Chapter 95 – The King Who Readily Consents with an Immediate Answer

「International alliance? We’ll join!」

We gathered in the throne room and talked about the new alliance but before talking about the treaties, Creivis already decided to join the alliance.

The ministers and soldiers who were listening to us are also surprised.

「Your Majesty! We haven’t heard the content yet!」

The Prime Minister Yuta, who was standing next to Creivis who is sitting on the throne, yells involuntarily.

By the way, I’m fine with standing before the stairs but they purposely put a chair beside the throne and made me sit down there.

I feel uneasy with the scene which looks like a conference between heads of state.

「What are you saying Yuta? Don’t you believe in His Majesty King Ren?」

「No, I’m not saying that! However, I say that we should confirm the contents first!」

Yuta was making a tantrum as he lost his temper to Creivis who blindly believes in me.

The majority of ministers, nobles, and soldiers nodded in his words.

However, Creivis pulled out the mithril dagger on his waist and showed it before his eyes.

「You were such an unbeliever that’s why you didn’t get a reward. Behold, this splendid shine! It is wonderfully decorated! This is the proof of being chosen by the apostle of god!」

That’s what he said as he shows off the mithril dagger I gave.

No, I didn’t choose

「That is why everyone but you received superb mithril article!」

When Creivis looked at Yuta and said that, Yuta howled in vexation.

After confirming his expression, Creivis looked at the people in the throne room.

「Do you still doubt Dragon Knight-sama! Now, those who have doubts step forward! Those who believe, clap your hands!」

After Creivis gave a speech like a religious leader, a loud applause was heard in the throne room.

Most of them are pouring their gaze to Creivis’ dagger. I feel that they fully agreed with Creivis because of greed.

Anyway, there are three allied countries now. Two major powers have joined.

Just hearing about it will make smaller countries join the international alliance.

After that is the creation of more detailed regulations….

「King Creivis, do you have anyone who can make policies for the alliance? Someone who is knowledgeable in making bills and policies? There are talented people in my country but they are lords who manage territories. We don’t have a lot of people who have the ability to plan and revise law.」

「What about Earl Villiers?」

「Minister Villiers? He’s the one handling policy in his territory. I don’t want to leave delicate matters that involve other countries to him.」

When I said that, Creivis nodded with a wry smile.

「Minister Villiers is out of the question huh. The nobles who work as feudal lords are like him too. When you are dealing with feudal lords and nobles of neighboring territories, you are supposed to make a law to the finer parts…Indeed, they might not be able to deal with other countries that have different basic laws and cultures.」

That said, Creivis twisted his head and looked at Yuta.

「Yuta, is there anyone who’s familiar with that matter? The Limonts is a house of lawyers, right?」

When Creivis said that and asked Yuta, Yuta nodded and opened his mouth.

「Yes, they are. Or…」

「Please wait.」

When Yuta tried to answer Creivis’ question, someone’s voice sounded in the throne room.

Everyone was watching calmly because it was a conversation between kings so the voice echoed well.

When everyone turned around the direction of the voice, Rihanna, the fifth princess from earlier, stood there.

Rihanna, who’s standing at the edge of the throne room, stepped forward with Keira one step behind her.

「I’m very sorry to interrupt your talk.」

Rihanna said so apologetically. She looked around at everyone and looked at me lastly.

「It is presumptuous of me but, I would like to participate with the talk.」

When Rihanna said so, the throne room suddenly became turbulent.

「Pri-Princess Rihanna…?」

「It is the talk about the policy-making during the formation of the alliance, right?」

「That’s right. It might be a difficult topic for the princess…」

While various words were audible everywhere, Rihanna looked at Creivis and smiled gently.

「I like to read books.」

「…Hnn? Ah, because Rihanna’s hobby is reading.」

The talk about hobby started suddenly. Creivis was shaken but manage to answer while being confused.

Rihanna then smiled and

「Yes. Because of that, I learned a lot about the culture of other countries as well. I also learned about their law in detail.」

When Rihanna said that and tilted her head, Creivis widened his eyes and froze.

And Yuta laughed like he was the one in trouble.

「Ha, hahaha. No no princess. Yes, it will be difficult if you don’t have enough knowledge. After all, if you are not an expert…」

When Yuta tried to advise Rihanna gently, Rihanna just nodded.

「Yes. If you have insufficient knowledge you may be buried up. The more knowledge one has, the better, right?」

When Rihanna said that, Yuta was not able to say anything in return and just kept silent.

Everyone seems to be puzzled, but I feel a sense of incongruity with Rihanna’s words.

Is it because the more intelligent you are, the prouder you became? Or because they don’t seem to be happy even if they can send a member of their own royal family as a central figure in another country?

Well, I don’t really understand that kind of sense.

When I thought that, Rihanna opened her mouth with a smile like a child who came up with mischief.

「And we may be able to strengthen our relationship with the Kingdom of Dragon Knight-sama.」

Rihanna said so and bashfully looked at me.

Oya, the flow of the talk changed to something weird…

When I looked at Rihanna with a puzzled expression, Rihanna smiled.

「If you are fine with it, please consider me as your queen candidate.」

「…Princess, a princess shouldn’t be the one who proposes such a thing…」

Only the Prime Minister Yuta was able to say something to Rihanna’s lines.

The others are stunned and dazed.




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