Chapter 93 – RenRen’s Theatrical Company Homecoming

We have successfully concluded an unequal treaty and returned to G.I.Jou.

After taking a bath and finishing the meal, I exchanged information with Eleanor at the throne room.

Eleanor flashed her eyes as she looked back at me who is sitting on the throne after hearing today’s events and the content of the unequal treaty.

「Aren’t you a little too gentle?」

「Really? I think that is a considerable blow for Maeas.」

I replied to Eleanor’s doubt and smiled.

The general content of the unequal treaty are as follows:

First, due to limited time, I decided these two things.

  1. Maeas will collect the slaves they sold by themselves.
  2. They will lend their collected slaves to Einherjar.

Then, after defeating the Galland Empire Army, three things will be enforced:

  1. Allies will provide assistance when an allied country waged war.
  2. Allies will provide economic aid to an economically challenged ally.
  3. Allies will support air transport between allies as much as possible and all tariffs generated on each country will be paid to Einherjar.

And that’s

Maeas will provide assistance in this war and will economically help Einherjar for a while.

In other words, it’s the same as paying substantial tax like a vassal country.

Though sooner or later, Einherjar will become economically rich and will be the world’s largest economy with air transport tariffs.

Given that other countries will join the alliance, it will give a bad impression if I put more unequal conditions.

I thought so so I tried to not build a unilateral exploitation relationship but Eleanor tilted her neck.

「However, the three top brass of Maeas has taken an extremely rude action against master. Surely, the garbages who are now master’s dog should be disciplined and must received the heaviest punishment. Being forced to retire is a very light punishment. For the time being, the punishment should be cutting off the tip of their foot little by little…」

「I won’t do that. Roughly speaking, they are not our vassal and can be called as our top ally. Although the one who’s standing on the top is clear, I don’t think that the one on top should casually torture its allies.」

When I said that, Eleanor tilted her head with a wry smile.

「It’s not torture, it’s death penalty.」

「That’s even worse.」

As I joked back at Eleanor’s joke, I pushed my back against the backrest of the throne.

「We still have time before the Galland Empire attacks. I should probably express the participation in the International alliance to the Rembrandt Kingdom again. After that, the air transport and the black iron equipments.」

When I said that, Eleanor nodded and opened her mouth.

「Since the Rembrandt Kingdom is the only country with a decent king, he will acknowledge it readily. However, the matter of air transport…」

「Hnn? What’s the problem?」

When I asked Eleanor, who hesitated as if finding something difficult to say, she opened her mouth again.

「There is no problem but master said that you wanted to keep the matter of G.I.Jou a secret as much as possible. However, if you implement the air transport, won’t someone notice the existence of G.I.Jou?」

Eleanor said so and looked me in the eyes.

「Hmmm… well, there’s not even a village in the direction of G.I.Jou. Normally, no one comes here. Even if one will come to the vicinity of the mountain, Ishmugard will surely repel them.」

「I see. Is he qualified to be the master of the forest of abyss? Well, there are also flying dragons on the mountain.」

「Then let’s tame them and have them patrol.」

When I said that, Eleanor nodded and opened her mouth.

「Yes. We can grant them with magic item that grant skills but we’re also researching now if we can use magic carve seal.」

TN: They’re back on the air transport topic.

「Hmm, can one make a thick iron plate float with the help of magic carve seal? That will probably solve our problem. Even if we make our guild members fly in a certain country once a day, it will certainly cost a number of people. And because going out alone is dangerous, it should be conducted by a group of people.」

When I said that as I put my arms crossed, I remembered what I was concerned about.

「By the way, have you researched about slavery magic?」

「Well, I also think that unknown magic is dangerous. Even if an enemy will use it against us, I think we can kill him before he can use it. It won’t be effective against the citizen of master’s country.」

「How about in other countries? What if one of them became a slave and was sent to be a spy?」

I asked Eleanor with a meaningless question but Eleanor nodded.

「If it is someone from another country, I judged it to be effective. Actually, it is pointless to send a spy in the castle but I don’t think that other countries understand such a thing…」

「Hmm… In addition to being pointless, we can cancel slavery magic like any other abnormal condition with healing magic. I still don’t know if it’s a temporary release or it’s completely cancelled…Either way, it won’t be a big problem. Even if Minister Villiers will be enslave, he don’t have much authority.」

When I say so, Eleanor smiled after blinking her eyes.

「Isn’t Minister of the Right Villiers the second most powerful man in the country now?」

「In terms of territory, he’s managing the largest part of the country and he would be able to negotiate with Rembrandt Kingdom and Maeas, thanks to his title. However, it is up to us to decide the policy of this country. You understand what it means, right?」

When I said that, Eleanor covered her mouth with her hand and laughed.

「Master is the only one holding the rudder of this country. Minister Villiers along with his notorious feudal lords such as Bowarei may have regretted it because they’re much busier than before.」

「Though there was a report that living conditions in various places are improving. It may be hard but we have to build a country where our people will not starve to death or flee to other countries.」

As I replied to the words of Eleanor, Eleanor nodded silently.

When I untied my arms and put my elbow on the armrest, I yawned but I tried to suppress it.

「Fuu, since Galland Empire still hasn’t move, I’ll inspect various places for now. I’ll go to the Rembrandt Kingdom tomorrow morning and return to G.I.Jou by noon.」

When I said that, Eleanor put her hands together in front of her chest.

「That’s a good idea! I’m looking forward to the tour by all means…」

「Eleanor, I asked of you to make a report about the prototype of black iron weapons and a report about the magic carve seal research. And please, also tell them to lessen the manpower to slave magic research.」

When I said that, Eleanor dropped her shoulders and nodded.

「Yes… I understand… By the way, who will accompany you tomorrow?」

「I want Mira to accompany me for the inspection of various places. The destination is the Rembrandt Kingdom and our country so Lagreat will be on a holiday. Sunny and Sainos will be good.」

When I said that, Eleanor stared at the ground with thin eyes.

「Sainos and Sunny again… those two…How can I prevent them from going….」

Eleanor whispered a disturbing word. I hastily walked away from the throne room.

Eleanor sometimes scares



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