Chapter 107 – Galland Empire’s Army, the First Army

The morning came.

Because of yesterday’s declaration of war, last night, me and my guild members went to the residence of Villiers in Selenia and stayed there.

The empire’s army that is marching towards Ramblas is slower so the first decisive battle will be with the army heading to Collinwood.

We went to the office to meet with Villiers.

「Good morning, Your Majesty. It is finally war today.」

「Ah, yeah. This one will be over by noon. That means that I must declare war on the army heading for Ramblas.」

When I said so, Villiers laughed with amazement.

「Fu, fufufu, so it will be like the first fight against the Galland Empire. It’s totally a bad joke.」

When Villiers said that, I rose from the chair with luxurious backrest which Villiers should have sit and raised the edge of my mouth.

「There may be fewer casualties this time. However, that is only if the other party turns around.」

When I said that and walked out, Villiers lowered his head and saw us off.

We used flight magic and checked the place where we met the Galland Empire’s army yesterday and it seemed that they had already arranged their ranks and had started marching.

I looked behind me in the air and looked at Sherry and Rihanna.

「Sherry and Rihanna, try using offensive magic with wide area of effect first. Just one shot.」

When I said that, Sherry and Rihanna bit their lips and nodded while their faces became slightly pale.

Their first war.

And possibly their first time to kill someone.

Sherry had experienced it once but none of her opponents die.

But with their equipments this time, people will definitely die.

As I thought about it, I looked at the two again.

Mithril wand, mage’s bracelet, sage’s robe, fairy’s boots, and mythril circlet.

All of those have magic carve seal with the effect: Enhance Magical power, Automatic magical power recovery, Increase magical power capacity, and Magic casting speed improvement. The effect are also enhanced to the maximum level.

In the game era, those are mage exclusive equipments.

「Don’t worry. We will be the vanguard so you won’t get hurt no matter how slow your chant is. Take it easy.」

When I said so, they reply with a loud voice and clenched the Mithril wand.

Behind the two of them is Keira which is anxiously looking at them.

「Okay, let’s get down to the front of the enemy. Thinking about the chanting time, let’s land at a distance of 200 meters from them.」

I said so and changed the direction I’m flying and descended to the place that I thought to be just right.

I gently landed on the ground and opened my mouth towards the Galland Empire’s army that is marching towards here.

「The fact that you are here means you are participating in the war! Alright men! Show no mercy!」

When I said that, angry roar of the soldiers of the Galland Empire’s army resounded. The imperial army hastened their march speed.

After confirming the intention of the other party, I looked at the back.

I saw Sherry and Rihanna with blue faces as they clenched their mithril wand. I opened my mouth.

「All right, start chanting. Cast your favorite magic. It’s a large army. Sherry will cast water magic on the left side while Rihanna will cast fire on the right side so the case of your magic canceling each other will not happen.」

When I told them that, they nodded at the same time and set up their mithril wand in front of their chests.

They close their eyes and start chanting. After seeing their action, I turn my face to my guild members.

「Now, let’s first watch the power of these two but it might be awkward if the enemy attacks faster. So Sainos, Sedeia, and others with melee job, using Laurel as the center, will attack using medium or long distance skills. The long distance attackers will center on Sunny, attack only after Sherry and Rihanna’s attack.」


When I issued instructions, everyone responded mightily and started to move.

20 melee fighters lined up like a wall in front of Sherry and Rihanna. Keira is standing diagonally behind Rihanna holding a mithril dagger.

And I stand behind her. Long distance fighters such as mage, archers, and summoners are lined up behind me.

As our preparations are now complete, I noticed that the marching speed of the Galland Empire seemed to increase a little.

It seems that they are 100 meters away.

「My liege, they are already at a distance where my skill can reach them.」


Sainos looked back at me and asked for permission to attack but  I immediately dismissed it.

Sherry and Rihanna are almost done chanting and are slightly open their eyes.

They won’t make it in time.

「All right, Sainos and Laurel move in front of the two to act as walls and evacuate them at my place after they cast their spells.  Just make sure that you won’t get hit by the spells of these two when they cast it.」

「As your will!」


When I put out the instructions, everyone replied and changed their position altogether.

And soon, Sherry and Rihanna open their eyes.

「Water! Rage and swallow everything!」

「Wind! Swirl and rupture everything!」

TN: Don’t ask me why Rihanna used wind instead of fire

The two of them said so as they thrust their mithril wands forward. Sherry casted a 10 meter high tsunami at the left flank for the Galland Empire army. At the right side, Rihanna casted a few meters wide tornado.

Even though it is a great army of tens of thousands of troops, those are phenomenon that can be called as a natural disaster, they are blown and swept away.

In that spectacle, the two mages who unleashed those techniques were dumbfounded.

By the way, I noticed that the line they used when they casted the spells are similar.

It seems that mages in this world do not cast a spell by saying the name of the magic.

It sounds like spells are activated according to the words they said before casting the spell.

However, there are also mages who sometimes uttered words that seems to be the name of the spell.

Is there such a thing as forms of magic spells?

Or are those magic spells that an otherworlder like me taught them?

When I thought of such a thing and tilted my neck, Sainos turned to me and opened his mouth.

「My liege! There are still people in the middle!」

When Sainos said that, I looked at them and saw that there are about 10 to 20 people who are still standing.

It seems that the magic of the two was able to blow away 1,000 to 2,000 people in the front without problem.

Though it seems that it is less than 100, there are still people who endured the magic and are now holding their spears again.

However, their march has stopped completely.

「Sherry, Rihanna, you better get back here.」

I told them to evacuate to the back but they were still unable to move.


Keira hurried to the side of Rihanna.

「…E? Ah, I…I’m….」

Rihanna reacted to Keira’s voice but calmness can’t be seen on her face or her voice.

「…Hnn. Sainos, Laurel, try to knock down those fellow who remained standing after being hit by the spell of these two. Check their skills and personality and don’t kill the interesting ones.」

When I said that, Sainos and Laurel, who were standing to the left and right of Sherry and Rihanna, nodded.

It will take time for the Galland Empire’s army to rebuild their formation. I’ll use that time to evacuate Sherry and Rihanna.

If Sainos and Laurel fight, they’ll earn us more time.

「I am Sainos who’s a loyal retainer of my liege! Now, those who are still willing to go, come here!」

「I am also master’s subordinate, Laurel. You don’t have to come to me. Aim for Sainos!」

「Oh, you’re handing them over, Laurel? 」

「Ah, I’m not a battle freak. If by chance Sainos loss, I’ll cover you… 」

The two stood in the battlefront while doing such exchange.

Then, among the people who endured that magic, a big guy glares at the Sainos.

He has long white hair and dog like ears. Is he a dog or a wolf beastkin?

The beastkin is wearing a light looking armor and has a wide one-meter one-handed sword.

「…interesting. When my wife was taken as a hostage and we fell into slavery, I imagined that I’ll die in the future but I never thought that I’ll die as a warrior. This is why life is so interesting.」

The beastman said so as he set his sword sideways and take his stance.

Seeing the resolution of a warrior, Sainos laughs as he was not able to suppress joy.



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