Chapter 60 – The Dukedom Princess was Abducted

While carrying Oracle-chan, I came to the city of Spike near the Oracle’s Great Cave.

I decided to rest for a while at Viscount Ortholet’s castle.

「This is, hero Takeru-sama. I welcome you. Weren’t you supposed to be in the capital for a conference with the Germania Empire delegation?」

「Ah, it’s over. I just went to the great cave for a moment.」

Ortholet made a strange face.

Probably because of time. It will take about four to five days on a horse to travel from the capital to the city of Spike.

I think that it is about time for the delegation of the empire to return. They’re probably on their way home at this moment.

「Well, since it’s hero-sama, nothing is impossible. It may be impossible for me to entertain you but I can at least serve you some tea.」

As usual, Viscount has not hired a maid.

His subordinate soldier is the one who brought tea but I no longer mind it since I already consider him as family.

「Ah…. tentacles…..」

I laid down Oracle-chan to bed and sometimes, her body convulsed because of the severe cruelty she experienced.

While taking a breather by drinking tea, I talked with the viscount.

I am thankful for the viscount who reads the atmosphere. He welcomed us without asking about Oracle-chan’s mysterious condition who is crouching in agony.

「Then, hero-sama, the diplomacy with Gemania…」

「You can say that it did not go well and they might declare war suddenly.」

Even after hearing the bad news, Viscount Ortholet didn’t look too surprised.

「Is that so? As the feudal lord of Oracle, I must prepare.」

「I’m sorry for not being able to avoid war.」

If the Germania empire will attack up to the Capital city of Silesie, the City of Lauren and the City of Spike will definitely be on their route.

「No, actually, we are steadily preparing for a defensive battle with the direct guidance of His Excellency, Secretary of State Lyle.」

「Eh, sensei already made a move here?」

「Yes, State Secretary Lyle has come to my castle himself.」

「He managed to come here even though he’s already busy with the government affairs in the capital?」

As expected of sensei but since when did he came here?

「The strategy he plotted is secret!」

「Indeed, even I didn’t hear any details.」

If it’s necessary, sensei will tell me about it later.

「In addition, there is a sudden increase of wild thieves in my territory.」

「Hmm, aren’t we getting along with the thief’s guild?」

I don’t know about other territories but my territory, Viscount Ortholet, and Marquis Est territory won’t be attacked by thieves because we have talked with Wake.

「They are not from the legitimate thief guild, they are wild thieves.」

「Ah, maybe they are spies from Germania.」

「These days, thieves can be hired as mercenaries…」

「Right, they might have already been employed to conduct preliminary investigation of the battlefield.」

It is still uncertain whether there will be a war.

But it seems that the enemy has already been preparing behind the scenes.

After waiting for Oracle-chan’s recovery in the viscount’s castle, we fly into the sky and return to the castle in the capital.

In a highway on the way, I saw the empire’s convoy who are on their way home.

A group of knights were carrying a flag with Germania Empire’s symbol which is a purple colored shell.

Freed is probably riding that big, four-horse drawn, luxurious carriage.

Though it has no suspension, it is a state of the art carriage where the carriage is hung by chains to reduce shaking.

By the way, I only know the name “suspension” but it is one of those thinks I still can’t reproduce.

I can somehow understand the use of spring but I also want to put rubber on tires. Unfortunately, there are no rubber trees here.

I thought of dropping bomb at Freed’s carriage to stop the war but I stopped.

I can’t imagine a person who’s wearing orichalcum equipments to die because of bombs. That will trigger war oppositely.

「Well, there is an opportunity to fight him next time. I’ll take my revenge there.」

Freed doesn’t know that I’ve got a neutral sword.

The surprise attack strategy that he used against me will be used against him in reverse.

At that time, I’ll crush that conceited golden lion emperor.

—Scene Change—

A further surprise report was waiting for me who returned to the capital.

「Hero-sama this is serious! The castle of Ox was attacked by bandits and the dukedom’s princess was abducted!」

「Haa, one after another……」

「We, the spy troops, are in the town but this still happened. I have no excuse.」

Neneka bowed that made her hair curls on the ground.

Of course, I’m not blaming Neneka.

All the cheat class is in the capital and the castle of Ox was empty.

Rather, it’s my mistake.

The thieves lurking in the city pretended to be drifters and suddenly attacked various parts of the castle. It seems that even the soldiers guarding the castle received damage.

Their number is said to have exceeded 50 people.

One of the escort knights of Princess Caroline was killed and the other one was seriously injured.

Certainly, I heard a rumor about the growing number of suspicious newcomers in Ortholet’s territory. So they hid in my territory?

Recently, because of the alliance with Wake, there was no damage from thieves so I got careless.

「I guess they are not members of the thief guild. Do you know where those wild thieves are?」

「It seems that they are the remnants of the golden eagle bandit group. We are tracking their footsteps so we’ll find their hideout soon.」

The golden eagle bandit group is the one that I’m confronting when Wake showed up. I should have disposed of them earlier.

I regret it from the bottom of my heart. The cause of all of this is my over-optimism.

It still feels regrettable even though I’m reflecting now.

Though it will be bad for Oracle, I need to cross the devil’s mountain to go back to the castle of Ox.

I had Kaara carry Neneka.

I intended to fly around more to look for the hideout of the enemy but we found out soon that they are hiding in a deserted village near the castle.

「All right, let’s go!」

The soldiers from the castle and the spy troops head to the hideout. I want to rescue the princess as soon as possible so I flew with my Oracle-chan booster.

If it’s the present me, I can kick 50 to 60 thieves alone!

Ah, alone was an overstatement, I’ll be assisted by Kaara and Oracle-chan!

「Haa haa, you use your employee way too rough. As expected, flying continuously is tiring.」

「I’m sorry for making Oracle work too hard.」

「It’s okay. I can still work since there’s still the energy I got from Takeru.」

We’re in an emergency so I’ll pretend I didn’t hear it.

We landed on the hideout which is an abandoned village.


The thieves are gathering so I raised the sword of light and shout out loud.

「Oi Kaara, monitor the thieves from above and kill the thieves who’ll run away!」

「Aahh, suddenly shouting!」

Kaara flow to the sky at the speed of sound. I slashed a thief ossan from the base of his neck.

The thief collapses as I cut his neck diagonally. Blood sprays like water from his neck but I can’t choose where his blood will splutter.


「Don’t run away! You’ll die if you move unskillfully!」

Bashu bashu(SFX), the necks and torso of the thieves who tried to escape were slashed one after another.

TN: splashing sound.

When these guys attacked my castle, it was certain that I will kill them all.

「I just have one demand, I want you to return the one you kidnapped, Princess Caroline!」

「Huahahaha, you hero bastard, the princess is no longer here!」

A poor looking bearded man glared at me with bloodshot eyes. He looks insane as he scowls at me.

I recognize him, he is the leader of the golden eagle bandit group.

「Where did you take the princess?」

「I will not say even if I die!」

In this situation, I was surprised that he still manages to pull a sword and tried to stab me.

I quickly jump to evade but a long metal needle was shot at my face.


It looks like a poisoned needle.

I deflected it with my mithril gloves. Does he really think that he can kill me with that?

「I’ll directly ask your body!」

I cut the fingers of his feet together with his shoes with the sword of light.

The leader of the golden eagle bandit group gets down on his knees because of the sudden acute pain. That ruins his play so far.

「Guu… Do whatever you want. There is no use searching at this place.」

「Where did you hide….No, who asked you to kidnap the princess?」

「I won’t say anything….haa, haa, hahahaha, you’ll break your skull thinking and you won’t be able to sleep but I’ll never tell you!」

After the fingers of his feet, I cut the fingers of his hands next but he’s still resisting.

It was careless of me to look so desperate in front of this guy. It seems that his grudge weights more than his fear of death.

「Oi thieves, you are already surrounded by soldiers. Your death penalty is settled but if someone tells me where the princess is or who asked for her to be kidnapped, I will spare his life.」

The thieves got noisy.

If I can’t ask the leader, then I’ll ask the other guys.

The leader of the golden eagle bandit group screamed when I cut his dominant hand and rolled to the ground.

If you are cut by the sword of light, the wound will be burned black and blood will not come out.

In addition to the smell of blood, there is a smell of burning meat around.

Better yet, the sharpness of the “neutral sword” should also be tested.

In order to remove the root of evil, killing is a must.

「Earl Brynie! The earl is the one who asked us to do this! Please spare me!」

A young brown-haired thief finally confessed with a scream.

I was sure that this was instigated by the empire but to think it’s that Brynie.

Starting with that, the thieves 「The earl brought the princess and fled straight to the highway on the north!」began confessing and beg for forgiveness.

How would I know that they are not lying? I need to show them what will happen if they lie here in front of their eyes.

「All right, if that information is true, I’ll pardon you.」

「Shit! You traitors! I’m going to kill you!」

As the leader of the golden eagle bandit group crawled on the ground, he cried out like a DOS.

TN: DOS – sadistic dominatrix

He’s still barking at this time? His guts are something that should be looked up to. What can you do this late?

「Oi leader, you seem to have taken in men you can’t trust.」

「You’re already too late. At this time, your pretty princess is being fully loved by that pervert Brynie!」

The leader of the golden eagle bandit group said what he wanted to say and spit towards me.

I shook the dull silver neutral sword to the laughing head of the golden eagle bandit group and bisects his neck.

With a heavy sound, the neck of the leader of the golden eagle bandit group rolled on the ground.

「Takeru-sama, we can still catch up and find Brynie’s carriage if we fly and chase them now.」

「Kaara, I ask of you.」

There was a time when Kaara is working with Brynie so she’s familiar with Brynie’s carriage. I’m sure she can find it soon enough.

Brynie will escape to the easiest route in his carriage, therefore, he’ll run away using the highway.

No, perhaps he’s not even thinking of running away.

He’s a hardcore fool so decent reasoning won’t work for him.

Therefore, the princess’ body is in danger!

As soon as the soldiers caught the thieves, we jumped over the highway at once.

Soon after, I saw a black coated, big, four-horse carriage.

「Takeru-sama, that is Brynie’s carriage!」

「Is that so?」

I had Oracle-chan drop me down on the carriage. I kicked the coachman first and cut the cord that connects the horse and the carriage.

Gakun (SFX), the carriage shakes and slows down until it stops.

TN: wobbling or collapsing sound

The door of the carriage is locked but I slash it to open it up.


There was a luxurious sofa bed inside the big carriage and a bunch of sinful hobby clothes.

To make a heavy-swinging carriage to a bedroom, this Brynie guy really has a screw loose.

「Nanana, what’s going on ojaru!」

「That’s my line, asshole!」

I kicked off Earl Brynie who pushed Princess Caroline down from the bed.


「That’s you!」

As for Princess Caroline, her blue dress was torn from her neck and is dead tired.

She doesn’t have her glasses, did she dropped them?

「Are you alright, princess?」

That’s all I managed to say even though I knew that she’s not.

「Eh, when Brynie becomes violent, A-sama protected me.」

Inside her torn dress is a large white silver wings with holy light pouring down.

Princess Caroline’s body is being protected by a film of light.

So, is this the protection granted by the last Sacrament?

A-sama, I’m sorry for the curses I said that time. I can’t sleep with my foot pointing in your direction now.

Nevertheless, I can’t forgive what Brynie has done so far.


「Hii, maro is not bad ojaru! Maro saved her from the bandits! I just tortured her a little because that woman of the defeated country was way too cocky ojaru!」

「Then I’ll also chastise that cocky mouth of yours now!」

「Oj, yapa!」

I am punching Brynie’s face.

When I noticed it, I’m already riding Brynie and was severely beating him.

「O ja, Oh….」

Now that diplomacy is in a delicate situation, I know what will happen if I kill Brynie.

But I couldn’t think of such a thing anymore, my head was white with anger.

「Takeru, you’ll kill him if you continue.」


I’m likely has done too much for Oracle-chan to stop me.

My trembling due to anger has yet to calm down. I never thought that I’ll be this temperamental.

I’m just venting my anger to myself to someone else. I actually understand that myself.

I was not able to suppress it myself and it won’t do anything even if I have beaten Brynie to death.

I gripped Brynie’s neck and lifted him. He already loses consciousness and is exhausted.

I don’t think he’s dead. He’s bleeding from his nose and mouth, and his face is swollen but he’s breathing.

「….Your Highness Princess, potion.」

「Thank you for your help.」

She was protected by A-sama and she has no visible wound but that elixir will calm her mind down.

The trembling hand of the princess received the bottle of elixir from me and dropped it.

Ah, I got the order wrong.

I should have look after the princess before punishing Brynie.

The princess is trembling while looking at me. I can see that she’s frightened while trying to scrape up her torn dress with her hand.

I wonder if she’s being scared of me too but I guess it can’t be helped.

There is Brynie who tried to assault her and me who violently beat Brynie in front of her eyes due to anger.

She’s scared of me.

「You can have this.」

「Thank you, hero-sama……..」

I took off the surcoat that I wore on top of my armor and put it on the princess.

It’s still better than the sinful hobby woman’s clothes in Brynie’s carriage.

I asked Kaara to carry the princess to the castle and ordered her to guard her. I tie up Brynie and sit on the broken carriage.

I just have to wait for the soldiers of the castle to get here.

If I just didn’t let my anger take over, I wouldn’t have break the carriage and use it to carry Brynie.

Even though I was in a hurry, I reflected on my action of not thinking too much.

「No, that’s not the case …」

I truly did not think that time.

Misreading Brynie’s movement and being induced by the grudge of the leader of the golden eagle bandit group after killing him. I’m entirely responsible for everything.

I didn’t even think that there was a line connected and attacked that way.

This time, this situation was invited by my over-optimism.

I was made to taste this and I even jeopardized the safety of the people surrounding me.

「It’s not Takeru’s fault. Don’t carry everything by yourself.」

Oracle-chan gently hugs me around my shoulder while I’m sitting on the broken carriage quietly.



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