Chapter 102 – Don’t Mind the Galland Empire Army and Build the School

Come on, come on!

Selenia, the city where Minister Villiers lives!

The school building was being built this morning and is almost finished by the time I arrived!

The school building was completed in three minutes, just like cooking seaweeds…

I thought about such a thing while looking at the school building that appeared to be already complete.

It seems that the interior and furnitures are being made right now while the orphans are already gathered around the school.

By the way, the mages who were free are now washing the body of the orphans in a less crowded area.

I brought half of the maid corps who are preparing food in a hurry.

After that, preparing make-shift bed temporarily will be enough for the orphans. Education will be available later so there is no need to be impatient.

The reason is that the former maids should become teachers first.

The school curriculum will be reading, writing, arithmetic, and probably support for the job of their choice in the future.

While I was thinking about the educational system, I looked at the school building while Rihanna looked up at me and opened her mouth.

「Amazing. To solve the problems of orphans in just 2 days…Even the Rembrandt Kingdom has made strenuous effort to solve it for the last ten years…According to some study, it will take 20 years of vast undertaking.」

「What are you saying? This is just the first one. Though there is already a school in the capital that I directly govern, other cities don’t have one yet. I intend to build a school in every city in 10 days.」

When I said that and shrugged my shoulders, Rihanna laughed as if in trouble.

「Such an impossible task…But it doesn’t seem to be much for dragon knight-sama. I believe you can really do it in 10 days.」

When Rihanna said so, Keira nodded deeply.

「Indeed, I feel like I’m witnessing the power of the apostle of god with my own eyes. I’m really astonished.」

Keira said so as she lifts her face but she flashed her eyes when she saw that I was watching her.

「Of course, Keira is going to cooperate, right? We have to gather former maids in each city.」

When I said that, Keira rounded her eyes and opened her mouth.

「Wa, me? I am very honored but…I am the princess’ attendant…」

She looked at Rihanna in an unusually flustered way but Rihanna was happily looking back at Keira.

「Keira should help Ren-sama! I can’t help because of my poor ability!」

「Eh, a-ano…princess…」

I watching the innocently pleased Rihanna and the stumpy Keira, I smile and open my mouth.

「I ask of this, Keira. Our camp is able to build such towns and castles and we can’t be defeated in battle. However, I don’t know how to contact the former maids. Of course, I will give you a reward.」

When I said that, Keira was puzzled but nodded before long.

I was relieved to see that. Rihanna opened her mouth while looking at the school building.

「By the way, Ren-sama looks devoted to school construction…the movement of Galland Empire…」

Rihanna poked at the topic and told me so. I looked at her face sideways.

「Hnn? Do you mean preparation for war?」

When I ask back, Rihanna removed her gaze away from me in a hurry.

「Ah, I’m sorry. I unnecessary worry Ren-sama. It seems that there was a report that the Galland empire is gathering an unusual number of troops even in Rembrandt Kingdom …」

「Ah, apparently the Galland Empire has started invading our country.」

When I agreed to Rihanna’s lines, Rihanna opened and closed her mouth several times and looked at me.

Looking at the situation, Keira asks me.

「A-ano…I heard that the invasion has started but…」

To Keira’s question, I gently nodded and answered.

「Ah, it seems that they will be invading Ramblas and Collinwood.」

When I replied, Keira froze.

「A-ano… you’re going to fight a defensive war? Or have the soldiers already on their way?」

「No, the Galland Empire has yet to step on my territory so it will be hard for me to put hands on them. It will take them two days and I’m going to check that out tomorrow and fight them the next day or the day after that.」

When I replied to Rihanna’s question and laughed, the two of them looked up at me with a stunned face.

「… I see. Using the technique to build walls, you sealed down the mountain roads…」

And, detective Keira deducted such and showed a relieved face.

「No, last time, we annihilated them in the plain..」

When I said so denying Keira’s deduction, Keira was speechless.

No, it’s not a lie.

When I was thinking about what I should talk to them in detail, Sainos came up to me.

「My liege, the scout contacted us.」

I turned around to the words of Sainos. One member of my guild’s scout troop was there and lowered his head.

「Apparently, it seems that the invasion army of Galland Empire will arrive near the border around noon tomorrow. They have crossed the mountain and go off road to the meadow between Selenia and Ramblas for the large army not stand out.」

「Ah, I understand. What about the movement of Maeas?」

Now, what happened to the slaves?

When I asked, Sainos spreads the report of the scout troop.

「Eh…There are 20,000 soldiers prepared for defense and another 30,000 as reserve troops, and 30,000 to keep the Rembrandt Kingdom in check. It seems that forcibly collected slaves are about half of those.」

In other words, approximately 40,000 slaves?

They might be composed of only healthy persons since they gathered slaves that can endure battle. How many criminal slaves are there among them?

「The invading army?」

When I asked, Sainos looked at the document for a while and raised his face.

「Oh, it’s quite a number. 60 thousand soldiers are heading to Collinwood and 80 thousand soldiers are headed to Ramblas.」

A total of 140,000. Together with the reserve forces, they have prepared more than 200,000 this time.

I won’t use the defense forces of each city as much as possible and if I will be able to collect 40,000 slaves from those, it will be good.

「If only I have a little more days to spare, I might have been able to recover the slaves from the army during the invasion but it can’t be helped.」

I said so and looked at Rihanna and Keira.

「It seems that tomorrow night will be the start of war.」

When I said that, Rihanna raised her eyebrows rounded her eyes in astonishment.

「…You’re taking it as if it’s not a problem. The Galland Empire’s army will attack with everything it had, does Ren-sama have an army that can keep those tens of thousands of soldiers?」

When Rihanna asked me so, I crossed my arms and groaned.

「For the time being, I plan to divide a hundred to 50 and 50. I want to collect the slaves so we will not use large-scale magic. It’s a handicap.」

When I laughed and said so, Rihanna and Keira stared out their eyes.

「You have 1 million soldiers?」

TN: It is common for japanese to use the unit of man. 1 man is equal to 10 000. In this case, Rihanna thought that when Ren said 100, he meant 100 man which is 1 million.

「Don’t say stupid things, it’s 100 individual. I will divide them into 50 person and 50 person.」

「100 person? Not 1 million? 100 individual will be the opponent…」

Keira was shocked by my answer but Rihanna bit her lips as if she was determined to do something.

「……..I’m going too.」

To the words that were murmured with a sweet voice, Keira roared in panic.

「Princess! You can’t!」

Keira’s color changed with her appeal but Rihanna turned a stern gaze at Keira.

「I came here thinking of being the bride of dragon knight-sama. This foolish woman has such an irreverent desire towards the apostle of god. If I won’t fight here, I am nothing but a shameless and foolish woman. 」

Rihanna said so as she looked down. I smiled as I witness her strong conviction.

「Although it is a shameful story, the only reason I wanted to get closer to Ren-sama was only a shallow reason that I have yearned for the dragon knight-sama and his braves that I had read since childhood. 」

Rihanna says so as she clenched her teeth and tighten her expression.

Though she has a very young face, her expression has power like one from a royal family has.

When I was looking at the changes in Rihanna’s facial expression, Rihanna opened her mouth.

「But now it’s different. A man with unshakable strong heart, solid confidence backed by ability, and more gentle than anyone…I sincerely love Ren-sama! Fortunately, I also learned magic at the Academy until last year! Even a little, I might be able to help!」

Rihanna said so and put her hand on her chest.

Yah, it’s a confession.

With such an impression, I am surprised to know that she enrolled in magic school in the past.

「…Is that so? Thank you. By the way, what was Rihanna’s rank in magic school?」

「Second place!」

When I asked, Rihanna clearly said so.

Eh, isn’t that great?

Well, Sherry from Grado Village who should have been able to use moderate level magic was ranked 50…

So, can Rihanna use high-level magic?

She seems to be an unexpected war potential.

Still, is the royal family required to learn magic?

「Hmm, that’s wonderful but, do you have any combat experience?」

When I asked since I was interested, Rihanna’s eyebrow changed to an inverted  ハcharacter.

「No… However, I am specialized in offensive magic so if I can help you somehow, and…」

When Rihanna says so, Keira looked at Rihanna with a grim face.

「Isn’t the princess can only use offensive magic? It’s dangerous. An amateur who suddenly enters the battlefield is just a burden. A moving target, a mere baggage…」

「Enough! You don’t have to say that!」

Rihanna became incredibly angry at Keira’s worried but abusive words.

I looked at the two of them and sigh.

「Either way, I’m building a school now. Think about it slowly tomorrow.」

When I said that, the two stopped moving and looked at me.

No, we’re on schedule, right?



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