Chapter 91 – Maeas’ Allegiance

There were those who are unable to stand up and there were those who began to cry but they provided cheers and applause for the time being.

Well, this was the first time I performed something like this. I guess it’s normal.

I looked at the representatives of the Maeas while convincing myself.

「Well, how was it? If you’re not convinced, I’ll show you a large scale magic or something.」

When I said that, Jiromora shrugged his shoulder and shook his head to the left and right.

「That’s already enough. Any more than that and my heart would stop…No, I am sorry. I was seriously impolite to the apostle of god…」

Jiromora, who said that with a stiffed face, lowered his head deeply.

Due to the fact that a representative took such attitude, the soldiers and the residents knelt on the spot immediately.

The adventurers bowed their head deeply that I can’t see their faces.

I heard a single cough in the middle of silence. It was Karedia who corrected her kneeling posture.

「I’m really sorry. Somewhere in my heart, I can’t acknowledge Dragon Knight but now I finally understand.」

Karedia said that and put her trembling hands on the ground and lowered her head to apologize.

「From this moment on, Maeas is under the powerful kingdom of Dragon Knight-sama, Einherjar. Our kingdom will sincerely do our best to cooperate and…」

「Ah, you do not have to be a vassal country.」

I interrupted Karedia and looked at Finkle after saying that.

Then, Finkle nodded with a straight face and opened his mouth.

「Oops, I did not explain that part. No, I’m really sorry.」

When Finkle said so, Karedia and Jiromora turned their eyes to Finkle with a suspicious face.

Finkle nodded to confirm that he received their gaze and began to explain.

「His Majesty King Ren is forming a huge worldwide international alliance. And, there is also air transport of goods by flying in the sky.」

「In-International alliance…?」

「Flying in the sky…」

Karedia and Jiromora responded respectively.

As expected, because there are many merchants on Maeas, voices of surprise and questions among the people bustled.

I turned my face to Karedia and opened my mouth.

「The international alliance is about countries cooperating with each member to enrich each other. Of course, if an ally wages war, other allied countries will help. In other words, you can receive help from my country.」

When I said that, Karedia raised her face and looked at me.

「In, in other words, the magic from earlier is also covered…」

「Ah, if it’s just that tornado flame from earlier, I can shoot 100 of them at once. You can expect relief from our country. Although the number of reinforcements is small.」

When I said that like a joke and smiled, Karedia was astonished and twitched her face.

「On-one hundred…an army will be meaningless… That alone is enough for Maeas to enter the alliance. Besides, reducing the army and concentrating more power on business is the best thing that Maeas should do.」

After hearing Karedia’s mutter, I turned my face to Jiromora.

「Is the air transport also good? Anyway, there is also the talk about using the slaves you sold to Galland Empire. So first of all, collect the slaves.」

When I said that, Jiromora rounded his eyes and looked at me.

「…the slaves? However, are there many people who can use flight magic?」

Giromora asked me and I looked sideways at Sunny.

Sunny silently nods. She looked at the Maeas soldiers and moved her mouth.

She muttered in a small voice that one can’t hear but there are approximately 20 kneeling soldiers who rose on to the sky at once as the effect.

And, the soldiers who are clamoring and are screaming in various ways slowly come down to the ground.

「Don’t worry about that.」

When I said that, Jiromora shook his head up and down.

Now, I will promptly explain the alliance….

That time, when I tried to open my mouth, at the edge of my sight, the cat beastgirl slave raised her upper body.

With the use of her only one eye, she looked around.

Because of the voices of the soldiers who are still clamoring, there are only a few people who noticed the slave girl. And those who noticed that girl removed their glance on her as if disgusted.

Is it because she’s a beastkin? Or is it because of her obvious pitiful scars?

I approach the girl while thinking about such a thing.

The girl looked at the approaching me absentmindedly.

「Was your name Anri?」

When I asked, Anri nodded.

「I want you to be his apprentice. What do you think?」

When I said that and pointed Sainos, Sainos waved his hands on the stage to appeal to her.

Anri looked up at Sainos for a while then looked up at me again.

「You don’t like it?」

When she heard that, Anri slowly shook her head to the left and right.

Negotiation is established although it is fairly light.

I don’t need permission from that false S-rank adventurer.

「Sunny, heal her. The abnormal condition too.」


After replying to my instructions, Sunny approached Anri and casted healing magic.

Pale white light wraps up Anri and converges before long.

And there, there was the figure of Anri who was healed. Her countless scars disappeared and even her eyes were healed.

The residents and the soldiers who were watching in the front row were breathless when they saw the scarless and woundless figure of Anri.


Anri flashed her eyes for a while, brought her hands in front of her eyes, looked at her skin, brought her hands around her eyes, and put her finger on her eyelids.


Anri leaked out a hoarse voice and stroked her face with her fingers.

「U…a, aw….」

When she realized it, Anri was shedding tears while trying to suppress her leaking voice.

Looking at the Anri who is crying while covering her face with both hands, a sobbing sound started from the residents.

「Sainos, take care of Anri.」

「Leave it to me, my liege!」

I told Sainos to take care of Anri and Sainos came running to Anri’s side.

「I am Sainos. I will be your mentor from today. My best regards. That silver one over there is your senior apprentice Dan. Get along with each other.」

Sainos said to Anri with a smile.

Silver, Dan’s introduction is too sloppy.

I’m amazed how cheerful Sainos is. I looked back at the representatives of Maeas.

「Then, let’s get back to the talk about the alliance…」

When I looked at the representatives while saying that, the three of them, Finkle, Karedia, and Jiromora who were kneeling side by side, bowed.

「Dragon Knight-sama certainly showed a miracle.」

Finkle said so in a small voice.

「Not only possessing might but also have a gentle heart, we were greatly moved. For my previous impoliteness, please forgive me.」

Then, Karedia said so.

「Dragon Knight Ren-sama. It is true that Ren-sama would be able to conquer the world with force however, Ren-sama is willing to speak with us at the same height and build an equal relationship.」

And Jiromora said

At the end of Jiromora’s words, the three of them raised their faces and looked up at me.

「By all means, we would like to join the alliance.」

Finally, Karedia said so and three of them lowered their heads deeply again.

I look at three of them and raise the edge of the mouth.

「We won’t be equal because it’s an unequal treaty.」

When I smiled and said that, the three representatives raised their faces and froze up.

Only Finkle had a sour face.



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