Chapter 90 – RenRen’s Theatrical Company 2(Karedia’s POV)

My body draws back due to vibration.

My ears seem to burst because of the roaring sound.

And, a dazzling white light.

On my 60 years of life, this is the first time I felt this much shock.

Even now, my eyes still can’t see and my ears still can’t hear. It’s like I have put my face in a waterfall.

After a while, my vision went back to normal and I finally noticed the devastation in front of me.

The ground was scooped in a spherical way like a bowl.

The size of it can fit a house completely.

Looking at the astonishing spectacle, the young man named Ren who introduced himself as the dragon knight looked at the scooped ground and tilted his neck.

Hmm…the ground will be full of holes with this. Let’s do it in the air.

He said in such a carefree tone that it seems like he murmured it like it was nothing.

Then, a terrible sound like a tree was being twists resounded in the area. The circumference of that hollowed ground changed shape and rose.

And before I notice it, there was already a stage made out of soil and stone in front of me.

Is that magic too?

I was stunned when I looked at the stage.

Just when the stage made up of soil reached the height as high as my eyes, the beastman who was supposed to be caught up in the previous explosion is standing there.

I wonder, how did he avoid that frightening explosion?

While I was looking at the beastman with an incredible feeling, I noticed that he was holding a metal I had never seen before in his hand.

It looks like a sword.

The sword which was pulled out from the sheath had a slightly scarlet golden glow.

Sunny! That hurts a lot!

The beastman looked up at the floating elf girl in the sky and said such a thing.

Such a thing is, unbelievable.

He received an explosion that scooped out the ground with his body?

No, he might have avoided it and was hit by the aftermath of the explosion.

I can’t believe it either way.

I feel so…so empty. I looked at the girl Sunny who’s floating in the sky.

Sunny, who still have three fearsome light sphere around her, looked down at the beastman and pout.

Lie. With Sainos’ physical strength, you will not die even after being hit directly by three shots. Besides, you have resist.

Sunny stared at the beastman called Sainos and said such a thing.

He won’t die even if he received a direct hit?

Even if it’s an army who’s wearing an armor, that single blow can kill more than 100.

Sainos, who pointed the tip of his sword to Sunny, complained and shouted.

Resist will just automatically reduce magic damage! What hurts still hurts!

As Sainos yelled, Sunny puffed her cheeks in a pretty way and turned her hand to Sainos.

I’ll heal you later. Okay, let’s continue.

And just like that, Sunny broke off their conversation.

Soon after, the light sphere floating around Sunny in the sky goes towards Sainos.

Was the first one taking it easy? Three light spheres came flying at Sainos at the speed of an arrow.

Mumu, it can’t be helped.

The next moment, I thought that I heard Sainos saying that. Sainos jumped up to the sphere of lights.

And cut off the light spheres with a speed that can’t be seen by my eyes.

I said cut off but I didn’t see Sainos’ sword at all.

Although I cannot see Sainos’ sword movements at all, I judged that he cut those because the light spheres exploded to the left and right one after another as if they were cut.

Probably because of Sainos cutting them, the light and sound of the light sphere had been reduced.

Even so, the six consecutive explosions that happened in a blink of an eye blinded my eyes and pierced my ears in a moment.

Mou, next. Blazing Shot

When Sunny said that in a melancholic voice, burning red masses of flame that has the same size as her were shot towards Sainos one after another.

The ten masses of flames that has a height of a person goes towards Sainos who readied his sword.

Hot! Even if I’m not hit directly, the surrounding temperature is stupidly hot already…

Sainos cuts the masses of flame while complaining. It’s unbelievable. Shock occurred in the air as he cuts.

The fragments of the masses of flame that Sainos cuts down fall on the stage where Sainos stands.

Immediately after, the flames of hell that could swallow several people dropped on the stage. The stage changed into a sea of flames.

Although what they hit is soil, the flames with the height of a person continued to burn. When I thought of what would happen if that was used to the city, cold sweat flowed through my back.

The huge crowd was not able to raise a voice anymore due to the paranormal event.

Well, I’ll go from here!

This time, Sainos said that.

How is he going go on offensive if the enemy is on the air?

Thinking of such a thing, I looked at Sainos. Sainos slashed the mass of flame that was burning on the stage.

I thought so with conviction. It won’t be extinguished by something else, right?

At that time I thought so.

A clear sound like metals striking each other and a shock that pushed my body backward like a bomb blast.

After falling on my backside, I instinctively looked up at the stage.

Then, there was a figure of Sainos which had set up his sword in parallel with the ground on the stage.

No way, did he extinguished the flame by swinging his sword?

Such a fantastic idea caught my mind.

I unintentionally look back at the figure of the dragon knight who is supposed to be a mythical creature.

Ren was looking at the battle of the two with his arms folded and is bored.

I thought of something immediately after seeing that attitude but my eyes were pulled back by Sainos’ voice.


At the moment when Sainos shouted, his arm wielding his sword seemed to have disappeared momentarily.

Then, a clear sound of metal strike was heard from Sunny who’s floating in the sky.

Looking at it, there are several translucent white plates covering Sunny’s perimeter.

What is that?

And what did Sainos do?

My understanding capability has already exceeded long ago.

The people gathered here are looking stunned at the two, who are relaxed, with mouth wide opened. Ren, who had been standing there swayed his hand once.

That’s enough.

When Ren said that, the two of them stopped moving and looked at him.

Ren looked at the two of them, shrugged his shoulders, and sighed.

Didn’t I tell the two of you to make it flashy? That’s plain.


We were shocked by that faint impression.

Meanwhile, Ren murmured something while turning his hand to the sky.

At least do something like this.

Ren said that as he waved his hand.

Immediately afterward, a huge tornado flame rolled in a place about 100 meters behind the stage where Sainos stood.

It’s a tornado flame all the way up.

Its width is thick enough to swallow many houses.


This…dragon knight…sama…

I heard someone’s voice from behind.

I noticed that my consciousness changed as I looked up at the tornado flame.

Absolutely do not oppose the dragon knight’s country.

I had come to think so unconsciously.



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