Chapter 100 – The Night When The Princess and Her Attendant Came to G.I.Jou

That night, we came back to G.I.Jou before dinner. The demon butler Dion and the head maid Proudia with the 10 maid troops greeted us.

「Welcome home, my lord.」

「Welcome home, master.」

「Ah, I’m home.」

It was not the usual sharp tongue greeting from Dion and Proudia though I already readied myself for it. I returned their greetings.

Looking at how the two of them are doing, the surprised face of Rihanna and Keira seemed to be interesting.

「…are they tonight’s guests?」

「…If they are guests we have to contact the musicians.」

When Dion and Proudia say so with a very disagreeable face, the ten maid troops bowed and went back into the castle.

I see. Because there are guests, they were not able to say malicious words before their master.

It’s good to know this method.

When I was smiling on my mind, Rihanna and Keira, who are surprised at the castle, came here.

「I’ve never seen such a wonderful castle before. Is it okay for us to enter?」

Rihanna said so and looked up at me.

Oh, since this is the dragon knight’s castle, she’s thinking if she can’t enter because she’s not a brave.

「It is fine. Minister Villiers has come here too. Take it easy without worrying.」


Rihanna replied with a shining smile when I affirmed.

Keira’s figure behind Rihanna seemed to be pleased too.

「Well then guests-sama.」

「Please this way.」

Dion and Proudia, who were watching our interactions, said so before Rihanna and Keira and walked ahead.

The gesture and the etiquette of the two of them are perfect.

But their faces seem to be very dissatisfied.

After they have entered the castle, both Rihanna and Keira kept on being surprised.

It is the same even when they entered the dining room.

The two were surprised at the size and luxury of the dining room and by the classical music played by the musician troops led by Nest.

And we met with Eleanor who was waiting in the dining room.

「Welcome, guests-sama. My name is Eleanor, one of His Majesty King Ren’s subordinates.」

When Eleanor took a graceful gesture and bowed, Rihanna hastily bowed back.

「Nice to meet you. I am Rihanna, the fifth princess of Rembrandt Kingdom. This is my attendant Keira.」

「My name is Keira.」

And Keira, who was introduced by Rihanna, also lowered her head respectfully.

While looking at the three on how they greeted each other, I somehow felt uncomfortable about Eleanor’s greeting.

It is very polite. She has been greeting guests until now but her greeting with Rihanna was the most courteous greeting ever.

While thinking such a thing, I chose to sit down on the table before me.

Seeing me sit, Eleanor guides the two to their seat.

Rihanna sat next to me while Eleanor sat in front of me.

She should have sat next to me like the usual.

When I stared Eleanor seriously, Rihanna, who’s sitting next to me, looked at me and Eleanor alternately and opened her mouth.

「It’s a really a wonderful castle. In addition, this is the first time that I listened to music that was full of emotion. What do you call that musical piece?」

Rihanna said so and tilted her head little while looking at me.

「If I’m not mistaken it is from Mozart? Do you know, Eleanor?」

When I tried to shake up the talk, Eleanor nodded and smiled.

「Yes, as expected of Master. I think it’s piano sonata number 16. It seems that Nest is integrating it with the other instrument of the other musicians.」

I looked at Nest who was playing the piano behind Eleanor. The blonde haired Nest in tuxedo suits the piano well.

However, I won’t complain if it will be silent for a moment in order for him to rest.

I opened my mouth with a wry smile while watching the other musician troops preparing the violins, trumpets, and other wood bass instruments.

「Nest, I request for jazz.」

When I said that, Nest and the other musicians nodded.

「Please leave it to me, Maestro. Let’s play only that today.」

Nest happily smiled while saying that and play the piano again.

The wood bass instruments music flows in rhythm with the piano unke earlier.

Rihanna seemed to be thrilled to hear the number of sounds gradually increasing.

「Amazing…! It is an impressive performance! To think that there was such an ingenious music…」

While Rihanna listened with admiration, Keira narrowed her eyes and looked at me.

「It is a splendid performance. As for me, I was very interested in the harmonious music from a while ago but I was amazed at the performance.」

After saying so, Keira turned her attention to the musician troops.

When the food were brought, Rihanna and Keira raised voices of admiration again.

By the way, we have chinese style food this time. Is it because there are a lot of merchants coming and going in my country that the number of seasonings increases?

Though everyone was pleased, the rice that I care about didn’t come out yet.

And, it is now time for bath.

I was encouraged by Eleanor to go into the open-air bath to heal fatigue. Then, I heard her voice from the changing room.

「Here it is. Are you alright?」

Hey, wait, Eleanor.

I had a bad feeling about Eleanor.

Wait a minute Eleanor, I’ll leave.

Wait, don’t open it, Eleanor.

「Master, Rihanna-ojousama and Keira-sama came.」

TN: Just for clarification, the came means arrived at that place. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


No, I have given a strange answer for some reason.

How is it possible for them to come? Why did they come?

I mean, Eleanor, please do not come out with a piece of thin towel. It is really embarrassing and troublesome.

「Ah, oh, sorry for intruding.」

「I apologize for the impoliteness.」

Rihanna and Keira, who are wrapped in towels, showed up and greeted me who is in the midst of confusion.

「Umu, there is no problem.」

Who am I?

I panicked and gave a strange reply.

Eleanor’s fascinating white skin, glossy blonde hair, and a weapon that is pushing up the towel are frightening but Keira’s hidden weapon is also extremely dangerous.

Oh, Rihanna was as thin and small as she looks but was somehow acceptable.

She’s pretty and cute but cute in various meanings compared with the proportion of the other two.

However, three beautiful women with just rolled towel in the open-air bath under the moonlight….

It seems that I won’t be able to get out of the bath for a while.

「It’s really big!」


「This is the first time I have seen a scenic and spacious bath!」

「Umu, this is the open-air bath I am proud of.」

Ah, I was surprised.

AN: In the middle of the night

I should have not write

This scene


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