Chapter 94 – RenRen’s First Day

The morning

I shudder at the feeling of lips touching my neck.

I rounded my back to escape and looked back on the futon.

It is the tall, dark-skinned dark elf, Sedeia. Sedeia’s eyes are closed and her beautiful sculpture-like face is directed at me. Lowering my line of sight, I can see Sedeia’s flowing raven black hair emphasizing her big chest.

「Good morning, leader.」

While I was looking down, Sedeia woke up and gave her morning greeting.

「Hnn, good morning.」

When I looked back on Sedeia’s face and greeted her, she hid her face in my chest as if she were embarrassed.

「You’re spoiled.」

When I said that, Sedeia laughs with her hidden face.

「Fufufu….Can I go with you today?」

「Sedeia? That’s fine. Are Miera and Sherry okay?」

When I tilted my head because of Sedeia’s request, she raised her face and I nodded.

「I think they’ve become accustomed already. Miera has no problem with cooking or cleaning and her relationship with the maid troops is also good. Sherry is helping Miera in the morning and at night and is training magic during the day. I think that I no longer need to look after them.」

That said, Sedeia looked at me with eyes shining with expectations.

「Okay. Then I’ll take you with me today.」

When I said so, Sedeia made a full smile.

At that time, a voice came from behind Sedeia.

「I, I’ll go too!」

While saying such a thing, Eleanor put her face over Sedeia’s shoulder.

「No. Eleanor is the lord of G.I.Jou on my behalf.」

When I said so and smiled, Eleanor, who had a stunned face, bit Sedeia’s upper arm.

「Ouch ouch ouch…!」

「That pain is the pain in my heart!」

「No, it’s the pain of being bitten!」


They were frolicking while doing such exchanges.

They get along well this morning.

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Like the plan, the members accompanying me is Mira, Sainos, and Sunny. Sedeia is added.

Well, Mira’s job is not battle oriented. In that sense, the overall power of the party becomes considerably high when Sedeia comes.

When I was thinking of such a thing, the castle of Rembrandt Kingdom came into view to us who are flying.

「Let’s get down.」

When I gave the signal, we gently landed in the castle’s courtyard.

Although some residents of the kingdom might have seen us, they probably judged us as ordinary court mages.

However, the soldiers of the castle will not think of it that way.

「So-so-someone’s in the courtyard!」


Even in the courtyard, I could hear the voices of the noisy witnesses.

If I wait for a while, the soldiers will gather in the courtyard. Then, they’ll guide me to King Creivis?

When I thought so comfortably, a voice came from under a branchy tree in the back of the courtyard.

「Oh dear, are you guests?」

The person who said so in a relaxed voice was sitting in the chair setup under the tree. She’s looking here with while holding a teacup which she had placed on the round table.

She’s a young

She has long, splendid blonde hair, slightly droopy big eyes, and a thin jaw that shows that she’s considerably young.

Looking at her appearance, is she on her mid-teens?

The girl was wearing a white fluffy skirt dress and was watching us with a particularly tense expression.

The courtyard of the castle was quite spacious but right now, there are only two ladies in it. The girl and the maid standing behind her.

「Princess, please stay away… They are not ordinary people …」

The maid quietly went out in front of the girl who she called the princess said that while watching our movements carefully.

The maid is a woman in the second half of her twenties. She has a shiny gray hair that extends up to her shoulder. She has no particular feature so she might be a human.

And from the back of the maid who revealed her caution, the girl who was called princess came out.

「Keira? The guests have no hostility…」

TN: キーラ – I originally translated her name as Kira but then I saw Keira Knightley’s name in japanese. Since most names in this novel are western type, I guess it’s Keira. Besides, I don’t remember her holding/using any notebook throughout this novel so it’s definitely not Kira.

When the girl said so, I looked at the profile of the maid called Keira.

A woman called Keira is looking at us without losing vigilance.

「That may be true. However, it is a group of mages who utilize flying magic effortlessly… Protecting the princess is something that I…」

While Keira is saying that, with a very natural movement, she took out two short knives from the side of her maid’s clothes.

The situation has changed due to her picking up weapons. I felt an atmosphere that can only be experienced during a pandemonium.

Sedeia was too enthralled and moved.

Sedeia, who stood next to Keira in a blink of an eye, twisted Keira’s arm and took away the knives.

Not only the princess and Keira, I am also surprised at the excessively quick job.

「…! When did!」

Keira raised a voice as she tried to escape from Sedeia but she’s already in a posture where it is impossible to escape as Sedeia is already twisting the joints in her arm.

「Don’t move.」

But when Sedeia said that to Keira who tried to twist her body, Keira looked at Sedeia as she resigned herself and moved her eyes to me.

「… Please forgive me. I took weapons for self-defense but I had no intention of being hostile. You can do what you want to me but the princess…」

Keira hung her head while saying those with a voice of frustration.

Looking at Keira’s state, the princess pulls her eyebrows and looked at here.

「Keira is my attendant. Keira has been rude, I apologize for her…Please forgive her.」

When the princess said so sincerely, she pulled in her chin and looked down lightly.

She has the atmosphere of a boxed lady, I wonder if she’s really a blood relative of Creivis.

No, perhaps she’s a daughter of other noble who are staying in the castle.

She was enjoying tea by herself.

I approached the princess while observing them.

As I approached, Keira gritted her molars and stared at me, and the princess looked straight at my face.

「Nice to meet you. I am the king of the newly founded country, Einherjar. I am Ren.」

「….! Dra-dragon Knight-sama…!」

When I introduced myself, I heard the astound voice of Keira. I looked at the princess without looking at her and opened my mouth.

「What’s your name?」

When I asked, the princess, who opened her eyes wide, stood up from the chair and bowed in a relaxed manner.

「Nice to meet you….Dragon Knight, Ren-sama? I am Rihanna, the fifth princess of Rembrandt Kingdom. We were very rude… I’m sorry.」

TN: Her name is pronounced like the singer. Ree – Ah – nuh

The princess claiming to be Rihanna raised her face and say so.

Rihanna, who had switched to an attitude like a real member of a royal family, raised her face. Not only the expression but her atmosphere also seemed to have changed to another person.

Rihanna looked up at me and smiled. She looked sideways at Keira and opened her mouth.

「I am proud to say that Keira is one of the strongest person in the castle. She can even fight against three kingsguard…But Ren-sama’s companions’ skills were on a different level. Is she a brave that the Dragon Knight Ren-sama chose?」

Rihanna said that and looked at Sedeia. Apparently, she seems to be saying something that came from the myth of the apostle of god and his braves.

「Sedeia, you may let her go.」


Listening to my instructions, Sedeia freed Keira and walked up diagonally to my back.

After looking at Keira, who stood up while checking the freed arm, I opened my mouth against Rihanna.

「A proud attendant. Keira was good correspondence.」

When I praised her, Rihanna nodded with an innocent smile suitable for her age.

「Yes! Keira is not only strong, her skill in making sweets is great too! And she’s also very good at sewing…!」

「Pri-princess! Don’t mention such a thing…!」

When Rihanna started mentioning great things about Keira, Keira waved her hands from behind us towards Rihanna.

When the atmosphere softened and Rihanna and Keira’s tension faded, loud footsteps sounded in the courtyard.

Looking back, a dozen of soldiers dressed in uniform armor were rushing.

Well, intruders appeared from the sky. The people will gather here with maximum precaution.

In other words, more people will come.

Should I have revealed my real identity earlier and have them guide me to Creivis?

When I was thinking of such a thing, I heard the king’s powerful voice.

「An intruder in this castle! Even though I’m already totally busy….!」

「Ah, King Creivis. I apologize for disturbing you.」

When I said that to Creivis, who showed up in the courtyard while complaining, opened his eyes wide and bowed.

「Your Majesty King Ren! Good morning!」

Oi, what is that greeting?



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