Chapter 92 – Slave Girl

—Anri’s POV—

I was born in the beastkin village at the foot of the mountain.

Originally, there are many monsters in the mountains and it won’t be possible to maintain a village there.

Though wyverns are not that powerful monsters, they can fly and attack from the sky.

However, in that mountain, monsters who attack from the sky is unusually few. The only monsters who attack a person are those who run on the ground.

Therefore, the people who found this place decided to make it their permanent residence.

That place is relatively safe because there are few monsters and there is a highway nearby. But because that place has much traffic, the children seemed to get kidnapped by humans.

Anyway, the reason why that village was made is that the people who made that village had fled from the large-scale slave hunting of humans.

Are beastkins unusual?

The me from that time is spending her time living in that village like it was somebody else’s problem.

Our house is made from combining woods that can’t completely protect us against wind and rain, and there were days when there was no food.

Perhaps, it is a hard life.

However, I, who was born and raised there from the beginning, was not able to feel the hardship too much.

Sometimes, the villagers who repair fences and digging around the village are injured. The first and second strongest villagers were the only one’s who go out for hunting and they are always dirty when they returned.

Therefore, it seemed that I will be able to live well in that village.

But the situation changed suddenly.

It seems that people working as adventurers have found this village.

A villager said that adventurers are rough people who worked in a big country called Maeas. It won’t be easy.

There are around 10 adventurers who came to our village and shoot flame arrows to smoke us out of our village.

We, who scattered to escape from our burning village, were caught in traps.

Some were caught by ivy’s entangled on their legs, others fell into a pitfall, in my case, I was caught by a needle that grew from the ground.

I stepped on the thin needle which grew on the ground. An intense pain ran through me.

Then, I noticed an irregularity in my body. It was poisoned.

The adventurers stuffed me, who can’t move and is lying on the ground, into a horse-drawn carriage.

There were a dozen more villagers in the wagon.

That fact that there were only less than half of us and there were only women and children here gave me a strong sense of anxiety.

And I became a slave.

How are father and mother?

Such a thing has passed my head many times but at that time, I was desperate to remember the conduct of a slave.

I can endure not to eat in a day or two.

But I can’t endure being beaten with a whip. It’s so painful that tears come out.

I desperately memorized the conduct of a slave in order not to get beaten by that person called slave merchant.

And I found my master.

There was a child from the village who went out earlier than I and that child was brought by a person who seemed to be gentle.

I think that I was expecting a little.

Maybe I will not be beaten anymore.

Maybe I can eat every day.

Such ideas run through my head.

But my master was an adventurer who had a slender body.

Just being an adventurer makes me scared.

To me who trembles, master fitted the badly bruised me an armor and a sword.

With a blood-smelling armor and sword, I was brought by my master with his adventurer companions.


They seemed to be well known adventurers.

It seems that the existence called S rank adventurers were people who stand on the top.

Apparently, it seems that my master is an S rank adventurer. After hearing the story, it seemed that he became S rank by fighting off a crowd of monsters who attacked the city and treated the lord’s injury.

However, the monster subjugation in the city was actually done with a considerable number of adventurers who were killed in the end.

Master beats monster corpse’ from the rear with a wand and smiles if no one is looking.

As a result, some of the most powerful adventurers who fought with the horde of monsters died and master, who treated the dying lord, rose to S rank with that achievement. Master said that there are others who also rose to S or A rank.

Master is working as a healing mage.

He seems to be an excellent person who can heal a considerable kind of injury in a few minutes like bone fractures and the cut wounds.

When I was in the adventurer guild, I sometimes saw him being called by strangers to teach them tricks of healing magic.

An S rank adventurer is a famous great person to the point that strangers are begging him to teach them.

But being a great person does not necessarily means that he’s a good person.

When he was begged by someone to teach them about healing magic, he cuts my arms, legs, ears, etc. and treats it.

During a combat with a big monster, I received a kick that broke my bones while master suffered a scratch.

Because I spent my days getting beaten, even if it hurts a lot, I did not cry.

When I endured that for about a month, I met people with a mysterious atmosphere.

They seemed to be quite strong and were able to defeat the other adventurers in a flash.

Normally, if one person is damaged, I stopped the enemy and earn time until master treats him.

However, it was so overwhelming that there was nothing to treat.

My surprised master pushed me forward and I fell down.

「A, a, Anri! Move forward! Don’t let that thing near me!」

Master shouted so as he withdrew backward.

I don’t think I can earn enough time for him to treat his adventurer companions.

However, if I don’t earn time, I will be beaten up.

I stood in front of the enemy while dimly thinking of such a thing.

There stood a beastkin man that looks like a dog.

A cute

Somehow, I thought so. Until now, I’ve never seen such well-featured face.

Looking at it, the other men and women also had a really beautiful face.

And I noticed that I was asleep. I raised my face and there were a lot of people around.

What on earth happened?

Certainly, I have fought against that beastkin man who looks like a dog.

When I thought so, I saw a beautiful man with black hair who looked and called out to me.

He confirmed my name and he talked about me being an apprentice of the beastkin man.

It seems that the name of that beastkin man is Sainos.

It looks like I’ll be having a different master but either of them is good.

I nodded

「Sunny, heal her. The abnormal condition too.」

Then, that man looked at the elf girl and said such a thing.

The girl called Sunny came to my side and turned her hand to my face.

The moment Sunny whispered something, I found a warm light wrapping my whole body.

And my body lightened rapidly. The pain disappeared too.

Eventually, the light faded away, but I felt that the world looked clearer when I raised my face.

I looked around and then, looked at my hand.

I can see with my eyes again.

The surface of my hand is healed neatly too.

She did not just heal my wounds, even the scars that the slave merchant and master gave me was cured.

I felt that my painful memories disappeared with the wounds.

Perhaps warm days has come to me.

In addition, I felt like my everyday life in the village might come back.

I thought about such thing as I cried then, something ran through my head.

I wonder if father and mother are doing fine.

After a long time, I recalled the two of them, and I cried again.



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