere is saying that they will show something else.

TN: By the way, Ren said “enbu” earlier which means military exercise. It can also be used for kendo or judo so Jiromora thought that they will show off a sword play

For the time being, let’s take a look at their military exercise first.

When I was thinking of that, Ren was discussing something with the elf girl and dog beastkin.

And Ren comes towards us and looks back to the elf girl.

「Then let’s get started!」

When Ren voiced out the signal to start, I can hear voices of the residents who are pushing hard desperately in order to watch the military exercise.

It might be hard to see it. I thought so but immediately after that, the elf girl opened her mouth and muttered something then flew up to the sky.

「…This is stupid, no chant flight magic …?」

When I said so, a number of pale large light spheres appeared around elf girls this time.

The size is around 2 meters, the light spheres are obviously bigger than the girl.

While I was admiring the pale light to the point of being unable to talk, the elf girl dropped a light sphere towards the beastkin who’s holding a sword on the ground.

At the next moment, a thunder fell before my eyes in a place 100 meters before us.

I only thought of that way because of the impact.

The roar of a sound that makes one’s ears completely inaudible with the flash makes one’s sight white.

What the hell happened?

At that time, I didn’t know what was what.



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