Chapter 97 – The First Inspection Trip Started

I unexpectedly brought the princess of the neighboring country on my inspection trip.

Though some might misunderstand, it’s just that the princess and her attendant have selfishly come with us.

Originally, this would have been impossible but she’s someone who will become my adviser about the law and culture of another country from now on.

Should I really give in to some of her selfishness?

I was thinking of such a thing while flying in the sky.

「Wow, this is amazing! Using flying magic to a large number of people at the same time! Moreover, it’s an advanced magic with not chant!」

「No, many of my companions can do it.」

「Uwaa! As expected of your braves!」

Rihanna has been like that since I used flight magic.

It’s like she’s trying to kill me with praise. But in this situation where I, their leader, is being praised, Sainos, Sunny, Sedeia, and Mira have very pleased expressions.

By the way, Keira is quietly waiting behind Rihanna.

It’s her first time flying in the sky but she already has such a good posture.

While having such exchanges, we arrived at the residence of the Minister of the Right Villiers.

I’m going to Villiers castle this time but I’ll look around the other lord’s place around this city later.

I’ll tell Villiers the things I’m anxious about in real time.

We landed in front of the gates, greet the guards and enter the castle.

「Your Majesty, it hasn’t been a month yet since you founded this country, right?」

Rihanna asked me that while being guided by someone to the office of Villiers.

I looked diagonally behind me and nodded to Rihanna.

「Ah, that’s right.」

When I said that, Rihanna opened her mouth with a smile.

「Then, in that short period of time, His Majesty’s figure has penetrated among the people very much. Or did Villiers-sama publicize it properly?」

「Ah, Minister Villiers has told his subordinates what I look like. I think it’s the same for the other lords.」

When I said that, Rihanna narrowed her eyes and nodded a few times.

「In that case, the way the castle is managed is good. They were a very good correspondence. After all, that is the first step. It is good that there is no faction that has antipathy against Villiers-sama.」

Rihanna smiled and looked at me.

It seems like she can think and look at other people in various ways like it was natural.

「Hmm, it’s going to be okay. Their independence plan become pretty reckless because no one opposes it.」

When I answered that, Rihanna laughed like she was in trouble.

「Is that so? I thought that they started their plan for independence because they obtained His Majesty’s support…If they tried to be independent without His Majesty’s support, they are indeed reckless. Certainly, looking at Villiers-sama’s vassal line up, it lacks outstanding talent.」

In my abstract response, Rihanna showed me a precise answer in a short time.

Certainly, Villiers camp has that kind of feeling.

I nodded with a wry smile and looked at Rihanna.

「If my camp has enriched, I may dispatch one adviser in each territory. Though I haven’t operated one yet, I want to build schools which anyone can enter for free. In the long run, it can produce talented individuals.」

When I said that to Rihanna, Rihanna stopped in the hallway and lifted her face with vigor.

「Free for all…it’s a wonderful idea! Various possibilities increase if there is knowledge and new choices will be available too. However, if there is no chance to learn, those choices that you can get will be lost. Knowledge can be stored in anyone, it is equal for all people…Ah, I’m sorry. I was too excited and talked too much.」

Rihanna, who had begun to talk in a dash, made a startled face, apologized and looked down.

But, I gently stroked Rihanna’s head and smiled.

「What you said is also my thought. I’m glad that there are those who understand.」

I said so, withdrew my hand from Rihanna’s head, and turned around.

「…Princess? Pri-princess! Princess…!」

I heard Keira’s voice behind me but I advanced in the hallway of the castle cheerfully.

Perhaps that princess is a very rare and talented person.

In the aristocratic society of Rembrandt Kingdom, she affirmed of a place where everyone can learn equally.

In addition, she’s not just a noble, she’s a royal.

It would be impossible to ask members of the royal family or of the noble society to arrange desk with commoners.

And to know the importance of knowledge.

If she’s not a princess, I would like to make her a school teacher.

While I was having such a delusion, the person guiding us stopped in front of Villiers office and knocked on the door.

When I entered the office, there was Villiers with a somewhat tired face.

On top of a luxurious desk is a mountain of papers and the only visible part of Villiers, who is on the other side of the mountain, is from his chin up.

The severed head of Villiers looked at me and opened his mouth.

「Ren-sama, welcome. Thanks to the documents I received from Ren-sama, I’m busy to the point of dying…hahahaha」

As Villiers said so, he sighed away shallowly.

Detailed information about the territories import and export, information about population change and slaves in each town, and other common information we investigated thoroughly were given to him. I asked Rosa to give him those but it seems that he has accumulated fatigue more than I thought.

Surely, there is no reason for him to work alone. Why is he so tired?

「What’s the matter? Those are for the issuance of identification card to each citizen. It should have name and race. Also, make a family register that has their occupation, address, etc.」

When I told him so, Villiers looked at me reproachfully.

「My ears hurt hearing that. But there are also differences in population…」

While saying that, Villiers turned his eyes to the escort lining up behind me diagonally and stopped when he saw Rihanna and Keira.

After looking at them for a while, he narrowed his eyes and rubbed his eyelids with his fingers. After being convinced, Villiers stood up and raised a voice.

「Princess Rihanna!」

「Oh, you know her?」

To Villiers who looks at Rihanna and gives a stupid voice, I corresponded normally.

However, Villiers did not consent in such a reply.

「Wa-wa-why is the princess here? No way, you’re marrying her to me…」

「When did you think I became a matchmaker? Think of your age, Minister Villiers. 」

When I replied to the confused Villiers, Rihanna opened her mouth happily.

「I think I want to marry Ren-sama. Villiers-sama, please cooperate. 」

When Rihanna said so, Villiers stopped moving as if he had become a stone.

After confirming his condition, I shrugged my shoulders.

「That’s impossible. Minister Villiers will be busier after we submit a report about what we’ve inspected in the city.」

You’ll have more work to do, Villiers.

I laughed at the end of my words and looked at everyone.

The largest city in Villiers’ territory is Selenia.

It pales in comparison with the central city of Maeas but it is a bustling city where a lot of people come and go.

As for the structures, there are a lot of old square buildings but the liveliness of the people has turned them into a tasteful atmosphere.

「It’s quite lively.」

When I said my impression of what I saw, Sainos and Sunny looked around with a serious face.

「My liege, the level of arms here is still not so high.」

「There are not many mages but there are more slaves here compared to Ramblas.」

I looked around while listening to their impression and confirmed it. There are quite a lot of shops which deal with arms, but all are alike.

「There are many people who seemed to be mercenaries but there are quite a lot of orphans.」

And Sedeia muttered from behind.

If you look in the back alley, you can see the scene where a young child is sitting with a dirty piece of cloth.

「…  The orphanage might be insufficient. In every country, there are too many children to accept. In general, nearly half of the children will die without becoming adults.」


That word makes me feel like I couldn’t say anything.

However, there is not enough financial resources, food, and bed to save all orphans.

Even on earth it’s impossible, so much more in this different world.

But I might be able to do something.

Now, what should I do?

I’ll think of it as a prior investment and raise those orphans to be respectable adults in my country.

It comes to the topic about school again.

If it’s a school with a dormitory, would it manage this situation?

The building is not a problem, the food and other expenses can be taken care of with the help of my guild members.

After that, I should prepare a manager to manage the dormitory and also teachers.

…Ah, come to think of it, there are only muscle brains around me.



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