Chapter 106 – Shall We Go to War Now?

After finishing the city inspection, we returned to G.I.Jou at once.

As soon as we got back, we went to the throne room. I sat on the throne and looked at my guild members that are lined up.

Rihanna, Keira, and Sherry also entered the throne room but they were unable to move from the door.

I looked at everyone and opened my mouth.

「It’s time.」

When I said that, I put out my the long sword of the storm +9 from the item box after a long time. I hit the floor with the tip of my sword as I hold it with both hands.

With the slightly reddish golden sword which is the pecuRiar color of orichalcum on my hand, I raised the end of my mouth.

「The Galland Empire’s army has prepared and advanced with our country as its destination. Those fellows are planning to divide their 200,000 troops into two 100,000 and launch a surprise attack on two cities at the same time.」

I said so and laughed as I placed the sword on my shoulder.

It is so unbearable that I burst out into laughter.

「If you fight against my country, victory depends on whether you can beat me or not. It means that the Galland Empire can only make one choice. It is to lure me and murder with using their whole army. Only that one. However, they won’t be able to arrive in this castle and that choice is nothing but a grand suicide.」

I said so and shrugged my shoulder.

「Well, it is impossible to be defeated by a mere 200,000 common soldiers.」

When I said that, there was a slight laughter in the throne room.

After making sure that the laughter was settled, I opened my mouth again.

「For the Galland Empire army, this is like the calm before the storm. They are like the fire from a candle that is placed before an 80km/hr storm. That fire can be blow off now but I think it is simple a waste to obliterate them easily. Why don’t we blow them out loud?」

When I said so, a vigorous cheering echoed in the throne room.

I stood up and pulled out the sword from its sheath.

「Now, let the war begins.」

Border of Galland Empire.

From the Galland Empires side, Einherjar is the country after crossing the mountains.

At the foot of the mountain, the Galland Empire’s army is camping in a remote area.

That place is close to the territory of Bowarei. It is about 1 day away from Collinwood.

The army that is heading to Ramblas has not yet crossed the border. The troops heading to Collinwood has completed today’s march and started to camp.

Because I decided to declare war on both armies, for the time being, I decided to appear before the soldiers.

In other words, I descended from the sky.

Looking at the soldiers looking up at us stunned, we flew down from the sky in a large party of 50 people boldly.

When we landed on the ground, the soldiers with good reflexes pulled out their swords and began shouting.

「E-enemy attack! It’s an enemy attack!」

「Don’t be absent-minded! Ready your spear!」

Such voice rose one after another and roars dominated the field immediately.

Tens of thousands of people are moving in unison after hearing the roars and get into formation.

The atmosphere shook and our body rumbled as the earth trembled.

Long spears are set up before me like a pin holder and countless of bloodshot eyes are turned to us.

The various kinds of outburst of tens of thousands of soldiers changed the atmosphere to a heavy one as if we are at the bottom of the sea.

It is a tingling and painful air, but I could not stop smiling for some reason.


It has an uplifting feeling that reminds me of guild war during the game.

「I am the king of Einherjar, Ren. I would like you to send out the commander of this army.」

When they heard what I said, noise spreads among the soldiers.

Because I used wind magic that makes even those who are afar hear my voice, a considerable number of soldiers should have heard my voice.

After waiting for a while, a dozen men appeared between the soldiers.

While everyone is equipped with long spears, they appear to be knights wearing red armors and has a one-handed swords in uniform.

Not all of them have shields but they have a thick diamond shaped metal plate hanging from their elbow to their wrist. Is that a substitute for shield?

While I was looking with interest at the knights with interesting armor, the knights readied their swords quietly.

「Although the enemy has launched a sneak attack, the commander will not bother to show up. What do you want?」

The knight standing in the middle said so with a low croak voice and looked at me.

I nodded to the words of the knight. I shrugged my shoulders and opened my mouth.

「Be relieved. This is not a surprise attack but a declaration of war. You know it already but you are invading my country without permission.」

When I said that, the knight laughed with his nose and looked up.

「You were the first one to gather soldiers trying to invade Galland Empire’s territory. However, the great Galland Empire has now gathered far more soldiers…you’re out of luck.」

When the knight laughed so bullishly, the surrounding red armored knights also laughed with a loud voice.

For the first time, the frighted soldiers felt relieved and smiled.

It seems that they were able to boost their morale.

Even so, that’s a lame excuse but now I have a just cause.

Then, there is no need to hold back anymore.

I raised the edge of my mouth thinking so and opened my mouth.

「In other words, you have invaded my country with the soldiers you gathered even though you have not been attacked yet. Where is the army that is trying to invade the Galland Empire that you say?」

When I said so, the knight lowered his waist and turned the tip of his sword to me.

「Shouldn’t you stop with your false charges? After picking a fight with the great country called Galland Empire, you were frightened that its power is more than what you expected and is now trying to hide. You are even trying to act as the victim, shameless. Your true nature is just a coward!」

Did the knight get excited by his own prologue? His voice was gradually rising that it became a shout in the end.

I look down at the Knight and shake my head left and right.

「No I’m thinking the same. Using a house owner’s point of view, you’re going to at his house with your shoes on without saying anything to trample and vandalize. And now, the ruffian is shouting.」

When I concluded the resolve of the Galland Empire Army, I pierced the tip of my longsword to the ground.

「Then, let’s declare war as planned. My Einherjar will start a war against the Galland Empire that invaded its territory.」

When I declared so, the knight moved forward while holding a sword.

The knight, who is trying to shorten his distance with me, opened his mouth.

「Idiot. What a leisurely thing to say. He might be an impostor himself, a messenger claiming that he’s the king!」

When the knight in the middle said something again, the surrounding knights also set up their swords.

「There’s only 100 of them! Follow us up and destroy them!」

When one of the knights so screams, the hands of soldiers waiting behind are filled with power.

「It’s still early. The war will start tomorrow morning…Let’s do it after you completed your preparations.」

When I said that, the knight in red armor dropped his waist and barked.

「An excuse to escape? It’s too late for you, fraudster who claims to be the dragon knight!」

When the knight shouted, he kicked the ground with his legs and ran up to me.

Although he is also equipped with a full body armor, he is much slower than the physically strengthened Dan.

I tried to raise my hand to catch the blade of his sword that was swung down on my head.

However, before that, Sedeia, who was supposed to be behind, stands next to me and blocks the sword with a dagger.


While the knight opened his eyes wide because of surprise, Sainos steps forward and swings his sword straight down.

Then, there was a high pitched sound of clashing metals. The knight fell down to the left and right as his armor and body were split in half.

To that spectacle, the other knights in red armor who tried to run here hesitate.

The soldiers, who had put strength to their legs trying to overrun us, saw the corpse of the knight that was split in two. They have solidified and were unable to speak.

In that silence, I put my sword on my shoulder and opened my mouth.

「Those who do not want to fight should quickly pull out. We will come again tomorrow morning.」

I said so and flew into the sky using flight magic.

Seeing my actions, my guild members also rise to the sky.

The soldiers of the Galland Empire were looking up at us with their mouth open.



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