Chapter 101 – Morning, the Galland Empire Begins to Move

The morning came.

I raised my body and looked next to me.

Long golden hair and white skin. Looking at the closed eyes, the long eyelashes trembles slightly.

A really beautiful girl.

Her neat chin, neck, and collarbone are beautiful.

I must be a true genius to create a character like her.

Yes, just like me.

TN: He means that his avatar is on the same level of beauty

「…N. Good morning, master.」

While I was thinking strange things while watching Eleanor’s sleeping face, she spoke while slowly opening her eyes.

「Good morning, Eleanor.」

When I returned her greeting, Eleanor smiled softly.

Looking at such Eleanor, I instinctively said something.

「Marriage is…」

When I murmured, Eleanor opened her eyes a little and looked up at my face from below.

「…Does master wants to get married?」

I tilted my head when I was asked by Eleanor.

「I don’t understand.」

When I said so, Eleanor blinked her eyes for a while but opened her mouth before long.

「…Are you planning on marrying Rihanna-sama?」

「I don’t have that kind of plan.」

I answered Eleanor’s question with my true feelings unintentionally.

It is because the word marriage doesn’t appeal that much to me.

When Eleanor heard my answer, she unintentionally laughed out loud.

「Fufu…Really? For the sake of master’s kingdom, I think that a princess from another country is… I selfishly speak without permission…I apologize.」

Eleanor apologized but she looked happy.

When I was currently looking at the situation, Eleanor raised her upper body and put her forehead on my shoulder.

「It is just my selfishness but…If master gets married, I feel like I’ll lose times like this…It is like, master is going to a place far away. It makes me very sad and uneasy.」

I gently stroked Eleanor’s soft hair while listening to Eleanor’s monologue.

「We exist for master. What master wants to do is our action guideline. If master marries Rihanna-sama, Rihanna-sama will also be our master. Of course, master’s words are our priority but we will also devote ourselves to master’s wife. Please be relieved.」

Eleanor said so and smiled again.

TN: You didn’t expect that did you?

Sitting on the throne, I thoroughly looked at the papers and listened to the reports that I have missed yesterday.

In the throne room, there are five people: me, Eleanor, Sainos, Sedeia, and the high human Milenia.

「The Galland Empire Army is still not moving towards Alda prefecture.」

When I murmur, Eleanor nods and opens her mouth.

「They can only attack Val Valhalla castle directly from the Alda prefecture. The Galland Empire are gathering soldiers near Ramblas, Selenia, and, the largest city in Baron Bowarei’s territory, Collinwood and can only attack and invade those.」

When Eleanor told me so, I tilted my neck.

「Where is Baron Bowarei’s territory?」

「It is the area a little to the east of Selenia. It is also near the border with Rembrandt kingdom.」

In my question, Eleanor answered so and closed her mouth.

We marked some spy-like merchants and adventurers from the Galland Empire so they were able to gather that much information that we want them to get.

The Galland Empire should have judged that Val Valhalla castle doesn’t have many soldiers.

If that is the case, they will want to dispatch troops there immediately.

However, even with that information, why are they not going to attack Val Valhalla castle?

「What do you think, Milenia?」

When I asked her, Milenia, who I made as a strategist during the game, looked at me and nodded.

「Perhaps they might be thinking of performing a pincer attack.」

Milenia pointed to the map that Sainos spreads with both of his hands when saying so.

The places she pointed at are near Selenia, Ramblas and Collinwood.

「As expected, they will send small numbers of soldiers at Collinwood first then send troops to Ramblas before we can send reinforcements.」

「That’s the opposite, isn’t it? They will advance their troops between Selenia and Rembrandt Kingdom.」

TN: It is hard to imagine because there is no map yet but given the descriptions before, arrangements would be, starting from the west, forest of abyss, Einherjar Capital city(former Grado village), Ramblas, Selenia, Collinwood, Rembrandt Kingdom. Ren is thinking that instead of the enemy using pincer attack tactics, they will be pincer attacked instead.

When I say that in doubt, Milenia pulled her chin and glared at the map.

「It is just a guess but it will take one week or more for Rembrandt Kingdom to send reinforcements to Ramblas and Collinwood if the Galland Empire attacks. Even reinforcements from Selenia will take about one week. In other words, they are confident that they can storm in Collinwood and Ramblas during those time.」

Milenia said that and pointed to Selenia.

「Capture two cities with overwhelming force and leave tens of thousands of defenders to Collinwood and Ramblas. The remaining soldiers will attack Selenia from both sides. It will be a war of attrition for Selenia who’s food supply will be cut off.」

In Milenia’s words, I nodded while groaning.

「If it takes time to control Collinwood and Ramblas, they will need to withdraw because their food supply won’t last. It is surely a confident strategy.」

「I agree. Another important thing is that the Galland Empire’s army will win against the information warfare.」

「Information warfare? The Galland Empire?」

I repeated the words Milenia had uttered.

I thought that the spies they sent were not able to gather that much information.

When I looked at Milenia while thinking so, Milenia shallowly nod.

「The Galland Empire army, Minister Villiers army, and Baron Bowarei’s army have an assumed march rate of 20 kilometers per day. Even assuming that there was a way to deliver a message in a day when the Galland Empire’s army moved, the reinforcements will not make it in time because the soldiers are not yet ready. Therefore, the strategy that the Galland Empire will take here will be sending a few soldiers to set traps in order to delay the reinforcements. It is questionable for the reinforcement to make it in time. 」

That said, Milenia traced the map with her index finger.

「Ah, they’ll be completely defeated with the number of soldiers the Galland Empire has. The difference of war potential that will suddenly attack is overwhelming. So, about the information warfare?」

「From the Galland Empire’s army point of view, the key to victory is conquering the city with difference of military strength. Then, we must sortie and take measures to delay the invasion. Thus, it is necessary to compare the departure situation of the opponents army with our preparation. 」

That being said, I tilted my neck.

「Oi oi, we have a lot of people who can use flight magic. There is even the S rank adventurer party Silver Wind. Do you think that they won’t think of us using mages who can use flight magic for a surprise attack?」

When I said that, Milenia shook her head and looked at me.

「Perhaps you thought that our neighbors don’t think enough? Using common sense, there are only a few mages who can use flight magic so they are thought of only being messengers. It needs at least 3 days to prepare an army and that’s only applicable to an army for defense.」

I nodded in Milenia’s explanation and patted my chin with my finger.


We are neither gathering soldiers nor moving goods. The Galland Empire’s army thinks that we are not ready.

It is clear even if they didn’t send spies.

Then, it is understandable that the Galland Empire will start their invasion as soon as their army is ready.

However, there were also information about the dragon knight that were gathered by the spies but they will probably not believe the contents.

If that is the case….

「The commander of the Galland Empire army is a fool.」

When I muttered so, Milenia nodded.

「It can be said that master’s cleverness does not lose to his looks.」


The other guild members agreed to the words of Milenia.

No, isn’t normal for them not to believe in existence like us?



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