Chapter 99 – Expand the City Immediately!

I, who got the approval of Villiers who had a bitter smile, decided to destroy the walls in the west part of Selenia immediately.

I asked the residents to evacuate a little and looked up the high walls.

「It is old but thick and high. It will be a good material. Sainos, cut it out beautifully.」

When I said that, Sainos smiled and put his hand on his orichalcum sword.

「Leave it to me! I will cut it into thousands of pieces! Groan my left and right arms! Dragon king’s hundred burst slash!」

What’s that technique?

Sainos, who’s holding his sword, made a strange dialogue and moved to the bottom of the wall in an instant.

He moves his sword at a frightening speed that’s hard to follow even with my eyes.


After Sainos’ final cry, the wall collapses towards the outside of the town with the wall cut in square.

And the moment the walls have fallen deeper, it broke apart into dice.

With the vibrations from the roaring sounds and ground-like earthquakes, the people of Selenia residents who are watching the scene in details were surprised.

And the scene without wall was born in front of their eyes.

50 meters part of the wall disappeared.

「Good. Can we start immediately?」

Dignity checked the status and raised a voice.

「We can’t use the ground where the wall was built.」

When the blacksmith Camry said that and looked at Mira, Mira nodded and checked the construction site with a mage.

「Let’s start around here?」


Mira went to the edge of the still standing rampart to confirm, Dignity replied.

With that, the mage gradually builds a new wall by using earth magic just like in the plan.

Camry slaps both of his cheeks with both hands to fire up while looking at it.

「Okay! Let’s do it!」

After saying that, Camry ran.

After a few minutes, the wall is now longer.


「A-amazing…this is the power of the brave-sama’s…」

Not only the people of Selenia but Keria and Rihanna also raised voices of admirations.

Well, it is an unbelievable spectacle even for me. I’ve seen a video like this in an architectural animation.

If this continues, the wall will be completed in 2 hours. Won’t it be evening after 2 hours?

After thinking such a thing, I noticed.

I have to report.

「Sunny! Tell Eleanor that I will be late but I’ll be back for dinner.」

When I said that, Sunny nodded.

「Yes. I will tell her that dinner should be meat.」


I objected to Sunny’s reply but Sunny already flew.

It seems to be like a message relay game, will it be alright?

While looking at the flying Sunny whose figure is getting smaller rapidly, Rihanna gently walked up to this place.

「Ano, who is Eleanor …? Ren-sama’s wife?」

「Hn? No princess. She’s someone who stayed with me the longest and is someone I rely on the most.」

As I said so, Rihanna tilted her head a little.

「To put it simply, a lover…」


I twisted my head from the words the came from Rihanna’s mouth.

「…I wonder. There is sense of incongruity in the word lover.」

When I muttered so like a soliloquy, I twisted my head again.

I am not her biological parent but she is someone not different from a daughter.

In a sense, she’s like a very obedient younger sister in law though I’m not really sure since I don’t have one.

However, she’s someone really precious to me.

Of course, I have considerable affection for all my guild members because I’m the one who made and nurtured them.

I never had a child so I don’t know if what I feel is parental affection.

However, for me who came from earth, the idea of making her my bride is something dangerous and is somewhat complex.

Because if I said that the character I made is my bride, I’ll be laughed at.

So, if I really want to marry a character I made…!

When I was thinking of such a thing with my arms folded as if troubled, Rihanna looked at me, knitted her eyebrows and opened her mouth.

「I-I’m sorry.I said unnecessary things… I am…」

「Hn? Don’t mind it. I felt like I was reminded of by you in various ways. Thank you.」

I said so and gently stroke Rihanna’s head with my hand and moved my eyes to the wall.

Let’s discuss marriage or whatsoever with Eleanor.

This might have become something frightening.

「…The castle wall is already completed.」

Sedeia said so from behind as I was looking at the wall while thinking.

If you look at it, the wall seems to be complete and the mage is already returning here.

「Hmm, did it take 2 hours? Let’s make the school building tomorrow but make sure that we can already accept children in the afternoon.」

When we get home, should I secure food? Afterwards, materials for making clothes and furnitures…


「Hn? What is it?」

When I looked back at the source of the voice, Sedeia was looking at me with a serious face.

And with hesitation, Sedeia opens her mouth while looking at my eyes.

「We consider leader as our creator god. It is presumptuous of me but I think of myself as leader’s subordinate and child.」

「…Is that so?」

I nod to the words of Sedeia and replied.

Then, Sedeia smiled and raised her face.

「Therefore, leader should just do what leader thinks. We will follow you. If leader is happy, I don’t mind dying.」

When Sedeia said that, she smiled and laughed with a hint of embarrassment.

That extraordinary devotion, my heart was moved enough to make me tear involuntarily but Sainos raised one hand and opened his mouth.

「Ah, my liege! Me too!」


To Sainos who agreed on a light tone, I replied with a wry smile.

All of the guild members are characters that I made in a solo large guild system during the game.

I have come to this world and have been anxious about the selfish behavior of the characters I made who now has ego but all of them have always shown their loyalty to me.

I want to repay them somehow but what should I do?

In addition to marriage, I’m not running out of troubles.



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