Chapter 104 – The Night Before the Decisive Battle

In the dining room of G.I.Jou, we were sitting in front of a luxurious dinner.

Today’s main dish is the pork cutlet that I like. It is Jen who served it.

The guests Rihanna and Keira and sit with me and I made Sherry sit with us since it seems interesting.

By the way, the moment that Rihanna and Sherry met, Sherry opened her eyes in astonishment, and Rihanna opened her eyes wide joyfully.

「Ri-Rihanna-sama! Why are you here!?」

「Sherry-san! You’re here too!?」

The two shouted at the same time, held hand, and hopped.

「I thought of marrying Ren-sama if possible.」


After exchanging such information, the two of them were like blooming flowers while talking with each other.

Apparently, Rihanna is younger than Sherry but since she’s a bright girl, she seems to have graduated earlier.

According to Keira, the school has many strange people. Sherry and Rihanna seem to have been popular due to their good personality.

Well, let’s talk to my members who gathered in the dining room about the upcoming battle.

When I thought so and stood up, silence gradually spread within the dining room.

And soon, the silence dominates the dining room.

「Well, as everyone knows, the battle with Galland Empire will start tomorrow. Take a good rest tonight and hunt around the castle until noon tomorrow. Make sure that there is food for the children in the dormitory of the school we just constructed tomorrow.」

When I said that, a powerful reply echoed in the dining room.

「Ah, although I think you already know, you should hunt monsters that can be eaten for Proudia to prepare. Don’t bring ones that can’t be eaten, okay?」

When I looked around at everyone, small laughter can be heard in the dining room.

「That is all. You may do as you like afterward.」

I said my closing remarks and sit. Everyone who understood that I had finished my speech gradually began talking with each other again.

「A-ano…Shouldn’t you have said more about the fight against Galland Empire?」

When I took a spoonful of soup, Sherry asked as she looked at me.

Well, we already talked about strategy. This time, we will demonstrate our military force for the first time.

To be honest, everyone is already full of motivation so I don’t need to encourage them.

I laughed comfortably and looked at Sherry.

「It’s okay. I have considerably examined the Galland Empire Army and strategizing is complete.」

When I said that, the convinced Sherry nodded and put her hands on the dinner again.

When I saw Rihanna who is sitting next to me, I suddenly opened my mouth.

「Come to think of it, Rihanna was also a mage. How much magic can you use?」

When I asked, Rihanna answered with a happy face.

「Ah, yes, I can use fire and wind magic up to the advanced level.」

Hmm, advanced?

If I’m not mistaken, the magic that Sherry used was said to be an upper-rank spell and it should have been around mid-level in the game.

However, Sherry already fell with casting that magic once.

「How many times can Rihanna use her strongest magic?」

「About…four or five times?」

Rihanna groaned when I asked her magical ability in detail.

On the other side is Sherry who is looking at me while fidgeting.

The result of her special training has been considerable. She might be dying to tell me that.

I asked Sherry with a bitter smile.

「How much Sherry can cast now?」

When she heard that, Sherry nodded and smiled.

「Yes, I can use water and earth magic now. I can cast six consecutive times.」


Sherry answered slightly proudly, Rihanna was surprised and looked at Sherry.

「That’s great, Sherry. What happened in this short amount of time?」

When Rihanna said that, Sherry scratches her head with one hand while smiling shyly.

「Fu, fufufu, half of it is thanks to the magic item I owe from Ren-sama, but I can cast three spells in a row without magic item.」

Magic item?」

Hearing Sherry’s lines, Rihanna and Keira looked at me.

Because I’m currently chewing pork cutlet, they waited for a little. I wiped my mouth neatly with a paper napkin and opened my mouth.

「You mean the mage’s bracelet? It has the effect of improving magic power and magic power recovery. If you change your hat, clothes, shoes, cloak, and accessories with mage’s equipments, it is possible to double the amount of your magical power and to double your magic power.」

When I said that, Keira looked at me with admiration.

「So… because of those legendary items, everyone is powerful…」

No, if it’s just mid-level magic, the naked me can shoot over 200 spells.

I almost said that unintentionally but I imagined how would I appear as I shot a dozen of people with water magic while naked.

It is too surreal.

When I remained silent, Rihanna looked at me with a serious face.

「…How about me? Can I help you too?」

In Rihanna’s words, Keira was the one who reacted first as she raised her face.

I looked at the two of them, I pushed my back against the backrest and raised my chin.

「… Well, that would be nice. Well, as for Sherry, she’ll participate as an experiment.」

When I said that, Rihanna was happy to my reply while Keira looked at me with a sour face.


And Sherry, who doesn’t know what the talk is about, tilts her head with a question mark on her head.

「Ah, Rihanna wants to join the fight against the Galland Empire tomorrow. I thought that you two would let me see your strength as mages.」

When I explained, Sherry was surprised and looked at Rihanna.

「Rihanna-sama will fight in the war? W-why…」

When Sherry asked, Rihanna gave out a dignified smile.

「It’s my selfishness. I said that I’d marry Ren-sama so I will fight for Ren-sama’s sake.」

「Eh? Marry? Eh? Re-Ren-sama is going to marry you!?」

Sherry was confused with Rihanna’s bomb remark and looked me and Rihanna simultaneously.

Rihanna sees Sherry’s reaction and looked down due to embarrassment.

「Well, I’m the only one who’s saying that…」

To that like that Rihanna uttered in an audible voice, Sherry solidified with an appalled face.

Looking at the situation, I looked at Rihanna and Sherry and coughed once.

「I have not thought about marriage yet. However, I personally think that I want Rihanna and Keira.」

When I said that, Rihanna and Keira dyed their faces red in an instant.


「…wa-want me….he wants me…? Th-th-that is….」

I noticed the possibility of misunderstanding by seeing the reaction of the two of them so I opened my mouth.

「Rihanna is familiar with the cultures and laws of other countries. Keira seems to be good at finding people. I want to add more capable talent to our camp.」

When I said that while looking at the two of them, they both showed a different reaction.

Both of them still have red faces, but Rihanna leaned forward while smiling at me and Keira deeply bowed with her mouth closed.

「I can be of help, Ren-sama!」

Rihanna said that with a smile and looked at Sherry who is sitting next to her.

But Sherry looked on the table with a face that looks like she wants to object.

「Sherry-san? Are you alright?」

Rihanna noticed Sherry’s appearance and asked Sherry with a worried face.

Sherry looked at Rihanna and noticed that she was looking at her eyes, and laughed as if she had been embarrassed.

「Ah, no…I can’t be of use for Ren-sama…That’s what I think…I’m sorry…A commoner like me is not useful…」

When Sherry said that, she scoops her spoon in the bowl of soup in front of her and put it in her mouth.

I looked at Sherry and raised the edge of my mouth. I laughed with my nose and opened my mouth.

「What are you saying? You are already mine. I’m not letting you escape.」

When I said that, Sherry squirted the soup from the spoon in her mouth.



When the soup is splashed, Rihanna screams involuntarily and bend backward.

When I realized it, the top of the table had become a catastrophe.

Sherry was troubled after all.

I’ll give you a tough personal lesson at the war later.



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