Chapter 98 – Should a Student Dormitory be Made in Each City?

I was confronted with a very difficult challenge to the point that I held my head in that place instinctively worried.

I’m disappointed with my muscle brain camp.

The number of my guild members that can be educators is insufficient.

Then, among those who I have met up to now ….


The name of a splendid human resource flashed and I instinctively mentioned her name. It is unknown whether she is a person who can teach things but she is the most suitable as a dormitory manager.

But I feel sorry for her if she’s not with Dan and Sherry.

I was thinking about my acquaintances as I was racking my brain.

Then, I saw Rihanna who fearfully raises her hand at the edge of my sight.

「What’s the matter?」

When I ask, Rihanna opens her mouth as if in trouble.

「Ano, it seems that you are troubled?」

「Ah, I thought of building a school in every town but I can’t think of anyone who can be teachers.」

When I answered Rihanna’s question, she nodded with a full smile.

「That’s great! Then, how about hiring the maids who are no longer working as teachers?」


To Rihanna’s remarks, I tilted my head and looked back at Rihanna.

Rihanna smiles in an embarrassed manner and opens her mouth.

「Maids have to learn a minimum of education, manners, and etiquette. Maids occasionally work as tutors so aren’t they suitable as teachers in a school?」


When I heard Rihanna’s story, I nodded in consent.

Certainly, if I can hire maids who retired because of some reasons like age, there will be no problem.

「But, do you know the right people?」

When I asked, Rihanna nodded greatly.

「Let me take care of that! Our household maids are said to be number one in the country! I know many retired maids so please be relieved!」

Rihanna snorted and clenched her fist in front of her chest.

Well, your residence is full of maids.

It is a castle.

I retorted Rihanna in my mind and nodded.

「However, I need to hire them from Rembrandt Kingdom…Shall I made their contract including the wages that is according to the laws of Rembrandt Kingdom?」

When I said that, Rihanna stuck out her chest and looked at me.

「It’s okay! This territory was part of Rembrandt Kingdom until a few days ago. There are former maids in this city that I know of.」

「Ah, indeed. Then, you already have someone in mind?」

When I asked the overflowing with confidence Rihanna to confirm, she shook her head to the left and right.

「I don’t know where they live here.」


When my eyes became half open and were about to complain at Rihanna’s proposal, Rihanna quietly pointed at Keira.

「Please leave it to Keira. Keira can do anything so it’s easy for her to locate the former maids.」

Rihanna talked about Keira with tremendous confidence. Keira gently lowered her head and looked here.

「Please leave it to me. There are some retired maids in this city who have served the royal family. Then, I will look for them immediately. As for the princess…」

Keira said that, looked at Rihanna, and then looked at me.

「…Your Majesty, please continue your favor towards the princess.」

Keira said that while slightly loosening her mouth and quickly disappeared into the city.

Oi, did you just abandoned your job as Rihanna’s escort?

Somehow, I feel like Keira wants me to accompany Rihanna.

「Ah, Keira is already gone. I’m a little anxious about her moving alone…」

Rihanna is looking at the direction where Keira disappeared to while muttering.

Apparently, Rihanna seemed to be bothered with Keira acting alone.

With her attendant gone, the princess is uneasy. In that case, since I have one or two men that can accompany her.

「Sedeia, guard her.」


When I gave an instruction, Sedeia disappeared without sound on the spot.

「…She disappeared.」

Rihanna’s eyes rounded as she looks around the place where Sedeia stood.

I overlooked Rihanna and looked back at Mira.

「We’re going to build a school somewhere in the city’s suburbs, how many people do we need?」

When she heard that, Mira groaned while twisting her head.

「If you want all the children from earlier to be put in there, it should be a reasonable size. 5 to 10 people will have no problem with it. What kind of building is it?」

「I’m not that familiar with school buildings. The shape may be a square or a trapezoid. To put it simply, I want you to prepare rooms with desk and chairs where 30 to 40 people can study, make a cafeteria that can accommodate everyone on that building, and bedrooms that can be shared by four people. Also, I want a bath that can accommodate 20 people. And of course, the staffs should have a private room.」

When I said that, Mira nodded and opened her mouth.

「For the time being, let’s build it thinking that it should accommodate a thousand children. Since I never thought that we’ll build it immediately, the materials I have right now is insufficient.」

「Ah, no problem. Go with Sunny to take the materials and the members with production job. Call for Dignity too.」

When I said that, Mira nodded and spoke with Sunny. Sunny then cast flight magic.

Rihanna looked at the rising Sunny and Mira with utter amazement then looked at me.

「…Oh, that was a surprise. I know of no one who can deal with this so quickly and move to execute it. In addition, your response seemed that you expected this beforehand.」

Rihanna looked at me with her eyes wide open and said that.

But I shook my head to the left and right with a wry smile.

「No? For now, let’s go to Minster Villiers.」

When I said that, Rihanna laughed aloud.

Read at

Of course, Villiers agreed to my school construction plan.

Well, the situation where orphans are overflowing the city has been troublesome for the feudal lords so my proposal was a timely offer.

And Keira was surprisingly excellent.

「There are 25 maids in this city who used to serve in the royal family. Five maids retired due to injury. There are three maids who came back to this city because this is their family’s circumstances but they are already serving someone else. In addition, I have been introduced to several maids who served other nobles but resigned due to certain circumstances. It is not possible to hear the story of everyone but it seems that 100 former maids can be hired.」

Keira who was diagonally behind Rihanna lowered her head and said that in a flat tone.

She surveyed this morning and come back at noon.

In just three to four hours… how did Keira gathered that much information?

When I turned my attention to the Sedeia who I instructed to escort her, Sedeia raised a dry laugh.

Let’s hear her report

「After all, Keira is excellent.」

At the edge of my sight, Rihanna smiled at Keira. I could see the expressionless Keira loosened her mouth.

We’re saved so I guess it’s good?

I looked at the members with production jobs which rushed to Selenia. Of course, the architect Dignity is with them.

We already talked about the design of the school building and the size of the planned site a while ago but we run into difficulties unexpectedly.

First of all, we planned the basement as an underground warehouse.

But it seems that there are too many children to accept for the size of the land.

And with its design, the school building is higher than the walls.

The land is adjacent to the wall and I thought that integrating the school with the wall is dangerous.

That is why everyone is twisting their heads.

「How about building a bridge over the private houses?」

「They’ll lose their right to sunlight…」

「My liege, what is nissiou ken? I guess it’s a benevolent general sword that can’t be shattered…」

TN: Ren said Nisshō-ken which is right of light while Sainos think about its meaning per symbols.

「Shut up Sainos.」

「Why!? You’re cruel, Camry.」

「The bathroom, the cafeteria, and the staff’s private room are underground…」

「If there is only one bath, it should be on the roof. This is not negotiable. 」

「My liege, who’ll take a bath there… 」

「Sainos, no dinner. 」


The meeting was complicated but no conclusion arrived.

At that time, Rihanna opened her mouth.

「It’s already a very large city but the land is not enough for the current population…  If only breaking and rebuilding the wall won’t take too much time…」

Rihanna groaned with a difficult face.

After hearing it I dropped my shoulder on my own stupidity.

「That’s right. Breaking the wall and rebuilding it… There was such an easy method.」

Rihanna and Keira tilted their necks and looked at here.



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